Saturday 15 November 2014

Turn 16 Results.

Yes it's that time of the week again. Boy does it seem to come round faster and faster. I suspect there is not that many turn left now though. As several ships really are on their last legs and one ship has lost all the guns on one side! I mention no names! But I will tell him in his individual damage report.

About 1/2 the players Ok slightly less then half did not get turns in this week they know who they are and as such things like repairs and shooting become harder for them. And unless I do get a turn order they don't change course at all and just go where the wind blows them. Ahh well.
Yes that's me on a step lader over my garage inspection pit waiting for the accident to happen. Hands up if you think I am daft? Yes all of you.  Only one hand Ray both hands does not make me double daft!

All the following photos start at the left hand rear most sector and work anti-clockwise round the board.

Ok here we go.
 Poor Edwin on HMS Inconsistent being fired on by 3 Spanish ships has this turn struck his colours. But that was after he was also to change course and shoot into them as well. So congrats to the Dons for forcing him out of the game. And Commiserations for Mr King who really has done a very good job of lasting so long in the game while under continued threat of destruction, and only being on one mast.
 HMS Cutlass finally did get a shot off but his best target was masked behind HMS Agamemnon. San Francis and SS Guarno both look like they are now past the British line and may (if they choose) make it to open water. But yet I suspect they will come back looking to get a prize. The Scallywags!
 Unicornico has once more taken a battering and is in a poor state now listing, taking on water as well as Sangria! I know what Mathyoo is like.
 The only thing that is in the way for Milsey if HMS Challenge and Captain Campbell is still escorting SS Pina Colada from the board.

Meanwhile at the other side of the board Captain Big/Lucky Lee) Hadley was able to unload a broadside at long range into Loki without reply. When Loki had the chance to fire he was out of arc. The rules can be horrid like that. (But I like them as It means I can blame the rules and not my command inadequacies).

As you should all know if you want any pictures I will send them out as soon as possible but kindly allow 48 hours as sometimes real life gets in the way. AND I will expect your next turns to be in by the 22nd November.

Thanks for looking all. And expect an AAR on Monday. all the best Clint

Friday 14 November 2014

Paint Monkey Rides Yet Again.

Well I have just finished the next lot for Matt. Yes More Northwest Frontier Indian Cavalry. Another 6. (for a total of 12 this time out) as I have done 6 more earlier in the week. Yes Joe at the end are a couple of group shots but the light is terrible so they have not come out too well. Oh well. Can't be helped that's British weather for you.

In the first picture you can see an officer and a musician. I have no idea who makes the horses as it is tediously difficult to get spare horses. The Men though I think are Foundry.

And the second picture shows the 6 together. I am afraid I had to use a flash so they may look a little bright in the pictures. 4 additional troopers round out the officer and musician. and with the other 6 make a total of 12 which should be enough for a unit in most rules.

A unit of 12 is just too big to put against a background given my photography skills so these are taken against my dining room table sloth.

So that should give you an idea and only an idea of what a unit might look like. Paint monkey has a week off now. At least a week as Matt does not require anymore straight away, but he says that he'll pass some more to me next Sunday. So like I said a week off and I can paint stuff for me. Not sure what yet we shall both just have to wait and see what materialises!

Well that's it thanks for looking and I am happy to say my Mojo has well and truly retuned as I have got a few wargames ideas for the future. So maybe a new project for me soon.

Take care all and with luck see you all soon.
All the best Clint

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Paint Monket Rides again!

 Here are the latest additions to Matts growing Northwest frontier collection. This time as you can see cavalry in British service. Matt has banned (ok Suggested ) that I do not say he is content with these, but that he liked the last lot. So I see no reason he would not like this lot as well.

There are 6 in all. in two separate poses.  I am not totally sure but I think these are more  Foundry given the sculpting and proportions of the figures which are really quite nice.  Please do not take this as a colour guide as I am not sure it should be 100% correct. I think the turbans should need to be a little bit darker and more brown for instance but I like the cream as it works as a nice counterbalance to the drabness of the uniform so I will not at this stage be changing it.

In addition to the swords rifles in holsters can clearly be see. I suspect that this would make them very versatile on the table top able to dismount and defend objectives as well as charge in and cause mayhem.

There are 6 More for me to do at this stage,might be more in the future. So you may expect to see some more before the end of the week. yes I will do a group shot at the end. You always seem to want group shots, and who am I to disagree.

Thanks for looking today. more soon well soonish! So that's it thanks for popping by and more of the same again soon.

Take care, and remember no Bananas were consumed in the painting of these figures. Although I might treat myself to an orange!
 Cheers Clint.