Saturday 23 December 2017

2 things, Maybe 3)

Firstly here are he remainder of the BoB Punjabi Indians that I have purchased. As with the others they are IT Miniatures and 1/72nd scale. Or 20mm if you want it in wargames speak. (here is a link)

8 in this batch making 24 in total. Which should give me a platoon strength os as close to it as I am likely to get. Only 3 different posses this time, but when mixed in with the others no one will notice.  No Officers as at least 1 platoon should be NCO led. Just to make it realistic!

I hope to do a group shot of the whole force sometime soon.

As for what is next there are several things on the painting table so It could be nearly anything. (sci fi , Fantasy or Historical)

Secondly and mostly for a laugh here is my last Radish dug up this year. I call it Franken-Radish. It is real, it is editable and I dug it up on Friday Morning!

The figure being a 20mm tall miniature is just for scale. I have not been terribly successful with Radish this year. They taste fine but look damn ugly!

It grew in 2 bursts hence the strange shape. And this is one of the ones that does not look RUDE! Most of the rest did look rude. But they taste OK and that is the main thing.

I still have Carrots Beet root and Cabbage to dig up! I have no idea what they will turn out like! My first time with all three of those.

Lastly Have a great Crimbo and I will post again soon. I KNOW I will be getting 2 things for the passing of Christmas (I know because I bought them). So In a few days I will do a loot post.

Until then, take care have fun pull a cracker, graon at a bad joke and do your best not to eat and drink too much

Cheers Clint

Thursday 21 December 2017

Machine gun BoB 20mm

Not a lt actually finished hobby wise. But he oven and fire are now finished so I no longer have the excuse "I am too cold!"

Anyway back to the hobby stuff. Just a single IT Miniatures (LINK)Russian Civil war machine gun.  5 parts in total (3 crew and 2 parts to the gun). It is in the White Russian section on the web site but seriously I can be used be either side as the uniforms hardly changed and the actual gun did not change at all.

I do have another version of the gun but that is the gun in transit and while I shall do it soon it is nothing I have to finish immediately.

The figures are 20mm and are totally suitable for anywhere in the Back of beyond setting with regard to georraphy or almost time scale (unless doing frightfully early!

I hope to do one more post before Crimbo (you have been warned) and again that will be Back of Beyond (assuming I get them finished or near finished tonight.

It is worth mentioning that this is the shortest day of the year so I may not get anything finished. I may just get sozzeled instead!

Monday 18 December 2017

Gaslands Pick-up

Well it is 5am and I am having trouble sleeping, so it must be blogging time. Today is another car for "Gaslands" this time a Pick-up truck. Purchased new from Wilkos for £1 or a very little less.

Conversion wise I just added "Microstrip" which is thin machine cut plasticard to keep it all the same thickness. I did try to add it just about on all surfaces to help break up the factory finish, One thing I did not do was add a load to the flatbed.

I could so easily have done and indeed may do in the future but for now I craved the openness and carrying capacity. IF I do add a load I will go for loads that can also be removed as this will offer the greatest Possible variety. You never know we might have one game where a specific cargo... like fuel drums is required. So by keeping as many options as possible I hope to make it as versatile as possible.

 It is a little more weathered than the last I make no excuses just to say I was heavy handed. The colours I have kept the same. It is not that I think in a post apocalypse only certain colours will be availiable but more that I know what players are like and they can more easily identify simple block colours. Imaging Keith saying "I have the Blue cars" it is just easier for all concerned.

The last pick shows them both together. It should make an easy cheap force for a game when I do indeed start making the blue ones. NO the red ones do not nessercarily go faster. Some one will ask if I did not say either at club level or on here.

That's it for today. With luck I get some house renovation done.... been without a stove or heating for 4 days. Living on Soup, take a ways and hot water bottles (but not eating the lkast ones!

But Oven was delivered last night so things may be looking up!

Sunday 17 December 2017

A Long over due post!

Last week at the club we had a game of "Canvas Eagles!" a WW1 aircraft game. I did play but I contributed nothing on the way of planes or terrain. So neither applaud me nor criticise me as I was but a mere player.

Some players think terrain is important, others think well painted figures yet others think it all comes down to the rules. The rules for this game are very good but you will never understand that from photos. And teh game DOES play very well indeed but for me I would like it a little more pleasing on the eye. But that is my only complaint!

I flew an Albatross III a german plane it is a good alrounder but fails to excel in any areas but then again nor does it have very many weaknesses given the time frame we were allotted. So generally I was quite happy.

Over the course of the day I had 2 planes. The first plane had very little damage at all but did run out of fuel and left the board with just enough to limp back to base if it glided some of the way. My German commanded was not happy with me leaving the game and did suggest that I would be court-marshalled when we got back to the hanger. Personally I think I needed to leave with the fuel I had left or else I would not make it back to the hanger, and neither would the plane.

So I started another plane again an Albatross DIII this did get a few more holes in it but by the same token it did put more holes in the British planes. I hasten to add that my planes either singally or together gid more damage than they received. so I think they performed well and did all that was required. I did not shoot anyone down and neither was I shot down. So just an OK flight with no disasters and no going back to base for tea and medals.

That's it for today. And I will be back as the paint this morning.

Kindly let me know if you want Mad max or Back of Beyond next. I should have both finished this afternoon and what I do not show Tuesday will get seen on Thursday.

Until then, take care have fun (at least twic as much fun as me if possible) and I will see you all soon.

Cheers Clint