Thursday 18 August 2016


While the Mojo has not returned it is slowly coming back. I wanted to paint something different and that was generally useful but not too taxing and that I was happy to muck up if need be. I did not muck it up!

So here are 5 (I think) Foundry medieval Peasants! Well I know there is 5 of them I am just not sure they are foundry but I will claim they are until someone tells me other wise.

All the colours are from the artist Pieter Bruegel (a Dutch renaissance painter circa 1525) and as he was alive at the time I am going to trust his colour choices.

Why am I painting peasants?
No I am not thinking about Wat Tyler, instead it has occurred to me that the game of "En garde!" we played a weekend or two ago did not have all the possible options. I was short of servants ruffians and general low value troops and I know a couple of people in the club DO value quantity of troops over quality of troops. So some farm larbourer types were always a good idea. So from left to right they are armed with : a side Axe (think hatchet but for trimming "Green Wood", Adze, pitch fork, felling axe, and wooden club. All of which would exist on a large medieval farm or timber yard so all are perfectly suitable for improvised weapons. Rummaging through the lead pile it seems I have a number of peasent types so I have prepped 5 more ready for paint. Mostly scythe armed so they should be along shortly.

The final picture is JUST to embarrass my cousin. I made her some Fudge and those that have had some will know that it is extremely rich so she has had her sugar rush for the day, that is for sure.

Tuesday 16 August 2016

First trial with new camera.

 Well some success! Not perfect, but I think I can manage the new procedures on the camera. There are extra steps and if this does not come out then NO I cannot manage it. The extra steps are just that it does not save the pictures where I am used to so it will tak me a while to get used to looking in a different place.

Having posted some PICS I have now removed them. I know how to load pics from the camera so I should be able to continue posting from now on.
 Thanks for comments I am sure it has all worked great and by removing the pics before Ray comments I can tell myself the surprise is intact! (Not that the surprise was ever a worry to me.


Anyway the Camera worked the mojo has not returned but all is right with the world.

Thanks for Looking today and just because it is a great image here is Joe Grant with a Dalek. All I can say is not in any episode I have seen on the BBC!

Sunday 14 August 2016

My Camera has broke!

Yep My trusty Camera broke. Not Much I can do about that. I have an upgrade, but I am still working out how to use it! Please bear with me for the next few blog posts...

In the Mean time while I get things sorted. 2 weeks ago this band were staying with my sister and her husband while they were over here for a 3 week tour of England. I am told they are from Texas And they are now touring Scandinavia!

So here are the URBAN PIONEERS!

By the way being AMMERICAN they were not familiar  with "Andy Pandy" so any reference to Jarrod's dungarees with that connotation will of course completely by pass them!

Hopefully the New Camera will work out and I can adapt and get it back to normal in a day or two. Until then enjoy the Music

Cheers Clint