Thursday 19 October 2017

Another VSF "Tank"

Firstly I have not posted anything for a couple of day, just because I was not in the mood, no other reason. But I know that the longer I leave it the harder to post it will become. So with no more ado here is another Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) Steam tank.

This time for the German forces. What German Forces are those? Well none yet but they may, or may not be coming, as might a WW2 Chinese army! (JK well semi kidding at least!)

Matt suggested the colour scheme when I was given the models. It may or May NOT be what he thought at the time and it just may be my interpretation of what he suggested. Who Knows?

So I went for a steel metal finish all over but with a white turret. The turret then looked like a ping pong ball so I added a red top section. Along with a red panel at the front.  I then added some rust. Well I hope it reads as rust anyway and a couple of Germanic crosses.

When doing a black cross on a German vehicle you have to make sure it does not look like a Nazi cross, That would not be the effect I was looking for as in the Victorian Period They had in no way come to power.

I also painted the wheels to be rusty and then covered them in 2 layers of brown to look like dirt! With luck that has worked.

A copper boiler on the back and it is good (I hope) to go.
Shame I could not get the crosses perfect but they are good enough for the wargames table.

Comments always welcome and with luck more again tomorrow!