Friday 15 May 2015

15mm Cavalry.

Well not all that exciting. One of my mates at the wargames club (Peter) has gotten me to paint some 15mm British colonial period Cavalry for his Zulu War collection. And as they were finished today I thought I could share them with you. Clearly they are unbased but Peter wants to base them himself so I am happy to let him. The riders come separate from the horses as do the lances and they were all ready assembled before coming into my hands. I usually like things separate for painting as I tend to find that easier as it gives you more ways to approach the figure with a paint brush!

There are also 8 foot figures for gun crews. I have no idea what make they are but all the figures are quite nice and if I was doing this period in this scale I would happily get some more. But as my colonial figures are all 10mm it's a little too late to start again .

Thanks for looking today. I should post next on Monday. I think we are playing "chain of  command" at the club on Sunday so with luck a report on that.

Cheers Guys.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Empress Maria Theresa

 Well something a little different, not a leather stocking in sight. Nor a gun, sword axe or other weapon of war. Back in 2013 when I entered the Analogue Painting Challenge, Kawe of Westfalia Miniatures offered each participant a limited edition figure. And here is mine painted up. I received it during the Salute show and at the time though "I have no use for this!" But then I got thinking. Yeah I know It's dangerous. Now I don't know who this figure was in real life, I am sure I could do the research but lets be blunt I am just too lazy to do so!

The figure is 25mm and not 28mm but that is not an issue because people all come in different sizes in real life and it is not uncommon to see people of 5 feet tall and those of 6 feet tall stood in close proximity. So undaunted I set about splashing some colour on her! Given that modern dying techniques were not used prior to 1846 I went for a Peach or coral pink for her gown with lighter pink for the lace and trimmings. Simply because I saw this shade of pink on "Poldark TV Series" worn by "Verity" in one episode, and if the colour was acceptable for the BBC I knew it would be OK for me as well. That may sound like a weak solution but it works for me.

So what will I use the figure for? Well I think it will go in my 3 Musketeer collection, but it could equally well go in with Settlers in the Americas used against my French Indian wars Indians. So not of the greatest use to me but another figure done and dusted, varnished and put away.

I did find here hard to paint but that is probably just my ineptitude and a better painter may have no problems at all. I found the face in particular a challenge but I think it came out OK so I am not displeased at all.

And finally my cousin has returned this week from a vacation in Australia. As such I was given a packet od Australian sweets to try. The chocolate outside was nice but I did not like the interior. I thought looking at the packet that it might be soft and chewy, but it was hard instead. And while I am delighted to have tried them I don't think I will ever again.

So that's a late post for me today as to be honest I was not expecting to finish the figure today at all. I am not sure what will be finished just yet but with luck I should have something finished in a couple more days. So until next time., take care, slap some paint on a figure or two or maybe play a game. All the Best from Kent, England>

Cheers Clint

Sunday 10 May 2015

Yet more Woodland Indians!

Well the title gives a very good clue about these figures. Continuing with the Redoubt 28mm French Indian Wars range today another 4 Indians. I am grateful to Simon Jones for leaving a comment on my last lot of Leather stockings. I am sure he may be correct in that they were made of trade blankets by this stage, but I will continue to paint them as leather for three reasons. Firstly because the James Fennimore Cooper books are called the "Leather Stocking Tales". Secondly because most players mine included expect them to be this material in the same way that many people paint Ninja figures dressed in black where there is NO historical evidence of them wearing black. And Thirdly because I like the look and they may not actually be used as historically accurate figures.

So this time they are a musket heavy group. There were 4 muskets in a £7.50 pack but I swapped one out last time and replaced with a war club one. Surprisingly good value I think despite the fact that they are a little chunky in places. Let's put it this way I am happy to have the figures for the Price.

The third Photo shows a little clearer on the Faces. You can all thank or curse Anne for that! For War paint I have stuck to black, white and red just to keep them all looking somewhat regular in setting. I have not looked at any traditional references for the war-paint preferring to just make it up and be happy. You will see that some have it around the jaw and others on the forehead and yet others still across the full face. For Gaming purposes I am happy to mix and match like that and not do any in-depth research! yeah I am a lazy so and so! So If you want to do the research and let me know I will be happy to listen as it will save me a job!

The final picture for today has all the ones painted so far together. Only 11 but they look quite fearsome and imposing, at least to me.

While I have no Donnybrook plans for them they may or may not get used for that. In the back of my head I do have a "Fantasy" use for them (I can imagine Ray shuddering) but one should be careful about putting "Fantasy" and "Leather-stockings" in the same sentence!

Thanks for looking today, have a good weekend and get some painting done!
I have some to do as well..... more mundane than these!