Thursday 22 May 2014

4 Wheels on my wagon

And I'm still rolling along. Are you old enough to remember that song? I can! Ok I will admit that I am posting early. This is because I have been told that my nephew has a "Bakers Day" and as such I will be looking after him tomorrow. So I would not get a chance to post again until Monday! I Know I would normally post on alternate Sundays and am scheduled to post again on Sunday, but sometimes real life gets in the way.

Anyway on with the figures. As I am in a wargames rut, nothing too fantastic just a single wagon for my colonial wargames in 10mm by Pendraken Miniature. Although the pictures are not clear it is pulled by 4 oxen. These come in a pack of 2 wagons and teams for £4.50. And while not fighting troops it is always good to have some logistics. I suppose I could always use this for Spanish Civil War as well, after all the German Army in WW2 was still using horse drawn transports.

And Finally for today I thought I should share the palm trees That I have imported from China. These are nothing to do with 10mm troops  but will be used on my Arab revolt game which I hope you will remember is 1/72nd scale. I have kept 1/2 the trees the same height as the arrived and I have shortened the trunks of the rest, just so they have different canopy heights with luck they should look more natural that way. I may has shown these before but they have gone forward a stage since then and are now Milliput(ed) to coins so they can keep upright. Including shipping these trees cost me about £8 if I remember correctly from eBay. So for the price I am very happy.

That's it for now I hope to see you on Monday.
Best Wishes Clint.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Paint Monkey strikes again!

As you can see this is me hard at work. Ok truthfully I am probably a little messier! I also probably get more paint on my fingers and clothes!

Ok so what have I got today. Well I have finished the WW1 Germans for Matt. Here are the last 3 officers. While not sure of the make I will confirm that they are all 28mm.

It is funny how you notice things when it comes to taking the picture that you had overlooked in the painting. This time the horses eye's need a pupil! Still that's a quick fix and will be done long before Matt gets his hands on them.

Wargaming wise I have hit a little slump and am struggling for motivation. I know it will come back in a day or two but for now I am just in a wargames rut. I have prepped some Sudan 10mm figures and will try to crack on with them. With luck I will have something for Friday. Well that should motivate me a little anyway.

So with Luck I will see you again on Friday and let's all hope the Mojo comes back quickly!!

All the best Clint

Monday 19 May 2014

Death in the Desert.

Well I did forget my camera, but Graham took some photos and sent them to me. So not too much choice of pictures.

Tim set up a colonial club game for us yesterday. We used the Blackpowder rules and his figures and terrain. Only 2 of us had used the rules before and we are both dyslexic so it was slow going! WE had to look up many things but got there in the end.

I was cut off in a camp and very low on ammunition. Only able to fire 10 times before the supply caravan reached me. I had two units (Companies) and one Gatling gun. The Gatling gun would use up 2 shots each time it fired and each company would use 1 ammo point each time they fired. Colin pictured above had the supply convoy 3 companies of Infantry and 1 company of cavalry to protect the supplies and come and rescue me. Tim and Graham each had about 6 units of Marhdist troops in addition Tim had a smoothbore cannon and some Camalry, while Graham had some cavalry. They each had some hidden units. The rest would arrive in random positions on the table edge.

The Anglo Egyptians had the first move. Colin sent scouts ahead and moved his cavalry to screen the left flank of his column. The Mardist troops started to arrive. Colin's Cavalry charged some Ansar., Both forces came to a standstill one rolling very good dice and the other player rolling poorly. Down near my camp some Ansar came in range so I shot at them and missed everything. The following turn I hit everything so the Dice gods were not being unkind. Anyway the Camels were making slow progress towards me and I though that I would get support before I was over run.

 Colin was being cautious both being unfamiliar with the rules and wary of ambush. After 3 turns the camel train stopped and never moved again for the rest of the game. AHHHH! I need ammo! Colin had problems of his own. He put his troops into line and started firing at the rotten Ansar of Graham and Tim. He easily kept them at a distance with ranked rifle fire. But this was not helping me. Still as long as my supplies arrive in time I would survive.  Tradagy! Colin Blunders an order, the line is pulled out of position and isolated. The Marhdists seize the opportunity and swoop into melee with the company. It fails its break test rolling a 4 on 2d6 and flees the board!
Colin Gets More Cautious. I have six mardist units closing in on my camp and am now down to 4 rounds of ammunition. One group attack the Gatling gun. If the gun is to survive I have to use half my ammunition. I roll a d6 and miss, I am allowed another shot and roll a 1 and jam the gun! The Ansar close assault it and is over run! I have two walls to defend with my Infantry each of my companies facing 2 Ansar. In the first round I use my "steady" ability and pass my morale checks which was nessercary as the Ansar had "Ferocity" allowing them to re-roll misses in the first round of combat. Now out of ammo firing at point blank range I survive (By jammy dice rolls) for three turns until. Graham fudges his orders dice roll twice in a row and can't get his Fuzzies into combat!! So I am only actually out numbered 2 to 1 with no ammo! First one of my companies unit fails it's morale check and flees from the board. my last Company holds the torn bush defences but is eventually driven back having forced 4 of the 6 Marhdist units to flee the field. They are then forced to retreat further into the camp, abandoning the thorn bush defences.

Meanwhile back at the camels. Colin has lost the scouts (tiny unit). He then tries to fill the gap. And pushes his cavalry into melee with the Ansar which are threatening to push through the gap. The Cavalry bounce! They are worn and fail a morale check and are forced to flee the board. Colin still has 2 Infantry units but is now facing a fair amount of Marhdists and has a massive gap in his line. Tim sends his camalry in and they just seize the camel train ahead of Grahams troops. Does not look like I will be getting my ammo now!

Back at the Camp. Graham finally charges with his Fuzzies (beja) and as it is a ferocious charge and as I don't have my defensive thorn bush barricade and no units in support the thin Khaki line dissolves! Game over.

A really good game, the best I have played for ages, such fun. The scenario was really well balanced and the momentum changed sides several times in the battle. It really could have gone any way it just did not go the British way this time.

More painting on Wednesday. Thanks for reading and with luck I will see you soon.

All the best Clint!