Saturday 10 December 2016

Wolf Runners

I can only (at this  stage) find 1 pack of wolf runners.  But I think I have 2 more hidden away so there may well be more to come in a week or maybe 2. But I am very likely with Christmas approaching to get side tracked onto another project). But here with very poor lighting are 2 Wolf Runners for SotTR.Both are SMG armed along with knives grenades and yes even fangs. I have used both "Oak Leaf" spring and autumn camouflage simply because my force is about equally split between the two patterns. Although the "orange" has not really come out very well this time, but I cannot see me repainting it.

Each figure comes in 3 parts, head, body and right arm, so a fair amount of variation is possible but not all that likely. But they are at the very least 2 more figures I will not need to paint again all that quickly. Which is not to say I do not like them but that I eel they could be better.

That is it for today. I can see one base that needs to be re-painted (don't all look for it!) and then a quick varnish and then I have some rules to read.

So until next time, take care, have fun and  Paint if you are in the mood.

All the best from Kent!

Thursday 8 December 2016

Oh Krupp!

Today I have finished 2 Krupp field guns and 8 crew. 4 Crew for each gun. I did have to email another blogger to make sure the colour of the gun carriage and gun barrels were correct. It was a bit of a surprise when he said they were. Well I always think the worst and expect to be wrong so I was delighted to be on this occasion correct!

Clearly these are Egyptian Army Krupp's and Egyptian crew. The white uniforms and red fezzes indicate that. I am not sure if Matt has any Mahdi Crew for the guns time I am sure will tell. And if so I look forward to painting them.

The Guns were easy to put together, 4 pieces. 2 wheels, 1 Barrel and one gun carriage. So assembly was reasonably swift and straightforward. Painting was also straightforward, the guns were a simple grey and the crew were painted first cream and then hi-lighted sufficient times to reach a white top coat. So as figure painting goes very straightforward with no complications.

As I said I would do a group shot of them all the last 2 pics are just that, these 2 guns and crews and the previously painted mounted officers.

So with luck I will be able to get some of my own done ready for a Saturday post.... Probably a pair of Wolf Runners for Secrets of he Third Reich! But I may well get sidetracked.

So take care, have fun and paint like crazy when you get a spare moment.

All the Best Clint

Tuesday 6 December 2016

3 Egyptian Officers.

Yes more 28mm Perry miniatures, this time Egyptian Officers on horse back. Clearly of the 1883-1890 period while One does have a drawn sword they are mostly issuing orders and observing troops as opposed to getting stuck in. As with General Hicks (shown 2 posts back) the horses are quite the nicest I have ever seen in this scale for wargaming. The Perry's have clearly been looking at horses to get them this well proportioned.  I have set the first officer leaning slightly to make it appear he is talking to someone on foot or possible a carriage. The other two are sat more squarely on their steeds and look more upright.

I currently have two pieces of artillery and 8 crew that are being painted, And when they are done I will photograph them with William Hicks AND these officers. And that will either be Thursday or Saturday depending on how I get on and also on the painting table is a Wolf Runner for SotTR, which is one of my failed projects that I am returning to.

But back to these. As mentioned they are 28mm in size and part of Matts collection that I have painted for him. So if you see anything wrong in the colours let me know and I can correct it for him before I hand them back on Sunday.

That's it for today. Take care and with luck some more again on Thursday.

All the Best Clint

Sunday 4 December 2016

Snipers finished. (after a few years in the painting queue!

yes a bonus post. This one was 2 West Wind Production Secrets of the third Reich German snipers. (Inspired by Simon at fantorical. Who painted a few a day or so ago and re-kindled my interest in a stalled project).

The figures are 28mm in size and help to increase my German force. The Camouflage was great fun to paint and is supposed to be OAK LEAF SPRING, and before anyone gets far too picky for their own good yes I know the dots should be smaller and more numerous. But they were about as good as I can do and probably better than most would have done!

I could not stop the flash on the camera so I apologise for the shadows, but other than that I think they have turned out quite nice If I do say so myself. Painting these has gotten me in the mood for painting a few more so you never know there may be more to come this week and maybe next. They were part painted when I saw Simons post so I was able to finish them in 1/2 a day, I am usually NOT that fast.

I KNOW I still have a few more blisters unopened. 1 should be a heavy machinegun and crew, I did order this online and the company kept sending me the wrong things as they had been mislabelled at the "Factory" so I kept complaining and even sending them back. In the end though they allowed me to keep the wrong figures AND did send me the right ones as well all because they were labelled wrong.

Anyway have a good weekend and get the paint brushes wet and the figures painted.

All the Best Clint on a very sunny Sunday Morning!