Thursday 26 January 2017

Logilistics Sci fi 6mm

As it is now approaching 7am It is too early to take any photos. So The Zulus will have to wait a few days s I can do a group shot of them all. So Zulu Sunday. I should imagine.

So Instead here are some 6mm (1/300th scale ) Sci fi goodies for my Frozen planet setting.

With all of these I have used the camo I am using for the Chinese Democratic Socialist Union (CDSU). Which amounts to blue and grey rectangles over a white base colour and a dark blue was to pick out the detains.

First up we have 4 armoured cars By Ground Zero Games. I may have the turrets on back to front, or I may not, I just do not know. These will have a duel role. 1 convoy protection. 2 Scout transportation. In my head I can justify the 2 scout stands being carried in 2 armoured cars. So that would work for me and give any foot scouts a bit more punch on the table top.

And 2 scout stands each of 2 figures. (Scouts should not be clustered!) These are spare infantry figures from Brigade Models. Both are carrying suitably man sized weapons but their main purpose is to find the enemy.

Finally 6 trucks. 4 have flat beds and are used to carry a variety of goods. Everything from bullets to bull dozers. And probably a load more than that as well. Just assume nearly everything you would need to survive and thrive on a frozen planet.

The other 2 trucks (All trucks are Brigade Models) are an office body. You are more than happy to make up what the office does. It may be an ambulance or it could be a forward command post or it may just be a warm place for all the drivers to grab a hot beverage. I don't know and I am sure it will change as scenarios evolve!

The last truck is a liquid transporter.  As to what the liquid is I am more  than happy to also leave that to your imagination. Maybe fuel, maybe drinking water or maybe even gold fish I don't know and it will probably also vary with time and scenarios. I will assume the ground crews either keep it to a single cargo or have a very good way of cleaning it between loads.

That is it for today. I do have some more 1/300th Sci Fi already painted for next week. But I want to show all the Zulus on Sunday.

With that I will sign off wish you all a very good and productive couple of days ALL the very best from Clint

Wednesday 25 January 2017

East Bonus Round.

On Sunday the "East" Bonus round was carried out. Originally I was going to do some "East Africa" WW1 figures. But as we all know they did not arrive in time (my fault I should have ordered them earlier). So I had a rummage and painted a "Ferdinand" .

For those few who do not know the Fedinand was the version of the "Elephant" used at the battle of Kursk. It did have a few drawbacks and those that survived the battle were fitted with an mg 34, Zimmermit paste and improved vision as well as a copla with another mg for the commander to use as well as upgraded armour.

2 were captured during the war, One by the Russians at the battle of Kursk and one (an Elephant) by the Americans at Anzio. Both are now restored and on display. Only 98 were ever made so this beast will almost never see action on the table top. It is just too rare to make many appearances and still count as credible. While MOST were only used in the East some were used in Italy.

As the Zvezda model kit only cost me £2.75 though having this as a 15mm option is still acceptable to me. Needless to say if I was to pay more the result would be I would need to justify it more and put it on the table for games more.

The camouflage is simple 3 colour camouflage and should (I hope) break up the contours of the machine when on the table. But only time will tell. Clearly I have not slavishly copied the camo from the video but the colours should at least be close even if the pattern is not!

The Video just shows the American Elephant arriving at Bovington. (on Loan). There are plenty of other videos so feel free to either watch or skip this as you see fit.

Thanks for looking and more again in a few days time. Until then take care have fun and do some painting if you can.

Monday 23 January 2017

Post Xmas Shinies!!!

One of he joys of a decent wargames club is that if someone has something they are not gonna use they pass it on to another player. I did this before Christmas and Yesterday I got something back that I do Intend to use. Kind of like a wargames swap shop.

I passed to Tim (before Xmas) 3 Langton ships and a pack of 10mm ACW buildings as I know he is working on 10mm ACW project (About the only ACW project he is not working on seems to be a 6mm ACW project) and I know he got the "Fighting Sail" rules for Christmas. He asked me what I wanted in return. As Tim Owns (And runs) Both IT Miniatures and Frontline Wargasming. I asked for a few items from those ranges.

Firstly let me say I am VERY happy with the swap as it is things I was going to do but project I have given up on swapped for things I intend to do and have not (as yet) given up on!

Although the pics are unclear here are 2 WW2 Italian armoured fighting vehicles. As I want to do Chain of command in 20mm western Desert The Autoblinda Armoured Car and the CV33 Tankette should I hope pump up the Italian forces. The Tankette is a 2 man Tiny vehicle on the right and the armoured car is on the left,

I also received a WW2 Japanese Machinegun nest also in 20mm. This will not be for WW2 nor the Japanese. (That is a wargames project I have yet to even think about! But It is intended for my Vietnam collection. While not exactly right for that It will still be usable and will get used. I will of course make it harder to see and be seen in not just with paint but also with foliage and it can function as both Viet Mhin and US positions. Not tha I have a plan for a Vietnam base being over run but one can at least day dream.

Finally for a project "Started" a few  years ago that sadly stalled very quickly 2 lots as Askari 20mm WW1 East African Troops. These two packs will I hope give me enough for a starting force or two small skirmishing forces in east Africa.

For me WW1 East Africa has a lot of potential the battles were more skirmish based and the battlefields are a very different. While there were Trenches at places they were not on a similar magnitude to the Western front and tha battles did tend to be skirmishes and not mass infantry battles with tanks and Planes and Gas and the like. From what I have read a much more enjoyable affair. And yes Cavalry were used in limited numbers but not for long as the horses tended to die of fever!

But Imagine a game of Skirmishers versus Skirmishers with Germans, British, Indian, Portuguese, Belgium and Native Tribal warriors (The Massai) and it becomes far from a typical WW1 game at all.

Best get something proiductive done so I will sign off for now and let you be about your business.

All the best Clint