Saturday 30 April 2016

Just on the VERY last parts of the Morris Dancers but the dark clouds are thickening the sky and I will finish them tomorrow. Oh yes I will. But Rather than let today pass without a blog trace. I thought to let you in on my current project, which I am only just starting 3 years after I said I would (Ok It might be 4 years!)

At present I am in a bit of a pickle on how to start. If you have not read the books it is set in a fictional Cold War with the heat turn up to full. Yes Chemical, Biological AND Nuclear warfare has broken out in Europe (All pretty bleak but not a bad wargames setting.) There are some "New" equipment like the hovercraft shown on the novel but generally it is all in a 1980's vintage.

So I know one side will be the Soviets (and Allies) so I will start by painting a platoon of them. I only want a platoon size table wargame as that is the size that I prefer to play in most game settings.  3 Squads and a bit of support that should do me.

So in preparation of my toy soldiers arriving I RE-painted a couple of vehicles from my AK47 army, namely 2 Landrovers. The figures are 15mm QRF models and now painted to represent BAOR (British Army On/Of the Rhine). These will MOST likely not be part of any finished force so do not get excited and suggest they will be easy kills for the odd wandering T72. They were only painted to get me in the MOOD! Nothing more.

But they have gotten me in the mood for some Modern wargames. At the Club tomorrow I hope to chat with a couple of like minds and first determine should I use BTR 60's or BMP 1s or even MT-LBs for my main soviet APC. AND what force shall I use to oppose them. Could be British, Canadian, American, West German, Dutch it could even be French! As yet no firm ideas. But It will happen and happen soon I think!

There is very little in my AK Army that I can re use so I may be starting with a blank canvas.

Thanks for dropping by and I should have another post on Monday, probably an AAR of VBCW that has previously been mentioned.

All the best Clint

Thursday 28 April 2016

Plod and Nosey neighbour!

Well as I hoped, no more puter issues so here is something new again....

I hasten to add these two have nothing to do with my real life and that as far as I know there are no nosey neighbours near me. Unless of course you know differently.

I put these two together just for the joy of making up a story in my head, The Neighbour has seen something sinister and called the Police and the story goes on from there...

Not sure of the make but here are 2 more VBCW figures for Matt and his collection. The lady can be used at any time period but one does tend to think 20th Century but she could equally be used for near future, zombie games or today.

The Copper is easier to date, given the gas mask bag slung over his shoulder and the tin hat he fits WW1, interwar and WW2 as his periods of use,

Right now to paint up the Morris dancers just before the Green Man appears on the 1st May (for those that know British folklore)

Thanks for looking and next scheduled post Saturday afternoon.

All the best Clint

Wednesday 27 April 2016

One man and his Monitor!

Following a disaster in which my computer monitor faded to black and could not be revived I have spent all day trying to get one locally. Now when you have internet access getting one is easy and about (with eBay) as cheap as you want it to be.

I have limited space but I did finally manage to get one under 22". I Know that bigger is better for quality and picture viewing and everything else, but if you only have a limited space in which to put the monitor you have to go with the smallest you can get and my old on was 15" screen. So now everything is widescreen and a long way away.

Anyway a long story short and trips to neighbouring towns to get to an Argos and a BIG Tesco and BIG Asda and a Staples and it is all sorted.

so without further ado here are my latest. A Hunter and his bloodhound from Gripping beast and in 28mm. The man actually looks very much like one of my neighbours (John). While I do like Bloodhounds in real life I am not a fan of this casting. But I did an internet search and colour matched it so I know it is not far from accurate for a specific dog if not the whole breed.

So once again sorry for the delay, I will try to post again tomorrow and if no computer issues I feel confident I will succeed. (Fingers Crossed)>

I just have to find out how to alter the contrast and get out of widescreen, I suspect I may have to read the Manual!

All the best Clint.

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Vicar and Hodges.

Yes continuing with some Dad's army figures by Warlord Games. Today we have the vicar and the green grocer Mr Hodges.

Being 28mm they are a little smaller in real life than in the photos but they should be good enough to get the idea. And yes I did muck up Mr Hodges left eye, can't be helped sometimes it happens.

As with most of my 28mm figures they are for Matt and are part of the VBCW collection that will get an outing on Sunday (Barring mishaps). And yes there will be an AAR. (Assuming I remember the camera!)

So 2 more civilians for the project. I realise it is late posting these today so will post 2 more tomorrow! Probably in the morning as they should be finished by then.

The Morris Dancers are still being finished but should be ready by Saturday (I Hope)  as I want to use them on Sunday in the game. I have suggested to Matt that I use the Cricketers and the Morris dancers as they will give a village green feel to the troops and that's about as VBCW as you can get.

Until tomorrow, take care have fun and paint like crazy!

Cheers Clint

Sunday 24 April 2016

The Verger and A German Paratrooper!

I know that sounds like the start of a joke! So expect an "Oooh err! Missus!" to creep in the comments somewhere, I know what you lot are like!

I was going to show you some Morris Dancers today BUT Matt has given me a few more to paint up this week so expect them next week! Now that is something to look forward to! Oh yes it is!

So while I am in a comical mood here are a Nun and the Dad's Army Verger. Or is it a German Paratrooper in disguise, that's the typical shoddy Nazi trick we are so often told about in the Dad's Army series.!  Having looked for the quote I could not find it so I may have made it up and it may be an innocent Nun after all. I will let you decide.

The figures are 28mm and Matt says they are from the Dad's Army set by Warlord Games. I shall take him at his word. Two very nice additions to the VBCW project we will b playing NEXT weekend.  So unless I forget my camera OR have a mishap or Matt has a Mishap that is when they will take the table.

I have provisionally asked for the Morris Dancers and the cricketers to be on my side. So  the chances are Matt will give me something else entirely!

Thanks for looking, All the best Clint