Wednesday 4 April 2018

Long Ships (2nd Unit)

Yes some more 15mm Vikings for my second unit in Longships. Longships in case you had forgotten is the Peter Pig game of the same name concerned with Viking/Anglo Saxon warfare.

As we only have 400 points here is another unit ( a small one). ! leader (compolury), 3 Un-armoured stands (again compulrory) and 3 Armoured stands. Only 7 stands in the unit but 3 armoured stands count this unit as superior!

A mixture of makes. Tabletop games, two Dragons, Minifigs and a few I just do not know. So if you do more power to you as I have no idea. But they are all 15mm in size. I do not mind some being taller then others after all we are all different in real life.

I went for a Blue and white shield colour scheme just to conveniently tell one unit apart from another and NOT being historically accurate. As this will count as a Superior unit I hope it will aquit itself quite well on the tabletop although I know a few bad dice rolls and the unit will flee. But this will be the standard unit composition of my force. At least until a few games in and I reserve the right to reassess te force when I see how it plays.

That's it for now. More 15m coming soon and some 28mm now started. Until next time take care and paint as much as you feel like.

Monday 2 April 2018

Part of Gettysburg Day 2.

Gettysburg today
At the club yesterday we played PART of Gettysburrg (day 2) Using the Fire and Fury rules. I was part of the Confederate attack I wasa to play the part of Hood and Peter was to play Mc Laws. Tim played the Union forces and his job was to stop us. Tims figures, club terrain and while not totally accurate it was good enough to get a feel of what was happening in the battle, back in July 1863.

Devils Den in real life
at the battlefield.
in modern times.
My objectives were to take round top and Devils Den. Peter was to inflict twice as many casualties on the enemy as we both took in reply. Both objectives had to occur within 10 turns this would be very challenging indeed. I measured the distance and no matter what I could not cover the distance within 8 turns, which was the original game length, I was about 20cm short no matter how lucky I got no matter what I did . Therefore Tim who set the scenario out boosted the scenario length from 8 to 10 turns. Still tough but at least physically possible without all my troops being Langford Christie!

And so the battle begins:
My starting position
My objectives not shown,
still in the distance.
Turn 1
Peter on the left
Me on the right.
Peter on my left
The rivers were streams and fordable
the whole length

Turn 2
All moving slowly forward
Ok me going as fast as I could
Turn 4
I am still moving as fast as I am able

Turn 4
Pete pushes forward and starts to inflict damage

Turn 5
I prepare to assault Devils Den
all the while advancing towards Round top
with a dream of getting Artillery to the top

Turn 5
Tim is struggling to move troops from reserve
Pete and Tim are now locked in a battle
and without support from reserve Tim tries to turn our left flank
with limited success

Turn 6
It is a close run thing
My asrtillery has now managed to destroy Tims guns
Tim has the position but is low on ammunitio

Turn 6
Peter continues to inflict casualties
he does however take some of his own.
Tim has a brigade in the woods which refuse to advance

Turn 7
Time Guns destroyed I can cross the stream
and begin the clibd up Round Top
mean while in rhe Devils Den I become low on ammunition
and "disrupted" which mirrors Tims troops

Peter pushes into the centre
while his left wing is forced to give ground
it is anyones game

Turn 8
I rally the troops and keep Tim "disrupted" and low on ammunition.
One big push an we shall have the devils Den

Turn 8
With Peters left wing in retreat and Tim following up
Peter is able to bring ALL his cannon to bear.

Turn 9
Tim holds Devils den as my first unit if pushed back
and retreats. My second unit is ready for another attempt next turn though.

Turn 9
Peter brings all 4 gun batteries to bear on a single unit.
It survives but drops to a "worn" classification.
Elsewhere Peters Infantry is slowly getting the upper hand.
Tims troop in the wood still don't move!

Turn 10
One last push and I succeed and hurl Tim back but not out of the Devils Den.
Tim Counterattacks and retakes the position.
Curses foiled again.

turn 10
On the Left Tin keeps pushing the left wing and peter keeps pushing the centre.
Eventually Peter's Artillery is just too strong.
but is it enough.

End Game

At then end of the game I held Round top. But did not take the Devils Den.
we counted up the Casualties. We had lost a total of 27 stands, which is quite a lot
Tim and the Union had less than 54 stands!
So It was a Tacticle Victory to the Confederates.
Yes  we could have done better. But we could also have done a LOT worse.

Final thoughts: I need to get my 2 6mm ACW armies finished. As the rules were fine and the game was fine and fun.