Thursday 17 July 2014

Camoflage Bases! How dare you!

 Well the bases I was waiting for have arrived very swiftly. Thank you Warbases. for yet more excellent service. So I have been able to crack on with some more 1/300th scale Russian cold war stuff. But I still had 20mm by 20mm,  2mm thick MDF bases so I decided to start with some of the smaller stuff.  First up we have 2 divisional close Recce Platoons. There are 3 of the BRMD2 Armoured cars in each platoon each armed with a 14.5mm machinegun as well as a 7.62mm machinegun. Click the link to take you to the Wiki page. (LINK) . Nice vehicles not only capable of 100KM/H top speed on Roads) That's 62mph for us oldies still stuck in the old, non metric, age, but also amphibious. And if you have the money you can even buy a real one for around £7000. Prices vary as all will be second hand and "slightly used" from different governments. And being equipped for NBC operations you might consider it a zombie apocalypse vehicle. Although getting spare parts in the UK after an apocalypse might be tricky.

Continuing the theme here are also single section of regimental anti tank vehicles. While these have a similar performance and capabilities as the armoured cars they are equipped with wire guided anti-tank missiles (Sagger C). Perhaps less use in a zombie apocalypse unless your zombies drive tanks.

My painting table is now abso-pheckin-lutley crammed with stuff now so no idea what will be finished next.  I have 6mms, 10mm 20mm and 28mm stuff all started at this point so I look forward to clearing a little space and getting things finished.

So unlit next time (Sunday) take care have fun and enjoy the sun or rain as appropriate.

All the best Clint

Wednesday 16 July 2014

New Horde Started.

Well I have caved in and here are my latest zombies. Yes a change of scale and manufacturer and material and focus! I must have had another senior moment!

These are all Soft plastic from the board game "Zombies" which in itself if quite a fun game. As you can see they are all the same pose, and I have 100 to paint in all so I needed a quick uncomplicated way to batch paint them. Still loads to go but I have the next 17 undercoated and ready to start.

That will have to be it for today as I have some 1/300th scale cold war stuff calling my name and I am itching to get some more done.

So have fun. Enjoy yourself and hope to see you all soon.

Best wishes Clint

Monday 14 July 2014

Death in the desert

The British Objective to reach the town
Battle was quickly joined on the southern route.
The scenario was that we had to get the remnants of he destroyed fort back to civilization. As the British (yes it was me) had lost the last two games this would end the mini campaign if we could get the troops back. I am not going to sugar coat it ! It was a disaster for the British from the outset. Firstly there was an escarpment which meant 1 of three options. A) Enter a bottle neck, B) scale the escarpment meaning we would move about 3 cm per turn. C) Split out forces, As time was against us and as we had limited ammunition we decided to split our forces in the hope that at least some would make it. Rob took the Northern Route, I took the southern.

I pushed my troops on as far and as fast as I could. But even in the first turn the Mardist troops were out and about. And they managed to charge my infantry that were in column.

The column held and an ongoing melee ensued. Being short of time to organise I hurled my second column into the brawl. While my Cavalry charged the Camalry. Both were victories for the British but not decisive so the Mardhist troops just withdrew a move.

AS My Cavalry were considered disrupted after the battle it allowed the Ansar foot to charge them. Nothing I could do evidently. Which resulted in them all being slaughtered.

Meanwhile on the Northern route.  The Marhdist forces had come out to play and in 2 turns Bob was wiped out to a man. Outnumbered and as we kept loosing the initiative poor Bob just got swamped. Each of his units was forced into melee against 3 or 4 times their number and without any initiative breaks no opportunity other than to stay for the most part in column. Disaster.

More and More Mardhist troops kept attacking and there was no opportunity to recover. I did manage to get one infantry column into a square but they only had 4 rounds of ammunition so they were never going to hold out for long. Whereas my other unit was attacked by 3 units of ansar and when rolling for my morale test rolled a 3 on 2d6 they fled the board immediately.


Conclusion: an utter defeat. 3 times in a row the British lost in the Sudan,  Looking back would or could I have done much differently? Well I could have kept the forces together but I don't think that would have helped as that would still have meant that the British were out numbered 3 or 4 to one with limited ammunition. I think IF the Ansar had turned up in dribs and drabs we might have made a difference as It would have given us more chance to organise. But in retrospect on this game the British were ambushed and there was not a lot we could have done to change it .

Oh well.