Saturday 5 September 2015

Hunting party

 These figures are from Woodbine MIniatures, but sold in the UK by Gripping Beast. I will leave it to you to determine Hunting party or game keepers or poachers or maybe some of each!  They are of course for Matt and his ever growing Very British Civil War project.

As such I have painted them in country clothes colours and tweeds and it helps to make them look like they have been extras in a "Horse and Hounds" photo shoot.  I did enjoy painting them despite destroying a paint brush (Accidently) in the process.

Little more needs be said other than they are all 28mm figures and were well cast and sculpted.

All the best Clint

Thursday 3 September 2015

A couple more!


Two more figures for Matts Collection. I suspect the lady is modelled after "Miss Fisher" in the Miss Fisher Mysteries detective series. Not a series I really enjoy, it's ok but nothing oh so special to me! but it is of the 1920's so eminently suitable for a VRCW.
While her companion reminds me of a grown up Tin Tin, Matt thinks they are both Copplestone castings but is not sure not that it matters too much.
I shall do one more post on Saturday morning as I have a few more that shall be finished by then.
Thanks for looking today, have fun from a rather chilly this morning Kent.
All the best Clint

Tuesday 1 September 2015

50mm Mortar and crew.

Yep another post.
Today a 50mm Vietnamese local militia force Mortar and 2 crew. The Figurers are from Britannia and quite well sculpted and cast.. Nothing special, but these two just round out my Vietnam Collection. I only have 2 helicopters crew and then I really am all ready to go. We can always keep adding to collections and I am sure I will in years to come, but for now I am just about done. As the Helicopters will mostly be making very short visits to the table and I want to do them for the next Analogue painting challenge!

These two are 20mm (or 1/72 if you prefer). And with that back to painting VBCW figures for Matt. And colonial figures for Pete. (Both Club Members)

SO until next time, have fun and take care.
All the very best Clint.

Monday 31 August 2015


 Well both my 86 year old Mother (whom I Look after) and myself have been ill this week. We have both bounced back from 2 very different conditions and are both well and happy now. So no more to be said on that score it's all over and best forgotten!

So back to posting again. Today we have more figures for my good friend Matt and his ever growing VBCW collection. When I asked how he wanted these painted he just said "I trust you so do what you think's best and take the colours from the flag!"

I hope he will still trust me after this! I think he'll like them though (Fingers crossed).

The figures are by "Sloppy Jalopy" (LINK!) and represent a fine English Cricket team (with very loud blazers). There are 18 figures painted in all including a couple of head swaps and other conversions. All of which Matt has done and I just slap paint on them. A typical selection of "Gentlemen and Players" including bowlers, fielders wicket keeper umpire and of course batsman.

The figures are sculpted by  Bill Thornhill I believe and have a very nice feel to them. Very fitting to a summer sport! And possibly one of Britain's best exports ever! A game for gentlemen so not something played very much in less civilised countries like America, France, Spain or Germany.  If you have never played cricket you just do not know the social importance of the game and that how after 5 days it can still be a draw!

 I did try something slightly different with the bases, as I did not want any tufts. (There is a famous one at Canterbury Cricket ground, but I digress). So I tried to create the mown lawn effect by dry brushing a lighter shade of green in one direction on each base. I think it has worked and has saved me putting on tufts and fluff which in turn has saved me a little time and money!  But you may note some grass stains on a few figures as well as where the bowlers have been "Polishing" their balls!

 The Flag is by Pete Barfield. known as Panzerkaput aka "Petal" on his very own blog .

And the final picture is a group shot of them all together!

Bank holiday today so get some painting done if you can.

All the best from Kent!