Saturday 18 February 2017

Rogue Stars Crew no 2

Again this is all experimental so if you see me listing it wrong please let me know!

A Mercenary crew, of just 3 figures!

Yes you see the big yellow one straight away. The Robot was painted back a while ( LINK ) so feel free to follow the link and see. The other two are more recently painted GZG 25mm Kra Vak. A hostile race in the GZG universe. Mostly I see Kra Vak with brown skin, but I wanted something brighter on the table top.

Anyway the three Mercenaries are. Mercanary Faction with the Hard to Kill Discipline. I know at least 1 player who will want that discipline JUST for the name!

WE have a leader and a technician
Leadrer stats are: Elite (12) Leadership (level 2=12) , tough (level 1-8), hard to hit (level 2= 8), medic (level 1=3). Weapons are: Laser Rifle, (7) Knife (1) Armour; Combat dress (18)

Total points 69

Technician Stats are: Veteran (6) Tough (level 1=8) Tech (level 2=8), Medic (level 2 =6) Robot tech (level 3 = 6), Weapons Laser Rifle (7) and Knife (1), Armour: Combat Dress (18)
Total Points 64

Robot. Artificial (10), Non Reactive (-6), Huge (2),Tough (level 2=16), Weapons: Claws (built in (not sure this is allowed but is the closest thing to what I thought the melee weapons on the Robot should be) (2), Torso mounted built in Laser Rifle) (7) (Top of right shoulder). Armour  Power Armour (36)

Total Points 67

Grand total is exactly 200 points but unlike the Cultists is only 3 figures.  With just 3 figures games might get a bit hectic Only time will tell. Yes they are tough and have good armour but that may not always be enough, I think I need to play a game or 3 and see what happens.

Thursday 16 February 2017

The Purple Sect (A Rogue Stars Starting Faction)

These are  EMP miniatures (LINK ) Battle Brothers. but as you all know I did not paint these to be
Monks or Clergy or... well you get the point. These were painted (Mostly just for fun but also) to be a Rogue Stars crew/gang.

I thought I would try a cultist faction. So here are the results and how I might , if I choose to use them, spend the 200 points a starting crew has.

Firstly as I wanted a few figures in the crew. So I split the points in my head to, 1 leader50 points
3 normal cultist members at 40 pts each and 1 novice at 30 points. That would give me 5 figures in the crew and that I thought might make a balanced squad.

Being Cultists they may (if I choose) have Psionics. I chose! So I also selected "Gestalt" as the Tactical discipline. I chose this as it would make casting a psionic ability so much easier. Starting with 5 figures I would get +5 to any Psionic roll. Also as I wanted to keep the weapons and equipment to a minimum as that would be less in my head to remember. So anyway here is how I spent the points. I HASTEN to say I have not played the rules yet so all the chocies may be very NAFF indeed. Have a look and let me know if you have ANY better ideas.

Sect leader (all in Purple)  55pts
Veteran (6), Psionic (3), Psi Master (lev 1=4) Medic (lev 1=3), Martial arts (lev 1=2), Psi Ability Nightmares (10-3=7). Psi Ability Telekinetic  Push (6)
Equipment: SMG (6), Light Combat armour (14) Psi Booster (drug to be used before game=4)

Novice (mostly in cream) 30pts
Psionic (3), Med (lev1=3), Tech (lev 1=4pts)
Equipment : SMG (6) Light Combat armour (14)

Brother A 43pts
Psionic (3), Medic (lev 1=3) Martial arts (lev 2=4pts).Veteran (6)
Telekinetic push (6-3=3) Psi Electrolysis (4)
Equipment: SMG (6), Light Combat armour (14)

Brother B 37pts
Psionic (3), Medic (lev 1=3) Martial arts (lev 2=4pts).
Telekinetic push (6-3=3) Psi Encourage(4)
Equipment: SMG (6), Light Combat armour (14)

Brother C 33 pts
Psionic (3), Medic (lev 1=3) Martial arts (lev 2=4pts).
Telekinetic push (6-3=3)
Equipment: SMG (6), Light Combat armour (14)

This should give 3 points left over. Which I can save and spend later

So the reasons.  Psionic ability is for Cultists an easy choice, It is only 3 points AND you take 3 points off of the first Psionic ability of the character.  Veteran where I could afford the points. Medic for all, even at a low level it will allow me to stabalise wounds and carry the crew member of when in battle. Martial arts, A cheap skill that is almost as good as a knife but it cannot penetrate armour but neither can you be disarmed without loosing a hand or two. Psi Master to give that all important +1 on the d20 not a massive help but worth taking on the leader. tech (only on the novice) many scenarios seem to be aided by the use of a tech character. Again only +1 but you never know). As for Psionics I went for "Nightmare" as opposed to "Mind Control" as the roll needed is so much lower. Also it does not need Line of sight all cover and armour! So nearly half the price and if used well can take an enemy figure out of the game for a turn or two! Psionic Push. Again cheap and can also be used to pull. Maybe I can pull my wounded into cover or his unwounded out of cover. Psi Electrolysis just in case we come against any robots! And Psi Encourage just for the odd boost to morale.

As Cultists count as Civilians, You are limited in choice of weapons and SMG's seem to have a slightly longer range than pistols and you can fire them on automatic. I do need to check to see if they can be used in Melee though as that might be a drawback. The Psi Booster drugs because they are cheap and IF used before the battle are auto successful. (just another +1 but they all add up!)

Obviously I went for Gestalt discipline as with all my squad present I should get +5 on a psi roll for the first few turns).  So nightmares on the leader needs a 10+ to succeed on d20, but +5 or Gestalt) =1 (for psi Mastery), and +1 for Psi booster drugs. means I would need to roll 3+ on D20.

Like I said this is my first attempt at a crw for Rogue Stars so I am very happy for people to point ot where I have gone wrong  (even happier if you Include a page number).

All the best Clint

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Slowing down?

Well perhaps I am and maybe the shine has gone off of blogging for the moment.
However here is a finished piece of wargames work

Yes I am continuing with my Frozen planet idea. A little slower perhaps and perhaps a little more consciously .  As I ponder what opposing force to collect. One side as regular readers will already know are the CDSU (Chinese Democratic Socialist Union). The other force I have not settled on. So in the mean time here are some German Light trucks. Let's be clear this does not mean the opposing force will be German. What this means is that merchants will sell nations whatever they think they need and what they can pay for.

they are all 1/300thscate (6mm in wargames parlance) from Brigade games. They were also in the same pack of light hover trucks. This should give enough legalistic support two both sides. As I still have 1/2 a pack of light trucks and half a pack of heavy trucks still to paint. So they will be painted in the colour scheme of the other side.

 As you can see along with the AA truck are 3 enclosed box bodies and 3 open "Pick up " trucks for those items unlikely to perish in the cold weather of the frozen planet.

7 of the 14 light trucks painted and ready for table placement.

That is today's quick catch up post. as blog posting is a bit tricky at the moment.

Hope to see you soon, all the best Clint