Friday 10 January 2014

More Villains.

 Well here are the things that I started for the Villains bonus round, but did not finish in time. No excuses I dithered and procrastinated and just did not get them done in time. So I finished them and sent the Pictures to Curt anyway a day after. Points wise It has made no difference as I did get the bonus points from the challenge for the Mexican Bandits. But these extra Villains are now finished so no point in not sharing them here.

First off we have an Artizan Designs Mexican Bandit. From the same pack as the other two (Banditos II). As the sculptor had given the figure frayed trousers I decided that he was not the most successful of bandits so gave him simple hat and trousers. I wanted to try out a new Green paint and for no other reason that became his shirt colour. I think he probably stole it from some where. The light blue scarf around his neck is mostly to inject a spot of brightness. I did consider a red scarf but went for the blue as it lifts the figure somewhat.

 Of all three bandits he really was the most fun to paint and has turned out to be my favourite by far. I am sure he will get some table top action in the near future.

Scanning down you will also notice the very last (at least for now) of my Wild West Zombies. These with the others have been very simple to paint. Just base colours and a couple of dark washes. In this case a heavy grey was and a dark brown was. Then just pick out a few details and they are all done.  Honestly they really have been that simple. I was surprised at the fact that people seemed to prefer them to the bandit, as they really were just so easy to paint and that I spent more time on the Mexican than all 4 of those put together. Still it is not my place to decide what others like or dislike and I was happy with each and every comment.

The analogue-hobbies painting challenge has been a fantastic incentive to get things done. It has meant I have spent at least an hour each and every day (except strangely Yesterday) painting prepping and basing figures. The results from all over the globe are impressive so I would recommend checking it regularly as there are several new posts each day.

That is where I will leave it today, thanks for popping by and I hope to see you again soon.

All the best Clint

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Villains Bonus round

 Well the second bonus round has come and gone on the painting challenge. With some breath taking entries. which can be found HERE LINK. If you have not seen them I would seriously check them out and feel free to vote if you so choose.

I struggled to come up with a good Villain and did have a few option. I finally settled on two Mexican Bandits. I have since sent pics to Curt of 5 more Villains and they should be seen here soon. Well with luck.

Anyway these two miscreants are by Artizan from the Banditos II pack which I bought at Broadside in June last year.

I have the intention of passing the figure on the right to Fran ( Angry Lurker) as he was the first of the 600 club to break the target. I have yet to clear 400 points so jolly well done to him. But it does make me wonder if he should have set himself a higher target. Only time will tell as maybe he will do no more painting until the end of the challenge now.

Anyway 2 more in the wild west box and on to the next part of painting challenge. The next bonus round is of course "Vehicles" and Long time members will know that I have prepped some 15mm vehicles already for my PBI armies.

Ok that's it for today. Thanks for looking/reading at this and more again soon. I say soon as I am reliant on Curt putting things on his blog and then have to wait at least 24 hours. But I intend to blog again on Friday or Saturday at the very latest. So until then, take care and look after yourself.

All the best Clint

Monday 6 January 2014

10mm Sudan Camel riders

 These 10mm Pendraken Camel Riders were submitted as part of the painting challenge and as such if you are following the challenge you will have already seen them. They have the same base frontage as they Fuzzy Wuzzy's I showed  2 days ago. One figure is on a round base. This one will act as a scout in "Patrols In the Sudan" and thus will be sent to discover any hidden forces in different terrain.  It allowed me to use all 15 figures in a pack with none spare.

The flag was the result of a quick Google search and then reduced in size and printed off. I think it adds to the troop quite dramatically.

I will be doing a load more 10mm Colonial troops over the coming months as I have really gotten into this project. That said I have submitted some 28mm figures for the latest painting round so I will be showing those next time. Elsewhere on the painting table I have the next batch of 20mm Arab revolt figures some 10mm Mounted Samurai and 7 more 28mm figures, some of which might be for one of the other bonus rounds.

The next bonus round is "vehicles" and I have some US 1/2 Tracks in 15mm prepped for this round and wanted for my PBI Games.

That's it for today, Thanks for popping by. Hope you found something of interest and with luck I should see you in a couple of day. Take care, have fun and look after those close to you.

All the best Clint