Wednesday 16 December 2015

Still on Prep.

yep still on the prep for the Analogue painting challenge. Not that I have done a lot. Mostly ordering stuff. Today  2 parcels. 1 is a load of "Tufts" from eBay so I don't run out in the challenge. But I can still order some more before the challenge ends.... and I am sure I will.

The other was a figure order for 2 6mm starter armies from Heroics and Ros.{ Click this link )
needles to say as starter armies there are lots of extras I can (and no doubt will) get to add. And If I can pick them up unpainted 2nd hand from eBay or Colonel Bills I will, that is  for sure (assuming I can save money).

I am also working on some counters for the game I have planned but until they are finished I will not be showing them. When they are finished I will be doing a quick walk through of the making process. But at  this stage there is little that will make any sense on its own.

Ao pretty much a nothing post today as I clean up the H+R order. That is how the painting challenge starts for me as I have "Mostly" cleared my painting desk ready to start. There are a couple of things still loitering though so I may get on with them in the next couple of days, but I am waiting now for the Analogue painting challenge to start.

All the best from warm (I am in a tee shirt) but overcast Kent.  Cheers Clint

Monday 14 December 2015

The quiet before the Storm!

I am afraid I have nothing newly painted this post. But as we now have only 6 days before the Analogue Painting challenge starts I thought I would share with you just a little Prep that I di yesterday in anticipation. At the club yesterday I played a board game about making wine, then left early so no Pics of that. I mention it as I was able to get two bases case in resin by Tim (LINK to Frontline) From Frontline wargaming. For what I need they are a little too large, but totally serviceable as any smaller and they will fall over.

These are them in the raw state. and they are the smallest flying bases he make. What is more I scrounged them free so that makes them twice as good. They do not come with anything to make the flying things hover in a flying position high from the table. So I roughly worked out the bases centres and then drilled a very small hole at an angle. as you can see in the third photo.

Not a huge amount of preparation but more than I have done either last year or the year before. Some bright spark is going to ask what I will be painting that needs flying bases. But I am not going to say just yet as the figures have not arrived. (but I do expect them today or tomorrow). And until they do arrive I don't like to talk about it too much.

I have got more preparation to do this week, some of which are markers and terrain so I will score no points for them in the challenge so best get them done before hand if I can. SO expect that to be the next post as well.

Additionally I am the very happy winner of some figures from Ray's blog post giveaway. Link to Ray's Blog! Just the figure I most wanted that he was offering and I have emailed him asking if he can hold on to them until the Cavalier show at the end of February. That should save him a few pennies in postage.

Finally I have set a new high score on World of tanks. (I found out that high scores only last a week so it is still good, but not awesome. Again in my German Light tank. I am not so good and I do die a lot in it, but 2 kills in a game where I am the lowest level tank in the game is not anything to be sniffed at!

Back to more prep today and trying to source a Polykarpov P15 (Biplane) in 1/200 th (10mm) scale! I do not need one but having one would be nice,

All the best and enjoy the day.