Saturday 21 January 2017

chasseurs à pied

These are 28mm Renegade Miniatures (and 2 Scarab Miniatures) WW1 French Light Cavalry. When I say cavalry I mean they went to war on Bicycles and not horses but the French army classed them as Cavalry. As you can see from the picture this is the whole unit together. I could find little real useful information on the unit, I am sure there is LOADS  but I am equally sure I am a dullard and that my webfu is not very good.  So do me a favour and do not point out the best source
for information on this unit. Even if yuou do I will not look at it as they are done now and I doubt I will ever paint them again.

The next 2 pictures show the Scarab miniatures or the right to contrast with the Renegade miniatures on the left. I have shown these in close up so you can see the cat and the pigeon as well as to notice the differences and similarities between the two companies.

I want to say how much fun these were to paint Unfortunately that would be a lie. Not that the figures are bad or miss cast or poorly sculpted but rather that painting dark blue when ill in the middle of winter is not so much fun. (This was carried out last week and I am all better now!) needless to say getting the right blue for shading and highlighting was a right kerfuffle! Yeah I know I am labouring the point.

The last 2 pics show French Re enactors (I believe in Belgium) who are dressed in the uniform of the Chasseurs à pied which should show where I took all the colours from. The models did not have any markings on their trousers or kepis so that has all been done free hand but I for one think it works. By the way only the guys on the bikes are in the right uniform so no one ask why they do not have red trousers like the ones in the back. I am sure someone will and that someone will and it is not at all funny!

That is it for today a wave of apathy has struck and I was unable to post last weeks battle on the blog. But I shall attempt to in the coming days.

Until then take car have fun and paint if you can.

best Wishes Clint

Sunday 15 January 2017

Sci Fi infantry Company for Frozen planet.

YES I have started my Frozen planet force. These are 6mm (!/300th scale) Brigade Models (UK) CDSU (Chinese Democratic Socialist Union) Infantry company.

Personally I judge them more a platoon than a company. I only put 4 figures to a base (2 figures for a command base) and have 1 infantry base in a vehicle. For game purposes this should work AND it does give me some left for specialist heavy weapons stands and scout stands and generally just more infantry. Which makes me happy with my frugality!

The MICVs are hoverfraft (type) vehicles so of course I Ignored technology I gave them black skirts. I could so easily have gone for camo all over but theskirts in black just looked right and when on the cloth will look Ok and no one will really question why they are not camouflaged. Queue a flood of inquiries  from my players as to why they are not camouflaged.

Personally I like the figures and as I want this to be both a cheap project AND an easy to transport project I am more than happy with the results.

I suspect I will purchase more of these troops before the weekend. I still need an opposing force and am sure I want more Brigade models so It just comes down to which I like best on the day as I should be buying them locally.

There should be more from me very soon. So until then take care have fun and enjoy the weather no matter how bad it gets where you are. Or at least try to.

best Wishes Clint