Saturday 4 May 2019

A Week has past!

Good Grief a whole week! I am slipping and big time! Yes the wargaming MOJO has gone Yes the painting Mojo has GONE.

Trying to get it back I have painted a few things. Here is an Alternative Armies 15mm Scout bike! not brilliant but as it had been waiting about 15-20 years a relief to get done. No I am still not happy with it but at least it is finished and can (for now) join the other 15mm sci fi figures. Yes I still have some to get done. (Several posts, most for the aliens but at least 1 for the French Foreign Legion (in space).

The "lump" to the left is an old unused part of a robot, but it makes good scatter terrain if nothing else. And it was quick to paint  and easy to finish.

Cold War update. Slowly getting my head around it. in 15mm I shall start on the Russian/soviet force first as that is what I have bought. Sent off for some more stuff as well from an unknown (to me ) company and I hope it will arrive in the week. Assuming it does, happy days and I can start>

Until next time take care good luck and I shall try to FORCE myself to paint as well.
All the best Clint