Thursday 30 August 2018

Crimean war artillery

Yes I have been late posting of this last while. Let's just say real life has gotten in the way!

Anyway here is the last (for now) of Matts Crimean war artillery. There are 2 spare crew to paint and I shall get tem done SOON! I will start them today. I am also starting some medieval troops for myself! Just so you Know I have not given up on "Lion Rampant". Still enough of this closer to the showing!

 Anyway another gun and crew for Matt and his collection. You may recall I have done one of these before (About 2 weeks ago!) and nothing new has been learnt between painting that and painting this. So just to recap. It is by Wargames foundry and 28mm figure size. Matt supplied a book on British troops of the Crimean war so I copied that for uniforms and details. The recent hot weather has dried up some of my paints so while I replace them the metalics were hand mixed. This has resulted in the gun being slightly "yellower" than it should be for bronze. Forgive me I could not help it. New paints are ordered and in the post as I type. So nothing else I can say about that.

The last few pics are of all the guns together. 2 crew to be added at a later date. But this should give you an idea.

Artillery train so far (I say so far as I have little idea what else Matt wants me to paint!)

Hope to post again on Saturday. Thanks for looking and more (I hope) soon.

All the very best Clint

Wednesday 29 August 2018

Autoblinda 41

20MM Italian Armoured Car . Yes I have been working on my ww2 stuff. Here is an Italian Autoblida Armoured car (Link to Wiki ) Perhaps one of the best looking Italian vehicles of ww2.

It is a FRONTLINE (LINK) model, made by Tim at the club. Of course it comes unassembled (6 parts 4 wheels, turret and hull) and unpainted and cast un resin. I admit I get them cheap as he is a club member so they are very good value for me. But will not break the bank no matter who buys them.

I do intend to use this for "Chain of Command" in the western desert. So more Western desert stuff will be coming in the next few months. You have been warned. This particular vehicle is armed with a 47mm gun in the turret although earlier marks had a 20mm gun. While I have little doubt that all the armies in the western desert would have used it I have no direct evidence of it being used by the Common Wealth. But lets be honest in the ww2 desert everyone used everything if they could!

I hope to Blog again tomorrow (Assumes I finish Matts painting today) . I meant to post tis yesterday but alas time got away from me.

Hopefully see you again tomorrow. All the best Clint

Sunday 26 August 2018

Couple of little bits

Ok back on the 6mm Sci fi. Here are the last of the heavy tanks. Before anyone says I have not finished yet. (APCs, Infantry and "Jeeps" to go on this faction).

They are Brigade Models (LINK ) and incredibly easy to paint. basically 3 colours and 2 on the base. A general tan a wash or dark tan and black on the hover skirts. Very quick and easy and done in a couple of hors including drying.

I do need to build up a second force AND find some rules I like but for now that can wait. The second force will be CDSU for those familiar with their universe. (Or Chinese if you do not know their universe!).

Quick simple and now done.

I am still  pondering my options in 15mm Sci fi. Current thinking is that I will use Kra Vak INFANTRY but no vehicles.  I could go into details but as I am likely to order them this week I can wait for their arrival before I do.

Elsewhere on the painting table. I have been painting Aeronef..

These are all British ships and belong to MATT. I have to paint them propped up on pencils as he attaches a gizmo underneath to allow them to go on flying stands.

Needless to say this does cause as many issues as it solves in the painting.

Thee are both british battleships and should cause so in game head-aches. As they are quite formidable.

Again by Brigade models  and of all  the things I am likely to paint the things I like least.

That's it  for today. More coming soon or at least soonish!

I plan to make terrain up the shed tomorrow but enough of that in a later post. (terrain for 15mm Sci Fi!

 Have a good weekend and more when I egt things finished.

All the best Clint