Friday 9 May 2014

Standard troops.

Well I am still pumping out the Spanish Civil War troops. Two days ago I offered an "exotic" unit so today to balance it I have some more common troops. These are Pendraken 10mm figures again and can be used as either Republican or Nationalist forces by simply swapping the flag over. I have painted them in the Army uniform of the time but painted the blanket rolls in different colours in order to give a less regimented effect.

Gain 3 figures on a round MDF 25mm base to keep them all consistent with mu other troops. The 25mm round base was selected at the beginning simply for ease of handling after-all life is too short to worry about individual figures at a small scale.

Lastly I have also included a single machine gun. Most of the support weapons are only 2 figures to a base but I had far too many officers (in my opinion) in the army pack I bought at Salute this year so the odd one on a machine gun base is not a big thing.

I shall try to post again on Sunday, and with luck something a little different just to break the monotony. Also coming up soon will be some scenery for the SCW, but that will not be ready on Sunday. So until then take care have fun and  sling some paint on some figures!

All the best Clint

Wednesday 7 May 2014


Dinamiteros  were a group of soldiers in the Spanish Civil War. There are two important traits to consider with Dinamteros, firstly that they used Dynamite and secondly they were killed if captured. The Dynamite was often not thrown but slung in slings and then hurled. Yes they set light to the fuse put the Dynamite in a sling and then twirled it round and launched it towards the enemy. This gave it a greater range than simply throwing it. The most famous Dinamiteros I could find were a bunch of Austrian Miners who fought on the army of the left but it is equally likely that the right also had a similar bunch of specialists.

As such I have painted a small group of 6 stands to represent these men. Or if not these exact men then general Bombers. In a slight variation I have given these troops bases a red edge so they can clearly be identified on the battle field. In game terms they will have a longer grenade range and will not surrender. That does not equate to always passing morale checks as they may well withdraw from the battle if things are not going their way, just that they will not surrender to the enemy as that will usually result in their death.

As they were not in huge numbers 6 stands with no support weapons will be enough to represent them on the battle field. While they are not elite their special ability will no doubt make them favourites mong certain players on the table top. Other players will no doubt discount this ability as just a gimmick in much the same way as officers sometimes did.

Additionally I have managed to get some more Guardia Civil finished. They will help round out some of my forces and bring the police force to a good level. No guarantees of course that they will all reach every battle I put on, but it does give me a few more options.

That's it for today. Take care all and check out Simon's Blog. HERE as he was kind enough to put me forward for a liebster award and while I am grateful for the nomination I have declined it. But the answers to his questions can be found in his comment section. All the best folks see you soon. Clint

Monday 5 May 2014

RCW Bridge head game

Yesterday at the club I had another game of "Square Bashing" the Peter Pig WW1 rules. We were playing the Russian Civil War and me and Peter had a Red Army Assault force, while the opposing White Army was commanded by Tim and Colin. Our mission was to take the objectives, the objectives being 3 bridges across a river and establish a bridge head.

Centre Bridge.
Peter and myself quickly concluded that 3 objectives were a bridge to far and we formulated a plan to concentrate on two and  station troops close to the third one so  we could contest it. So Peter took the Right bridge and I took the Centre and the left bridge. The left bridge would just hold a token force so we could dispute it at the end.

Centre Bridge preparing for the Assaults
 and Right Bridge After the Cavalry Charge.
While I ready for my troops to assault the centre bridge Peter Leads his Cavalry straight across the bridge and in a very charge of the light brigade way manages not to get them all wiped out (he's just not trying hard enough). They fail a morale check and fall back, back across the bridge. But Peter has some crack troops (in Blue)  Ready to take their place and continue pushing forward.

And then we go! I push over the bridge and severely damage the tank defending and push the infantry back. 
I take no casualties and take the objective. Naturally elevated I am unbeatable!

 So with a badly battered (1 stand left) conscript unit in the wood to my right and a heavy machine gun. Or a tank (severely damaged) a battered Infantry unit and a crack infantry unit reinforcing them. I of course choses the wrong one to assault and get pushed back by the conscripts! Colin Brings down some off table artillery and brings two of my 3 units down to a battered level. Then he assaults them with his tank and crack troops and the worn troops. My troops then Break and fall back across the bridge and  one unit routs off table!
Mean while on the right Peter has a failed assault but is not driven back. He holds his ground and in the last turn of the game I through my conscripts across the left bridge and they are soundly beaten but on the last turn I had little to do.

The Red Assault army has taken a battering and is unable to hold onto the bridgehead. Overall Colin and Tim Won the game 40 VP to our 25VP. A good game, but a clear loss.

Thanks for reading and with luck I will post again on Wednesday. One Final picture just for Ray. Hope you faired better in your game than I did in mine.  Hope to see you all soon All the best Clint