Friday 16 March 2018

Longships 1 (blue and orange)

Yes I have finally grasped the nettle and started my "Longships" force. Let me start by saying Longships is a se of rules by Peter Pig. Not the best set of rules but I have honestly played a LOT worse. Each force has to be 5 units (plus Skirmishers) and cannot be more than 400 points so you never need to paint far to many megalomaniac armies!

Each unit needs a leader @20 points x 5=100 points) each unit needs at least 3 Unarmoured stands.3x8 = 24 points (x5) totals 120.) So far you have spent 220 points out of the 400.  Therefore there are not so many choices.

On with the painted figures. These all come from my 40 year old Viking army so they are old figures. As such some will be saying I remember while others will be scratching their heads and saying "I have never seen... " Most of these figures are by TTG (Tabletop Games) at least 2 are Minifigs and one is Two Dragons. For those that really want to know.

I have painted them up with Blue and Orange shields so I can easily identify the units (and not historically accuracy). So a game convention and not one with any provenance!

Not the very best painted figures, but they will do for a game so further detail was not needed.

That is it for today. Thanks for looking and more again soon.

Sunday 11 March 2018

Epiphany (well sort of)

Ok that might be over doing it. (and It may be spelt wrong) but you get the idea. The figures are 20mm SHQ purchased at the recent Cavalier show (on Impulse). Personally I like 20mm figures and I like SHQ Miniatures and I like Cold war wargaming. Thus for me it is a shame they will possibly never get used.

I know the kind of wargame I want and have never found the correct rules. You can imagine what I wanted looking at the pic on the left. I have even looked into making and casting the "Iron Cow" Yes Bryan I know if I ever do you want one in 28mm scale. I know this. But I would be working in 20mm IF I ever did it, or maybe in 15mm depending on the other manufacturers and what they make to fit in as opposition. But my plan has always been 20mm.

Anyway that will have to wait. Probably till I die and someone else does it! So hold your breathe if you want but I would not advise it!

OKAY so why the Epiphany? Well while looking for some suitable "The Zone" rules I can across "Black Opps" by Osprey. Now I will admit they would be kind of suitable, but they would need a few tweaks to get the flavour right. What they would suit is Vietnam. Now the Vietnam conflict is just my thing and I have 2 forces ready to go. In fact they are itching to get going and have been for a LONG while. In a weeks time I do have a Veitnam game (Peter Pig rules) at a show. Personally I do not like these rules as I feel they are more about the game than the conflict. Yes I have looked at SEVERAL other sets of rules Including (but not limited to) FNG, Buckle for your dust, Body Count, Force on Force, Skirmish Sangin, Specte and even Flames of War. None of them quite give what I am after. FNG is closest but I do not like the mechanics as they come across as unwieldy. However "Black Opps" is the right scale (about a squad) easy to explain and use and should I hope, give a good Vietnam game. So that is my plan at this stage.

Thanks for reading my babble. next time some Vikings. (I hope)