Saturday 2 November 2013


Yes I am still painting Samurai but also working through other projects as well. Yesterday I finished the Peter Pig Figures that I bought at the SELWG show. While it is not in anyway the greatest output by me it does ad yet another option for this force in PBI. While I already had some .5 Browning heavy Machineguns they were all vehicle mounted and I wanted the opportunity of taking them off on the vehicles and setting them up independently. This may not seem like a massive advantage, and in many ways it is not but with defensive stance level 1 this would mean that the vehicles towing the artillery (Prime movers) would automatically be on the battlefield at the start of the game.

 There were two additional (command) figures in the pack, but they cluttered the bases so I have left them out. Also one base would be without a commander and to me that just looked odd. They were in the same sculpting style as all Peter Pig figures and size wise fit in acceptably well with Battlefront and also QRF. I do like the way that extra ammo boxes can be seen under the tripods supporting the guns. (Clearer in the third picture). There really is nothing not to like in these figures unless the barrels are facing towards your own troops of course but that's a different story.

That will have to do for today. I can't show things that are not ready and I have had a few lazy days of not painting. As you should know by now I am at the wargames club tomorrow so there should be an AAR of some sort on Monday. Thanks for looking, have a good weekend and see if you can have some harmless fun, oh and don't spent too much money if you can help it. Take care. Clinty

Post script: As another wargamer has taken to calling me "Clinty" I thought I would try it out and see if it sticks! Who says I can't take a joke?

Thursday 31 October 2013

More 10mm Samurai.

 Yes more 10mm Samurai. To be honest I am about half way through now! Although I will no doubt be tempted to buy some more. So expect this to continue for a few more weeks. I will intersperse it with a few other things to stop you and myself from getting bored by seeing the same thing over and over again. And I would expect some bright spark to think it was all the same figures each few weeks. Darn why did I type that I could have gotten away with it most likely! No doubt Jo (Zabadak) would have cottoned on pretty quickly he does seem to have a suspicious mind!

 That said I will need to start thinking about getting a bigger box for them as the one I am using is now full. That can only be a good thing.

So Today we have a unit of mounted Samurai armed with bows. I have split the troop types by weapons as well as social class (Samurai, Ashigaru and peasant). This is clear and deliberate as opposed to lumping them all together in one amorphous mass. As you can see with the mounted it is 3 figures to a base and as with the infantry, 4 bases to a unit. I still have not found the set of rules I would most like so am very strongly considering making up my own.

Clearly there are more back banners than I have managed to put on units previously this is to reflect the mounted nature of the troops. I should put more back banners on all the troops, but due to their fiddly nature and my lack of patience I have been remiss in doing so.

Finally these figures go on sale by Crooked Dice tomorrow. (1st November). So fair warning I am about to get sidetracked and start some St. Trinnian's, erhm I mean St Searle's Girls shenanigans very soon afterwards. Yes they are 28mm figures and my down time at work has already created the scenario and adapted the rules. So all I have to do is buy them, paint them and build the scenery and bob's your uncle! So knowing me probably finished about 2 years later assuming I rush!

Thanks for tuning in today. With luck it was not too boring. More again in 2 days time. So until then, take care have fun and if you do anything I wouldn't please don't mention it !

Cheers Clint

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Samurai Cannon (10mm)

 While Cannons were used in sieges they were a lot less common on the open battlefields of the Sengoku Jidai (Warring Sates Period). Which is not to say they were never used just not very often in comparison to other troop types. They were mostly used in siege warfare. Both attacking and defending castles.

Given the relative scarcity I have at this stage only painted 2 cannons for this force. (2 more will go to the opposition once I get them going). Pendraken miniatures make 2 different styles of cannon for their 10mm samurai range. Coming in a mixed pack so you get some of each. It is fair to think of this diversity of models as being as accurate as I wish to go on this project. The Crew all dressed as ashiguru in the same uniforms as before come in 3 posses.

Finally I have included the first force so far as a group picture. Needless to say there is as always a lot more to add and another force to add. I am currently trying colour schemes out on sample figures, so expect to see some soon, maybe very soon. I know I want them to have a red as a base colour and have tried 4 variants it just comes down to selecting one and then getting some done!

Thanks for looking it today. Next update in 2 days time, no idea what I will get done by then as several things on the painting table. So until Thursday, take care and have fun. All the best Clint

Sunday 27 October 2013

Zombtober 4

 I will admit that I am a little torn about this being the last Zombtober weekend or not. SO I may post one more if I get one done next weekend. Not that I have any started, but they are at least in the painting line.

Anyway another Zombie Wild West Gunfighter. Of them all I think this is my favourite sculpt. I like the lurching forward movement and for no other reason. And It is only as I type this that I realise the figure is left handed. Very sinister! Now I am wondering how many left handed figures I have and how many of those are zombies. Hmmmm! He fits in with the others and that's all that matters at this stage.

I have also included a group shot of what I have achieved in Zombtober! 1 survivor on a motorbike and 3 wild west zombie gunfighters. Not the biggest amount painted in a month for a project, but I have managed to do one every week which I feel happy about.

 The other thing I should mention is Dwarvember. I am in two minds about this I do have some 10mm dwarfs to paint, so I may get involved and I may not. As I do want to continue with current projects that I have enthusiasm for and not get side-tracked. I have some more Samurai on the paint table and some more PBI. Mentioning PBI I wasted a day thinking about a new army which did stem from a comment Mathyoo made. I realised that an Aerosan force on skis and some t-34's would look really cool. Then it dawned on my I don't think I would ever use it, nor could I find any 15mm WW2 Russian figures on skis! So eventually the idea faded!

Anyway I think this is Zombtober drawing to a close for me. As mentioned above I still have a couple more gunfighters to do so while the painting month is coming to an end the painting and project is not!

 That's it for today thanks for looking. Have a good weekend I hope the storm (St Jude) passes by without incident to you and yours. All the best and another update on Tuesday.

Post script: Re-working the waterfall on the TAR7AN board..... No you can't have a photograph just yet!

Cheers then, Clint