Friday 30 August 2013

Crocs and Trolleys.

As my self imposed "figure fast" draws to a close on Saturday I do not see myself heading into a "Figure Feast". So first up today is the second Croc from Michael over at 28mm Victorian Warfare who sent me them to flesh out my TAR7AN game, which I really do need to spend some more time finishing. I had one finished before so here is the second one as well, both together. So one very small step closer and again my thanks to the gentleman Michael. Thank you Sir very much appreciated.

Obviously these are not at all related to the crocs, except that they might be considered as articulated if coupled together. These are very well priced at £5 for the set. Ainsty Castings.  (the link will take you to the right page.) On the Ainsty site these trolley Cart train is painted silver. While I did like the silver look as being very science fiction or Spy-Fi I wanted these to stand out on the table top and yet still fit into either setting. As a result I went for a bright yellow main colour with a series of red, brown and a very very dilute black washes. The black applied only into the joins on the cylinder tanks but quite heavy on the grey trolley bases. Given the boldness of the cylinder tanks I settled on a simple grey for the wheeled bases which carry the cylinders as I wanted the tanks to be the focus and not the wheeled bases. I have no immediate use for them but in any science fiction setting or scale I am sure they will get some game action. As we all know cover is cover and a welcome  addition in pretty much on every tabletop game. I must say for the price these really are a good addition and I am strongly considering getting more.

Thanks for reading today. Next update will be on Sunday. So until later take care have fun and blog like crazy! All the best Clint.

Wednesday 28 August 2013

6mm Baccus Wss trial figures.

It has been many years, (probably close to 15-20), since I last painted any 1/300th scale or so called 6 mm figures. So I thought it wise (others may say foolish) I should start small (no pun intended) and with a very limited type and amount of figures. As such I have completed 2 units. Completed is the wrong word as I have yet to add the flags. The flags are commercially available from Baccus and thus I will purchase them in due course as it saves mucking about trying to make my own.

The first unit is painted to represent Sir Edward Derings Regiment of Foot, Captain General John Churchill 1st Duke of Marlborough, at the battle of Blenhiem during the War of Spanish Succession. The colours were taken from The War Office. web site. While I am staying close to the colours in many games they will not represent the actual units as they will need to take many roles in a few different eras and theatres.

The second unit has been painted to represent the  Welch Regiment of Fusiliers. Again colours and markings taken from the War Office as mentioned above.

Each unit has been based to match Tim's troops so that if we attempt big games there will be no disparity in sizes. With 3 bases to a unit they will also be usable for "Beneathe the Lily Banners" rules as well.
 While Tim was able to fit 12 "Irregular"figures to a base I was only able to squeeze 8 figures in the same area. Baccus figures are slightly wider and many people say they have big heads. They are most definitely better quality than "Irregular Miniature" and indeed with larger heads, but as they cost more one would hope for better quality. I do appreciate "Irregular Miniatures" and would be willing to get more at a later date but for now Baccus is the way forward for me. I think these may be the re-start of my War of Spanish Succession project despite the fact that I have purchased an army in 15mm as well. 6mm will at least dovetail with Tim's figures which will stop me having to buy two armies and will in the long term save money ..... well maybe, it might just mean I buy more! You know what it's like

I have kept the bases simple with just a paint finish as putting any texture on them would have cluttered them considerably. The base sizes are only 22mm by 12mm so once the figures are attached there really is not much room at all for the little extra bits which make them visually more appealing.

That's it for today. Thanks for reading this and I have several things started on the painting table so I really have no idea what will be finished next. However I have offered to put on a Wild West Zoimbie game in 10 days time or so. Therefore you may expect to see some figures for this game in the very near future.

Best wishes Clint

Monday 26 August 2013

They don't like it up 'em.

 Tim, Graham and myself had a Sudan game at the  club yesterday. Tim took the Mahdist's forces while Graham and myself were given a supply column and troops of her majesty's most glorious empire. The rules used were "A Good Dusting" Tim supplied everything, troops terrain and the rules and scenario.

The mission was to take the supplies from one table edge to the opposite side. the carts could not cross the hills but everything else could. So we planned the best route and set of moving at the speed of our infantry (4" a turn).

There were two obvious "pinch points" which we would need to take the wagons through. And then the Mahdists turned up. My cavalry scouting ahead trying to secure the first pinch point was met head on by the native cavalry who managed to get the charge in and melee was joined. A melee that was to linger on and on and on. I won each round of combat but the heathens just would not break no matter how hard I tried. My infantry were the advance guard and ever so slowly caught up with the meleeing horse. First I tried a firing line behind them thinking my own might run before the native fanatics then I fanned out to either side to counter the approaching Beja.

My second unit of cavalry were caught in the open and shot up thus retreated and let the foot-sloggers get involved. Eventually they dismounted and formed a skirmish screen on the columns left flank to counter more Mahdist troops streaming in from that side. (Mahdist troops were set up randomly by use of a scatter dice with a chance of more arriving each turn.)

Madist camel troops and a very few fuzzy wuzzies turned up behind the column but Grahams troops made very short work of them. While a horde turned up on my left flank and my cavalry skirmish screen had to edge backwards each turn giving fire and ground in equal measure.

Eventually the Mahdist Cavalry died to a man having refused all decency and not routed and the pinch point opened enough to get some wagons rolling through. But seriously it did take all day to get that result they just would not run the blighters! So I swung my now free horse into the flank of the closest Beja and launched a bayonet charge with a foot unit at the same time.

We ran out of time but it was clear that Her majesty would have been pleased with the action in the Sudan this day. All my troops had taken losses but none had actually broken and disgraced themselves.

There were a number of issues that the rules and situation bought up. I think the British had about twice the number of troops they should have and the fact that the Mahdists turned up in dribs and drabs which meant Tim would never be able to make a strong concerted effort. Which did not lead to a very balanced game in the end which is a shame as I would like to do more of this period. A string of emails have been sent both ways with ideas and suggestions and Tim has amended some of the rules to suit our club more even sending updated quick reference sheets to Graham and myself. I can't say I out played Tim in any regard despite the clear win it was just that at no stage did the poor chap manage to get enough troops on the table. Then when he did get troops into the game they were so scattered that the long range of the rifles (30 inches when foot move 4 inches a turn) meant they could be severely weakened to the point that they could not really impact. So Other than the native horse I initiated the charges with my infantry. We all like a bayonet charge after all!

A slightly disappointing game I have to admit, but lessons learned so with luck next time we play a more even result has the potential to emerge. That's it for today thanks for reading and I will blog again on Wednesday. Best wishes Clint.