Monday 19 December 2016

Painting table cleared!

As many of you will know tomorrow Is the start of the AHPC (Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge). This is my 3rd year. So I thought I should spend a few hours just finishing things that were on my painting table ready for the Challenge.

So before I even think about starting the challenge. Here are the last few figures. They are all Secrets of the Third Reich figures by West Wind Productions. Mostly they were started last week.

As you can see 2 Riflemen one with an AR44 the next with a carbine. Then and officer pointing, but he does carry a pistol. And on the right a MG team.  The Mg Team is supposed to have 3 men on the base, but I found that a little crowded so I have only 2. While they both have holstered pistols their main job is to crew the MG. I will admit to owning 2 more MG's so it is possible I will put 3 crew on the base in the future. But as I am happy with the 2 crew  I suspect I will keep it at 2.  But No promises as the future is a dim  and distant foggy land and anything could happen.

As you can clearly see I am continuing with the Oak leaf spring pattern as it is both fun to paint AND I like the look. And that is reason enough.

The only bad news is that I have just about run out of the LIGHT green and cannot see me getting a restock this year! So further SotTR will mainly be in Autumn and not spring.

As the AHPC will now start in less than a day (3 hours I think BUT I will check) I am pleased the painting table is now clear. I have figures prepped and ready and I see some painting starting today.

What I will start with will actually be a mixture. I NEED to do some 10mm Zulus so they will be started, I also have some WW1 Cavalry in 28mm but in addition I have a hankering for some western figures so that might also need to happen soon.

But Until it does, take care have fun and paint like crazy!

Sunday 18 December 2016


For those few of my members who do not know..... Chris over at Also know as "Wargaming Odds and ends!" runs a SANTA CLAUS event where people each paint a figure and send it to another blogger. It is a great idea. But last year it just did not work out for me. I painted a figure and sent it of hoping to get one in return. That after all is the plan of the whole event. I saw the figure I sent off arrive and get posted on my recipients blog. And that was great I had done my part. The one coming for me had not arrived before Christmas. So I thought it would arrive by New Year. It did not. I contacted Chris and let him know. Chris was brilliant and in no way do I affix any blame on him. None what so ever. he is a decent bloke. But needless to say I was disappointed.

 I contacted Chris again on 1st May as still no Santa Claus painted figure had arrived. By this stage I had gotten over the disappointment (well only just).

In October Chris put the call out again for Santa Claus painted figures on his blog (A good blog and worth a look if you don't know it). So In the comments section I explained that mine had not arrived but despite this I was willing to paint a figure for another blogger if theirs did not arrive as it was either lost or not sent.

I thought no more about it... Until Friday!  I contacted Chris once more and was informed
Chris's email reply below.

 "I had actually several people ask me about it who wanted to do something.  I am glad that you are happy about it.  The hobby has many very good people in it.  Every now and then there are exceptions.

Merry Christmas.

So I just want to thank the very kind person who has done this for me. I am very thankful and very pleased to be part of such a great and generous hobby. To you sir (or Madam) I raise a glass and drink your health. It will be opened with much delight on the 25th
Mean while back at the ranch! I have done just a little bit of prep. Not giving anything away, but these will not be the first things I paint. That will most likely be some Zulus. Or some WW1 Cavalry, not sure yet. The Ferdinand (not elephant) is 15mm Zvesda and is my Back up post for the "East Bonus round". It may go in the East Bonus round as Ferdinands never fought in Western Europe, while Elephants did. (and yes there is a difference!)
While Prep does continue I am planning another SOtTR post on Tuesday as I clear my painting table ready for the challenge. So with luck that will be something to look forward to! Or not if you have no interest in SotTR!