Thursday 26 May 2016

The Zone Russians (Part 2)

Well not the largest amount painted, but here are the second squad of my Russian cold war Platoon. a few posts ago I was able to show the first squad, and this is the second squad. Similar issues with the figures and similar weapons as well. There is a slight difference in the weapons though as I am painting what was purchased in a single pack of Battle Front Team Yankee Russian Rifle platoon.

Because Team Yankee is based around BMP platoons and not BTR platoons there is 2 PKM in this squad and most likely the next as well.  So I may have to buy BMP -1 or BMP -2's as opposed to BTRs. This may not be a big issue at all as I have yet to settle on the transport that I would choose to start with. You Know me I will eventually get everything! (Well not everything but sufficient Variety to represent different vehicles in different regiments. I do know what I am intending for the opposing forces so I must try and get the forces to balance.

Anyway another picture of the Russian Uniforms that I have tried to replicate and like the first squad  I am happy with the outcome.

I am now cleaning up the third squad and will begin painting that soon. So expect the third squad and platoon command next week. I will try to get some 28mm VBCW figures done as well, IF I can tear myself away from "Minecraft!"

All the best Cheers Clint

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Boot Fair Finds (2)

Well here is the other building! Yes I could have done better, but it is good enough for me. The model is out of Model A&E and doing well.

So what needed doing? Firstly one corner was chipped and had to be re-built. It is actually the bottom right corner. It is now slightly more rounded than the other 3. You will not notice it unless you either have the model or have read this post. I am quite pleased with it. yes it could be better but it could be a LOT worse.

The roof should have been in 2 pieces, but being broken was in 4 pieces AND the top ridge was completely re-built which dos show but does look better than it was

You can see on the right top section the repair. Not totally obvious but visible. More so from the underside, which I am not showing you.

The model finished repaired and ready to be put away. A Boot fair bargain and I think the lady was Happy to get rid of them. I suspect it was an ex-boyfriends that she wanted to forget about. But that is only me speculating so It could be any reason at all.

And the last picture does show the wonky ridge line from the back. You can also see the corner dips slightly but hey who cares The building is now usable although I am currently looking at it and wondering if I should paint the thatch grey-brown to look weathered. (But I probably will not!

Now I had best get back to some figure painting! And get my Russian modern platoon finished.

Cheers For looking.
All the best Clint

Sunday 22 May 2016

Boot Fair Finds.

Yeah I know It sounds crazy BUT you never know what you may find at a boot fair. Yes there were Loads and LOADS of children's clothes, and exercise devices and "Friends" Videos/DVDs and Loads of other things. But I also found 3 of these...... One more is in Model A&E and I think it will make a good (if not full recovery.

They are Resin 15mm (or close to) buildings. I suspect they are 15mm and were planned for wargames as why else would there be a ruined one? No "Jerry Building" jokes please.  A quick dab of paint later and they are fit for purpose.  So once I rushed back from the boot fair I gave them a lick of paint and they are ready to go.  The paint was mostly applied in washes over a white undercoat and allowed to dry. Luckily the sun is out and the South facing conservatory can get quite hot so drying today was quite quick.

No Idea what I will use them for yet, but 3 buildings for £2 is about my price and I was not going to let them slip through my fingers!

I have no idea who makes them so if they are recognised would you be very kind and put a comment telling me where to get some more.

All the best, and thanks for looking

Cheers Clint

Post script: The term Boot fair can also be translated to Garage sale or Flea Market in different parts of the world so just go with the term that suits you.