Saturday 16 January 2016

Maglach 2 Israeli Tank Company.

 Yep here we go again another catch up post. This is a 1/300th scale (6mm in wargames speak) Maglach 2 Tank Platoon circa 1967. All ready for my 6 day war project.

yes I keep promising to "re- cover" the desert but I think that can wait until the summer and it gets slightly warmer. So for now I will just put up with it.

The Company consists of 2 tank Command platoon and 3 platoons of 3 tanks each. They should be a very good match for my T55's (yet to be shown). I did struggle with the Hebrew lettering on the turret sides, but at that scale an going over a bumpy surface in lettering I am not sure of I can life with the result.

All the models are Heroics and Ross and each tank works out at 50p each so an affordable army to put on the table.

Rules wise I am thinking of Flames of War. As while I prefer the "Challenger 2" rules by Bruce Rea Taylor I think trying to explain the different ammunition choices to some of my club might be tricky. So Flames of war will be an easier option for a club game. I could well be wrong as I am sure there are some there who not only will understand the difference between HEAT and HESH DU (depleated Uranium) and AFPFDS many will just ask which is the best against Tanks or infantry or soft skins and to be fair it is the kind of thing that the commander and gunner would know.

More again in a couple of days.

All the best Clint

Thursday 14 January 2016

Big Trouble in the Tiny Dojo.

Yes I know I have not posted much recently. I have been busy. The painting has not stopped or even slowed down very much but I have been struggling with the blog posts as I hurry to get things done for the Analogue Painting Challenge.  These figures appeared on it Tuesday so it is safe to share them here now.

I want to play more zombie games this year and these are for that. 3 Dixon Yakuza martial artists that I picked up from Colonel Bill in the autumn. Anyway long story short. I am planning a zombie game at the club where everyone plays a martial artist survivor holed up in a dojo and the zombies attacking it. The zombies will not know any kung fu or if they do will not use it while in Zombie brain mode! WE can't have them doing flying kicks left right and centre, inly the survivors.

The idea is pure  "B" movie so the plot will of course be very naff. Yeah OKAY there may be a distinct lack of plot.... it is a zombie movie after all. Rules wise I did look at "Fist full of Kung Fu"  by Osprey but I think 7ombie TV will actually work better with each character stated as a co-star with some special martial arts skills. There will of course be no Gun, so no "Gun-fu" distance killing all very close and personal. (Giving the zeds more chance to bite!

Thanks for checking on the blog every so often I will try to post more frequently. And when the game takes place there will be an AAR>

All the best Clint