Friday 29 December 2017

5 Burpas more

Yes there  are always more Burpas. Mat says he has about 2 more boxes. As I do not know how many is in a box that does not help.....Oh well.

Anyway here is another 5. I suspect they are all "Foundry" but if you know better I am happy to be enlightened. All I do know is the next 5 are ready for undercoat. And I will be starting them tonight.

Flags will be added (BY MATT) to 2 of these figures so you will not see them finished until we have the next game using them.

Not sure what will come next it all depends on how warm my painting room will be. Might be more 28mm Burpas of GW LotR. I will have both undercoated by tonight so it all depends what I can crack on with.

Until then take care have fun and just promise me "NO FROSTBITE!"

All the best Clint

Wednesday 27 December 2017

Tweak! 28mm

"Why has Tweak only got one ear?" The  young voice said.
 "Because I dropped him on the concrete and it broke off and shattered!"
Came the reply.
"Oh" was the only answer and the mystery of the one eared Tweak was explained.

Yes I did drop it on the concrete and it did shatter. Which IS a shame, but it did reach me from Dave ( at WTWin a fine condition and NO blame in any way attaches itself to him because of my clumsiness.
The Character of "Tweak" should be clear to ant of a certain age who read 200ad comics. If you did not read 2000ad I can't help you but I can sympathise and suggest you had a deprived childhood!

Here is a comic book version. He appeared along with Judge Dredd and as a character Tweak  was not particularly enjoyed by me. But it was a free figure and as such was painted with much gratitude. I realise some people would have thought Tweak was the best thing since sliced bread and I mean to take nothing away from that view. Just saying to me he was a distraction and to me did not add very much to the JD storyline.

I suspect the figure was sculpted by Dave. (Thanks Dave) And It is a fine figure. As you can see I have stuck to the same colours as the comic and the figure does sit well with my other JD figures. However as I do not play Judge Dredd very much he is not likely to have very much table time.

Sorry the pics are so dark, It's winter and a flash will only do so much. Most importantly it is another figure done and one I will not (I think) be doing again.

I hope to post again in a few days but that does depend on how real life is in the mean time. So far it is being good to me.

Until then, take care, have fun and try to find something decent on TV (I can't|)

Monday 25 December 2017

All I want for Krimbo is......?

Well I must say I am very pleased with the gifts I received this year.
And here they are.

 Firstly my mother is very nearly back to normal and this is the best gift.

As she was poorly she could not get any gifts so I treated myself. I bought the new Osprey rules "Gaslands" which I must say are rather quite good. While designed for a specific scale and setting there is a paragraph in the rules For changing the scale or the setting, so I think I will be edging towards Dieselpunk games.

I was also VERY lucky and managed to snag (on eBay) a mint version of Crimson Skies. It really does not look like it has ever been played with so I am just going to have to play it like crazy! I have about 20 "Wizkid" planes and will be working on getting this game as fully 3d as possible. Maybe not straight away, but soon my precious soon!  More Dieselpunk!

My sister got me the DVD of Rocketeer so that will add to the dieselpunk vibe very nicely. It is what I asked for and I am grateful.

Lastly from Matt and completely unexpected I got some German Aeronef ships. These are Brigade Models and they are helping to lift my spirits immensely. Totally unexpected and again I am very grateful for them. Cheers Mate.

Not (so far) a bad Krimbo at all. Yes I did buy everything in the top 2 pics myself, but I got exactly what I wanted and am smiling like a Cheshire cat!

Another post (Assuming I get anything finished) in 2 days

Until then take care have fun and paint if the mood takles you.

Best Wishes and seasons Greetings Clint