Friday 11 January 2013

No peace without Scale

Observant readers will note a new POLL in the top right of this blog page. Found it good. Please read below BEFORE you just wildly click on it and all will be explained. The poll will run for a week and I want general feedback even if just by entering the poll but comments are always welcome.

OK here we. Yesterday I received my copy of "Beneath the lily Banner (2)" I hasten to add that is is not a review of any kind as I have not got very far in reading the rules at all. Oh I have looked through the book a lot but read very little. I must say it is without doubt one of the best looking rulebooks I have ever seen. And that is what has created the problem!

Over the last couple of years at the club we have moved more towards skirmish wargaming and very much away from big battle games. This year I wanted to do something with bigger armies as there is a megalomaniac like side to me that wants to order hundreds if not thousands of little metal soldiers to their deaths (well being put back in the box anyway, let's not get over dramatic!) So I have settled on the War of Spanish Succession (WSS) as the era or period I wish to develop. Originally I had planned to do the project in 1/300th (6mm) as I was going to make some scenery for micro tanks and this would be an alternative use for the boards. However not being too hasty I am now looking at other scales and this is where I want feedback. The Basic question is what scale should I do WSS in? Below are the options and some of my thoughts.

  • 6mm. (1/300th): As mentioned above this was my original idea. It has a number of advantages over all other scales mostly in storage and transportation. Storage for most of us is an issue we can't get round it and until we win the lottery I don't think a sensible solution will come forward. Also as my eyesight is mole like (very short sighted) I am borderline for driving which is why I don't. My eyesight does not stop me painting small things though which as a wargamer is not a bad thing. All this pre amble means that transporting large scale figures is fraught with problems, mishaps and inevitably broken figures. If I do go ahead with the 6mm scale storage and transportation problems will be minimised. As mentioned above terrain will get a secondary use so that to me is not a huge issue.
  • 10mm (1/200th) Along with 6mm, 10mm  figures are easy to store and transport. Cost is not an issue with any of these scales simply because I would put keep the base sizes the same but have more figures to each base at the smaller scales. In many ways 10mm is the ideal solution except in two regards. One I do not have any suitable terrain nor do I wish to start sourcing any. Buildings at 1/200th scale are few and far between and expensive when you can find them simply because they are so scarce. Basic supply and demand. So I would have to make terrain boards knowing that they would be of very limited use. The second issue is that lack of figure manufacturers. Yes there are a couple and they do nice figures but somehow I feel there is something lacking.
  • 15mm: This scale has a number of advantages over the smaller scales. Ray Rousell (great blog) plays these rules and in this scale and his units do look very nice indeed. The eye candy factor at this scale is worth considering. Terrain wise I probably already have enough in 15mm, although I will always want more (which of us does not?) However storage and transportation at this scale starts to become an issue. There are ways round it of course, but most of those rely on other people giving me lifts to and fro, which is great that they do so but I always feel a chump asking. But as a scale it does have much to commend it.
  • 28mm: This is the scale they use in Beneath the lily banners rule book. The pictures in the rules are like extreme hardcore porn for wargamers! And with 6 figures to a stand and 3 stands to a unit (18 in total) you are able to get two units from a box of wargames factory plastics. Again with the 15mm scale I think I already have enough scenery to stage a game so that is not as issue. So the only real issues are transport and storage which can be solved in the same manner as listed under 15mm figures. This is without doubt the prettiest solution and has the biggest impact on the table. I also wonder if there could be a Witch Finder General cross over in this scale!!! (Just a wild thought).,
So those are the options. Please take the time to click which scale you think would be best for me. If you wish to leave a comment explaining your choice that's appreciated too. I must admit to being drawn to ore than one scale choice for this project so you may tip the balance for good or ill with your selection. I have masses of overtime in the next 2 weeks which should be enough to fund this project entirely even after tax and stoppages, no matter what scale is selected.

Thanks for reading and I shall post again soon.  All the best Clint

Monday 7 January 2013

Progress report.

Well I am not sure what's happened, but I can't upload pictures from my computer to this blog at the moment. I am sure there will be a way but it will probly take me a while to work it out.  But until I do I will just give you a non visual progress report.

Circus: \I have re-attached everything that fell off and am now waiting for the glue to dry before carrying on with the next stage. I hope to have a couple of pics of that when I work out how to post them.

Caen Campaign: We should be playing the first real games on Sunday. At present I am making some more bocage for the tabletop. (about another 20 feet's worth.) This should be ready to go by Sunday as I am at the stage where I will be doing the grass borders.

Apaches: I have also painted up a few more stands of Apaches for the project I started late last year. Still a huge amount to get done, but if I manage to do some every so often I will not notice the pile shrinking.

Well that's what I have been doing, but without photo evidence you'll just have to take my word for it.

All the best, and Hope to speak soon and with pics Clint

Post Script: If the pic below coms out I have Semi solved the problem. (Now just to check)