Friday 5 June 2015

Paint Monkey and 3 officers walk into a bar.

 Yes another ridiculous blog title. But  here today we have 3 WW1 Officers  including one mounted on a horse. Again all painted by me and for my mate Matt for his growing ww1 collection. I am told they are "Great War Miniatures" but when you don't source them you never really know, that said I have no reason to believe I have been misled.

You will kindly note that they all have white armbands. This is Matts choice of coloured armband as I am informed that Matt intends in the very distant future to use them as Royalist troops in A Very British Civil War. Whether this comes to fruition or not is anyone's guess but with Matt and not me at the helm it is likely to happen.

So back on Historical figures for the end of this week and a few more figures for Matt.

Not very much more to say about them so I will leave it short and just wish you a very pleasant weekend.

Thanks for popping by Clint

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Rusty Necrons started

Well who would have guessed that? Me doing some Games workshop figures. I know I really do. Quite unexpected. So over the last few days I have started (very slowly) to repaint my warhammer 40K Necrons. This all came about as I played a game with my nephew ( I used Tyranids)and being fair I did quite enjoy it. I lost of course but that only (in this instance) spurred me onto getting these painted. So I started with a test run and repainted every part of it in GW "Tin Bits" coloured paint. It took 2 coats but eventually I had an even coat and a base to work from. So then I took GW "Boltgun Metal" paint (a dull silver/steel metallic) and very roughly highlighted the figure. And I do mean roughly. Then I applied liberal amounts of the "Rust" paint from model mates,  As you can see I have ended with a very corroded finish to the Necrons. Clearly this is wanted it worked on my space rats and I think it works here as an antidote to the nice and shiny Necrons that most youngsters paint following the guidelines in the GW Codex and stores. I hasten to add that I have nothing against shiny Necrons, it is just that you see them all done that way in stores these days and I wanted something different. Therefore I went for a corroded version.

As you can see all parts of the necron "army" will eventually succumb to the rust treatment, but these are only test figures and done as a trial. But in this photo the scarab base has also been treated in the same way. I did at first try to run the "Rust" into the groves but as it is quite viscous it did not work too well and did get most places despite my intentions. So I have decided to turn that into a plus and not a negative. This may seem wrong but I am happy with the result.

I must admit that I have been heavy handed with the rust paint as they have supposedly been hanging around for millions of years as it mentions in the background. I don't know about you but IF I had waited a million years or so I would expect at least a layer of dust to be coating all the surfaces! It has been voiced that in the far future they would have found a way to make metal non-corrosive. Well the truth to admit they might, or they might have other non decaying materials that will last a million years. But to my mind a million years is a totally unfathomable time. It is not like waiting a 4 sleeps until Christmas like you did as a kid it is much longer than that. As such no one on this planet earth will know for certain how things will decay over that time period. So maybe they will develop anti rust and anti dust materials that will last a million years and maybe they will not. Even if they do there may be other reasons that they would not use that material. It could be something as simple as expense, after all stainless steel has been known about since at least 1821 but we still build cars that rust! Or it might be that the planet surface they have been on is particularly corrosive. Or Maybe there was no vital ingredients when they were produced. Or perhaps the non corrosive material was just not tough enough for battle. Who Knows and more to the point who is going to be nit-picky enough to argue about it.

That's it for today I shall have something Historical next time (Promise).

Take care have fun, all the best from Clint

Monday 1 June 2015

11 More WW1 Germans (Paint monkey)

Well back painting for Matt. Yes today we have a further 11 WW1 dismounted German cavalry. Not so very much to say, just more of the same and the blue/grey has come out looking more blue in the photos, just like last time. The auto correct seems to be doing this now still they look right in real life and that's the important thing.

A mixture of makes with many head-swaps and now safely back in Matts collection. Allowing me to get on with some of my own in the next few days as to what they will be though I have no idea.

Sorry it's so brief today As I have not been having such a good time recently, but with luck that is behind me and I can step onwards once more.

Cheers Guys.