Friday 10 August 2018


Sorry I had a couple of days off!  Actually I am not sorry it was a break I needed after the weather being over 33 oC I have felt like a hostage to the weather for the last 2-3 months. But now the weather has "Broken" back down to normal for tis time of year I feel as if I want to get on with things.

 Lets start with some Si-fi tanks These are heavy laser heavy tanks. Only 2 of which but as I like them I suspect I may get more. Maybe even 1 in 15mm for a few games. After all very little says sci fi like a laser!

At the end of this section I shall show a pic so you may judge scale. I am aware that last time with it missing there was nothing to judge size by.
 2 Twin barrel Heavy tanks. 2 of these I think should be enough at least for now. It is possible I shall change my mind in the future but for now 2 is enough!

For those counting that makes 6 heavy tanks in all. I know they are not massive additions but they should bulk out the force considerably. I do have an infantry platoon alomg with 3 Hover jeeps and 6 additional heavy tanks (Standard turret) so this project is not finished juts yet!

After that I need to get the other force done. And to be honest I am still thing about that!

The last pic shows a size comparison which should allow you to see the magnitude of the heavy tanks to the medium tanks with 6mm infantry on the far right. So we have 2 Heavy tanks , one medium tank and a stand of infantry. As mentioned previously


Due to bottom/hull detail I need to assemble and paint them on pencils. I mucked up the turrets and Have had to send for some more. With luck they should arrive BY NEXT weekend. 4 teeny tiny turrets to put on ad then the painting can begin. It is a slog but as it was my mistake I have to bite the bullet and get on with it!

In the background is a large British ship (Part painted for Matt) I think it is a Vanguard class Battleship BUT with different turrets. So quite a big ship and yet compared to the German carrier rather small. It will be interesting to position this along side a few other ships and see if it really is as big as I think!

 That's it for today and with luck back to normal in a day or two. All the best Clint

Monday 6 August 2018

heavy tanks started

Yes some OK 2 6mm Heavy tanks started for my 6mm sci fi.. As with the rest they are Brigade models ( LINK  )

I know there is only 2 of them. And that they are 6mm so quite small. I also realise that there is no indication of size. But you will have to forgive me as it has been another hot day. Far hotter than I am used to! So Painting has not been a huge priority for me.

These are Sohei with Gatling cannon for those that really care. Not the most common of my heavy tanks but painted at least and ready for the table!

I did go to the club yesterday but there were 6 people already playing one game designed for 2! Consequently I left early and came home and watch the swimming!

I do have2 games planned down the club... well mentioned if not planned! Next time will probably be an AK 47 (Peter Pig) game while the one after should be an Aeronef (Imperial skies) game.  As I have an aeronef game planned I think I should get my German aircraft carrier done. Commercial flying bases are just not up to the task so I shall be making my own from BLACK Perspex!
 All the components are laid out and ready so I will do a step by step as I bring this beat to fruition. It is part Resin and part metal (I have to supply the Perspex) and costs £9 from Brigade Models (LINK ). I hope I can do it justice and create a vessel of note.

I know very little done due to the heat but that we are told is coming to an end in 2-3 days time!

Until then paint if you can and game if you are able. All the best Clint