Saturday 20 October 2018

Red and White spearmen and SELWG plans.

Firstly I have finished my next unit for "Lion Rampant". This time Red and white spearmen. You probably worked all that out from the blog title. Oh yes you did! Anyway these are 28mm Plastic Perry miniatures,  from the box  "Agincourt French Infantry" there is enough in the box for a unit of x bow as as well. And if I buy another spure  a total of 2 crossbow units and 2 spear units can be made. It would be rude not to!

By painting them red and white they can fit into either of the two forces I am building so quite versatile. I will like wise do the same with the Crossbows and then I shall change colours, Perhaps Green and yellow I am not sure yet.

 I  did not paint the faces well, but well enough. I found the spears and helmets were just too much in the way. And I do not regret painting then as I have done.


I have several "Plans" for Selwg show. Yes a show report soon and Zombtober entry SHALL be late. Sorry real life and all that. I have started it and HOP to finish today or MAYBE tomorrow but it may need to wait until Monday.

Here are my planned spendz, I wonder how tey shall compare to what I actually buy.

  • Crooked Dice. Maybe if I am feeling flush buy 7TVe2 and 2 starting casts.
  • GZG I only desire 2 packs from Jon Tuffneys 15mm Stargrunt range. Saying that is one thing but maybe I am looking at a lot more.
  • Brigade Games. Again some 15mm Sci fi stuff. IF I do not get it from GZG.
  • Peter Pig, the Spanish Civil War rules. and a pack of heads, (All pre-ordered!)
  • Tumbling dice, some 1/600th scale aircraft! And maybe a Check you 6 rule book
  • Too Fat Lardies. Maybe a "Bag the Hun" rulebook.
Well those are the plans at this stage. but I am sure I shall bet some impulse buys as well.

I was going to meet an old friend, but he cannot get time from work so that shall be a miss.

Thanks for looking. More again soon.
I hope tomorrow with a loot post and Zombtober figure finished!

Take care, hav e fun and paint if you can. All the best Clint


Thursday 18 October 2018

Spiders don't bite! 8 Legged freak!

I had to have a few days off blogging. It's funny nothing gets finished then everything gets done at once.

Firstly here is an ALIEN Male ARACHNID from WTW (Wargames Terrain Workshop LINK ). It currently retails for £10 and to be honest with you is pretty hard to put together as I have, but worth the effort in the end... although the air was blue with profanities at one point!) All I shall say is it does SHATTER if dropped onto concrete from a height of 3 or more feet! So do not try that at home!

I know there is nothing to show scale in the first pic so I Have rectified that in the next! The figure is a 28mm Perrys miniature. To be fair at this stage the money is on the spider!

Needless to say you can (and most Probably shall) paint this any colour you choose. But I wanted it dark and menacing and able to scare a few people I know. (Maybe in the future I may grow up..... No plans though). And I do know at least 2 people who would freak if it actually moved. (Muhahahahaha!)

So here is a 15mm GZG figure. (This is my intention). Why in Sci fi or fantasy games do we need to stick to the proscribed scale. On an alien planet maybe this is the norm. Now that would scare me witless. I am aware that in Australia they would think of this as a baby no matter what the scale or true size.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that WTW do make a bigger version for £15 if for some reason this is not big enough! Personally I think it is.

I do have several ideas for it raning from Straight sci fi wargaming, through 7TV "Land of the giants" and even Home brew "Creature that ate Cheboygan!". (An old SPI game) . Yes I am that weird and yes I am that sick! Therefore I think all the ideas are great. Although I shall admit I purchased it originally for 15mm Sci Fi games.

What else has or is happening behind the scenes?

I have found an old template. Ok it's only a hexagon. BUT this template will allow me to work on my desert in 300th scale and thus get my "Crimson Skies" game underway. Yes I could have used the paper printed maps in the box. But seriously If you know me that was far to easy and simple and convenient and the kind of thing everyone would do. So As there is a harder way I shall go with that! So expect that in a few weeks time. (fingers crossed)

In 2 days I HOPE to have the next unit finished for "Lion Rampant" It's mostly done at the moment but needs finishing off!

Additionally I am thinking of what to build for 7TV. Currently thinking of a St Serle's board but trying to come up with a better idea. I shall chatit over with the Crooked Dice team and see what they think!

That's it for today. Thanks for looking and chat soon if possible.
All the best Clint.

Sunday 14 October 2018

Zombtober 18-02

Patrick (Singleton I believe) now finished and ready to join the ranks of the Survivors as my latest Walking Dead All out war figure by Mantic . He is Hard plastic and 28mm in size so fits in well with the rest. I know the Pics are dark. It's raining and I am in need of natural light so if you can't see him I apologise. But As I shall do a Pic of them  all at the end of this years Zombtober I feel sure in the long run you shall get to see them OKAY.

Not sure who or what will be painted next for Zombtober so It is a surprise to me as well.

What I can say is that My spears for Lion Rampant are coming on well and should be finished this week. Then I may start the Crossbows That I am sure you all want to see and then another Men at arms unit on foot. Although a lot depends on what I spend my pennies on at the SELWG show. (The list keeps Changing)
 I shall be doing some (1 or two) preorders just to make sure I have the bits and bobs I need for some future projects but a LOT depends on what I feel like on the day.

Anyway that is it for today thanks for looking and more again soon. All the best Clint

Post script I may take the photos again when it gets lighter! WEll only if enough complain and make me feel bad about it!