Saturday 8 July 2017

3 more

I blame the hot weather. It has been hot in the South of England okay not compared to some countries but for England. The consequence is that I am not sleeping. The follow on Is I have been painting when it is still light but not too hot. Like 4am. As such I finished these 3 this morning. At 6am, and then went and varnished some of the woodwork in the garden!

Yeah I know.

 The figures are Redoubt again and finish of the Archers I was painting. I should now have a suitable woodland Indian force for "En Garde" the rules by Osprey. So maybe we can start doing some new world adventures.

Colour wise these should fit in with the rest and while the two on the left look at first glance to be the same if you check their head attire they are clearly different. So I painted them about as different colour wise as I thought I could get away with.

I was going to put some VSF on today. (They are now finished) but as I get less post  views on a weekend I thought they could wait until the middle of the week.

Thanks for Looking. And tomorrow at the club I will be trying "Mantic's The Walking dead -all out war!!" At least that s the plan. It may  change you never know.

Another post on Monday all the best Clint

Thursday 6 July 2017

3 Little Indians (28mm Redobt)

Sometimes I paint very slowly, I really do. Especially when painting for myself.
And these 3 are painted for myself.

These 3 were bought from REDOUBT (LINK )
at the Broadside show last month. I did have a distinct lack of American Woodland Indians with Bows  so I rectified that by buying a single pack of 6 figures for the princely sum of £.50 (at the time)

As you can see from the second picture they are destined to fit in with my other Indians. I have 3 more on the painting table and hope to use them in an "En Garde" game. It is all in my head at the moment so perhaps best not say any more.  However should it take off you may expect to see a few more of these sorts on this blog in short order.

The 3 further Indians are all bow armed as I have enough with muskets for now and I hope enough with hand weapons of various sorts. But if we start playing in earnest I suspect that may change.

These were definitely painted for myself though and are now put away in a padded box until they are needed.

Thanks for looking and with luck (But no guarantees) a finished In Her Majesties Name (IHMN) force on Sunday. Until then, take care have fun and try not to overheat.

Now where did I put the Ice-cream I bought yesterday?

Tuesday 4 July 2017

A Fist full of Burpas! (This batch now finished)

Yes another lot of Burpas for Matt.  A real mix of Foundry, Artizan, Ironclad and Empress. No I am not going to point out which is which I will just let you guess.

I could have posted 2 days ago, but as I know I would be asked for a group pic It was easier to wait and let you have it all at one time.  So sorry for the delay, but I hope the wait was worth it.

No It Wasn't... Oh well I cannot go back in time and change it! So we are both stuck with the wait.

yes the Photos were taken on different days and with different backgrounds. before anyone asks.

The final 2 pics at the end show all this batch together. No I do not know when a game is planned. But as soon as it is you will get an AAR of the game. I just cannot say fairer than that.

Thanks for looking and with luck another post on Thursday.

Maybe American Indians.... maybe something different, I just do not know yet.

Until then take care have fun and paint if you feel like it.

All the best Clint