Thursday 31 May 2018

28mm Victorianwarehouse stuff!

OK confession time. I know this is a foundry figure but I do not know from what pack it hails. I bought, you see, a bunch of Victorian foundry figures on eBay.  They arrived all jumbled together in a small box hence I have no idea what exactly they are.

So for me this will be a night watchman. he could equally well be a smuggler or a detective or a C'thulhu investigator. To me it matters not he was just a fun and easy paint. Looking at the first picture I shall address the eye as it seems FAR to big. Consider it done by the time you read this. (yes Done now). he is dressed quite smartly so none of the east end riff raff. I went for Victorian colours and a brown suit seemed to be the best option.  I did consider a black bowler hat as well but my hand just picked up a pot of grey instead so I went grey. I am glad I did , sometimes my hand knows better than my mind!

 For a base I went for just a few shades of brown feeling this would give the best solution. After all with a brown base he could be under a tree in a park on a road (in either a town or a city) or he could be indoors. I shall leave it to you to decide.

For now we shall just say he is the night-watchman of a warehouse in Victorian London, but he could be anywhere.

A nice fun and easy figure to get me back to painting some 28mm stuff.

 Just to support that idea I painted some AINSTY Castings crates that I purchased from Col Bill (AKA Stu.) I tried to vary the browns to give a more random feel such that they may have been made either at different times or at different locations or perhaps both.

There was a resin miss cast section. Rather than try to cut it out I painted it bright acidic green. It is clearly seen in the second photo second stack from the left. I have no idea what substance this is to represent, Nor do I care that way it can just be a box leak and thus easy to identify by the players if I need such a plot device.

Just braking me back into 28mm painting after about 1 month doing other things.

Thanks for looking and as usual another update in a day or two! All the best Clint

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Terrain Work in progress WIP

Nothing finished as yet. I just could not get up the shed yesterday to do anything. I can hear you all playing very tiny violins! So at present this is unfinished.

My Sci fi "Moon Boards had suffered due to a number of reasons. So I decided to update them.
 I did decide to turn them into a crater infested desert. So I first painted them cream. the top 2 pics show them after 1 coat. But 1 coat of paint was simply not sufficient. So over the bank holiday weekend I painted a second coat.
 As you can see the board on the right has had a second coat and is now dry. The board on the left just one coat and ready this day for a second.

each board as long term readers will already know is 2' by 4'. So they are not all that small and yield a 4' square area.

If you are a new reader you will not have seen them as I do not use them very much which I thought was a shame.

2 coats on both boards. But still I was not happy. They needed to be darker and show a greater level of contrast.

 So on the Bank holiday Monday I went to the local DIY store and promptly bought the wrong shade! It is of course too dark!

Consiquently I repainted the boards again, only to realise when they dried. that they were too dark. Woops

So the dry brushing started! I added about equal amounts of cream paint to the brown and applied the first coat.

 All went well and I got another good nights sleep. Let's have no false modesty the boards did took good.

So yesterday I applied (despite the thunder storms) a lighter dry brush. And it has made a difference the boards have improved again.

I am now happy with the boards. Does That mean I am finished.... of course not! But I am currently on a pause

I have started 4 extra craters 3 hills ( a large a medium and you guessed it, a small) as well as 3 rock spires.  As well as some blue crystal areas. Additionally I have given thoughts to what buildings might be like. Do not tell me that this or that company make good buildings. While I am sure they do I want something less generic that every player has and having a degree in Architecture I feel I can design some buildings that will be more appealing to the terrain.  I already have ideas and will attempt to bring the ideas to fruition. in the next few weeks or months. So say nothing about buildings as what suits us in this century may  not on a different world in the next.

Additionally I shall restart my 15mm sci fi. Which I have always loved but just could not play at a club level due to any number of reasons, until lately! The next stage for me is to repaint the bases of the figures I already have to match this terrain. I did look at repainting all the figures as well but have decided to compromise and just do the bases as it will be quicker.

So as far as I am concerned 15mm Sci Fi is a GO! once more

Monday 28 May 2018

I was not in the mood!

Yep yesterday was club day and I just was not in the mood. But at least we have seen Peter and Bob at the club. Both have had medical problems recently so It was a Joy to see them again. Welcome back to the club guys.

So anyway yesterday we, as a club played "En garde!" a set of rules by Osprey. To complex to write a AAR for as so many playing. But these were my force, just 3 cavalry. I had a horse with a light wound but otherwise survived the battle unscathed . Which  was commented on several times... Yeah Thanks Matt!

Also since I last posted my mother has been feeding Rhinos at the zoo. Yes I know the Photo is on the side, it was taken on a mobile phone and has had trouble reaching me, so just be happy it is here at all. BEFORE anyone does try this the food was given to her by a zoo keeper (who looks after this particular Rhino) and was standing 2 paces away overseeing the whole thing. So guess who has been told about this several times even if I was not Invited to go my self.

So here is what I have painted. It did require a tidy up in order to find the pike. And Now that does complete the sprue of ECW figures. (Until I buy more of course!). Another Scott's covenanter and enough to get an "en garde!"force up to 100 points as I now have sufficient Pike and Shotte to put a force in the field (or on the table at least)

That's it for today. Back to building terrain but I am not ready to share that just yet. Have a good Bank holiday and I will see you soon.

All the best Clint