Wednesday 3 October 2018

Male Alien Arachnid (WIP)

Yes I have had a few days off from blogging, I needed a break, nothing major just the I can't be bothered. BUT work continues behind the scenes.

  1.  I do have an AAR to share, but as it is one of my least favourite periods I may not.
  2. Been thinking  quite hard Yes I am sure you could all smell the dust burning!
  3. Contacted a couple of people following an email exchange with Brummie (Simon Quinton). More of this I am sure at a future date.
  4. Been frustrated by an male Alien arachnid. (See photos.)
 The arachnid is by Dave Stone of Wargames Terrain Workshop. (LINK) it CURRENTLY retails for £10.

There were a number of thins about it I did not like, BUT I am sure others will. In the second Picture for example there is a skull shape on it's back. This was not for me so I had 4 options. 1, Do not buy/make it! 2.  Grumble and live with it! 3. Fill it in. OR 4 And perhaps the hardest. flip the body upside down .

Now as I went for Item 4 it did give me some problems. Firstly the head did not fit. My solution was to put the head on upside down. Easy to say but harder to do. But not very hard and when painted it shall look OK.

Italso meant the legs were no longer the best fit. So each one was drilled and pinned. Followed by both milliput and superglue to hold it in place. Finally I used Milliput to hide the leg junctios that were now pinned. Yeah it was a bit of a faff But in the end it all turned out OK>

You shall see more of this later in the week when I apply paint.

That's it for today thinks for looking and more again soon.

All the best Clint