Friday 2 October 2015

BUF Part 6 (and group shot!)

Well this is the 6th posting of the British Union of Fascists and Brings all of Matts BUF to completion. Unless of course he has gone out and bought some more in which case I am lying!

So we have an NCO and two gun crew along with a gun. They are again all footsore/musketeer miniatures in 28mm and once again Matt has done a sterling job head swapping before they get to me! So no credit for me in the head swaps although I do approve of them so very much.

The MG is hiding behind clump foliage this time and while it is only soft cover it will at least conceal them until they open fire. But wearing so much red maybe concealment is not their first thought!

And at the bottom (once you get past a few blurry photos) there is a group shop of all the troops going back to Matt this weekend.

As always have fun and get some painting done. You really should you know!

All the best Clint

Wednesday 30 September 2015

BUF (Part 5)

There will be a part 6 as I still have 2 figures to paint! But after that I have no idea if there will be any more. Maybe, maybe not!

Again all painted for Matt and all "footsore/musketeer miniatures) except the one on the right who is a Copplestone castings. Again all head swaps carried out by Matt and the monkey just slaps the paint on! (Sometims with a big brush (GW tank brush at times!)and sometimes with a small brush.... a very small bush)

I have said it all before about the figures, they are nice castings and I believe fit the period 
very well. I have seen different colour schemes for the figures of course some of which have been very good, but these I suspect suit me best. Matt did originally suggest grey trousers, but he has now come around to the Khaki look as it gives them a more military look than all black and grey so I thank him for his indulgence.

Only a few more figures to go on this batch, I did want them finished yesterday but time just  got away from me.  So expect the last few in a couple of days and a group shot of them all together.

That's it all the best for now. Take care have fun and get some painting done if you can.

Cheers Clint

Post script: I only mention Paint monkey when painting for someone else!

Tuesday 29 September 2015

Frostgrave 1

I have been invited to play "Frostgrave" on the weekend. So I have started to watch Youtube videos on how to play the game and read what I can online.

Not the ideal way, but getting some ideas. So while I wait for paint to dry on the next batch of figures for Matt (more BUF). I quickly gave this old chest a lick of paint to make it more "Frostgrave" like. Whatever that is.

so while the serious painting is underway I thought to get a few bits and pieces dome. Only the chest finished though, but I expect a full warband re-painted and based before the weekends game.

So this blog post today is just to acknowledge that I am now interested in getting a Frostgrave force together.

I hope to post aging tomorrow with some VBCW figures, it is just that the paint seems to be taking a very long time to dry today.

Cheers Clint

Sunday 27 September 2015

Well this is very different!

 Before you say anything, This is not what I look like in the morning! Honest it is not. No it really is not!

But it is a Games Workshop Rhino! Well that is how it started.  And you can still see it underneath 1/2 a packet of miliput! This is not for me, but for my nephew, who has now given up on ORKS and is doing Chaos Marines instead. I know youngsters what can you do. So I started with a very old beaten up plastic Rhino that I got at a boot fair and set about making a possessed version. The down side is that it is pretty delicate and I expect it to break on it's first outing to a GW shop! Look we all just know it will, so no point worrying or crying or complaining it is just what kids are like. And I had all the fun of making it!

I actually started with the rolling stones tongue then built up the teeth, then cheeks and eyes and boy did I have some fun (erhm frustration)! The two arms are from old Tyranids and the Tail is from a stegadon as are the two fangs at the front. Every other change is miliput!

A simple paint job and a dirty up and we are done! My personal favourite part is the green putrid wart on the tongue. But I am nasty like that!

I would be tempted to make something else for him like this BUT I would rather encourage him to make his own and not rely on GW! To me that is one of the hobby joys and especially when you are doing something like Chaos to make it your own!

 Hopefully he will like it enough to look after it! If not "If I can Make it once I can surely repair it!" That assumes he will let me and not just get bored with it like he has the killer cans I gave him.

That's it for today, something a little different for me but it would be boring if I always did the same things! Back to more VBCW figures next!

All the best Cheers Clint