Saturday 18 October 2014

Turn 12 Results.

Well it's that time again for another turn. I have struggled today to get the turn done but here we are anyway. I will sort out individual emails either later today or maybe as late as Monday. I hope it will not be as late as Monday but that's a possibility as I am that far behind.

Anyway on with the turn. The turn sequence was drawn and it was a nice split between British and Spanish unlike last turn. As always with the turn it works in someones favour and not in others.

There was less shooting this turn as many people were either out of range or more likely out of arc of fire.

Anyway starting with the view from above as I dangle from the rafters of the shed (Ok I am on a step ladder). The moving to the left hand side of the table and starting closest to the land and moving anticlockwise and ending on the right side of the table closest to the land. As always if you need more photos of something specific just holler and I will send them out within 12 hours if I can or 48 hours at the latest.

Hovering from the rafters to get the Ariel shot. You can see the turn sequence and a stack of ship stat sheets on which all the damage is marked off.

The two Spanish Frigates closest to the shore. Unicornico is within range but not arc of fire now. Mecedes started on the left of the board and has moved to the right. Still out of range but not for long if it chooses.
 This gives you an idea how close the ships are. It really is like juggling cats though with no strong fighting lines and everyone doing there own thing. As you Can also see HMS Inconsistent is now facing into the wind but it did get a good shot in at San Francis. Firing at HMS Badger has now reduced it to a single mast!
HMS Badger was not boarded this turn but was only millimetres out. There may be an opportunity to do so next turn. The Fire still rages on board (all the other fires in the game are now out). HMS Badger has also struck it's colours I will email him and explain to Ray why. The ship is up for anyone to grab if they want. (well if they can).
Millsy or Seb are close enough to board Ray IF they make the right moves, but then they would have to decide who gets the prize. But that may make them vulnerable to some close British ships.
HMS Cutlass, the frigate might not try to board any Spanish ships that are boarding HMS Badger. But HMS Agamemnon might deter them. Although Either ship could happily take on a prize crew if it was just a skeleton one. Probably not next turn but probably the turn after IF they choose to and the turn sequence allows.
 SS Pina Colada has also struck it's colours and HMS Challenge has captured it. But it did not all go HMS Challenge's way. More details I cannot say on an open channel.
Sorry MR Lee you just took too much damage o your crew but it really was a VERY close run thing.
 HMS Pachyderm is turning away from the main fight but is now heading to cut of Loki in the mermaids Revenge.
Here comes Loki. trying to sneak past the whole fight but Lucky lee is moving to head him of.

Like I said I will try to get the individual notes and damage reports out today, but it might be as late as Monday.

Thanks for looking today I hope you found something useful. Very little damage was done in ship to ship actions but sometimes it takes a turn o two to line up the shot when playing on the table top.

That's all folks. Have a good weekend and I should post an AAR on Monday from the club game tomorrow. I will be playing a Russian Civil war game so heaven knows how much trouble I will get in. Take care guys with luck I will see you soon.

Cheers Clint.


Any Players who have not as yet had a damage report this turn from me Kindly get in touch so I can send one off.

Thursday 16 October 2014

Mo without the jo!

In other words the painting Mojo is coming back. Yes I know it's very dangerous. Very dangerous indeed. So I have started work on a Grubby Tanks LRDG Chevrolet. Code (LRDG 04) if you really want to look it up. And that tells you one of the vehicles I bought at SELWG show.

As you can see it comprises 4 wheels a driver, a gunner with Vickers K machine gun and a gunner with a 0.5 Browning. In addition it comes with 2 extra Vickers K machine guns. There are no instructions but I could work out where most things went.

I did decide that the extra Vickers were superfluous to my particular needs  and that a 0.5 Browning would be sufficient. So I filled any of the small air bubbles and added green-stuff to make the rear passenger more enclosed. The hardest part was fixing the radiator but even that was not insurmountable and once I got better at using the green stuff piece of cake.

Then a quick coat of grey primer. This gives me a good place to start painting.  Some of the base colours are on now. But it's going to take a while as there really is a LOT of stowage that you don't notice until you start painting and then you have to work out exactly what it is that you are painting. (Boxes, Tarpaulins, blankets, wheels, packs helmets etc.) So I am sorting out the bits and bobs and slowly getting it all covered in paint. I's going to take some time so expect to see it finished next week some-time.

That's my update for today as I have a new set of rules I am working through. Thanks for looking and with luck something finished soon.

Take care and get the brushes wet. All the best Clint

Tuesday 14 October 2014


Well enough has been said about certain traders or games clubs missing and there could be any number of reasons for this such as financial restrictions or breakdowns or apathy or lack of communication or indeed many many many other reasons.. And as they could be traders, clubs or organisers responsible I will say no more about it.

On with the games I know that's what you are looking for. I may have mislabelled the clubs or the games so If I have please forgive me and feel free to mention it in the comments and I will edit this post. Several games have been missed out.

Hold onto your hats as here we go. And in no Particular order.

GLC Games SCW "Siege of Madrid"

6mm Somme game by Robert Dunlop?

 Not sure what this one was but it did look very good
Perhaps Streatham and Tooting Club.?
28mm WW2

 Friday Night fire Fight club. 28mm Cossack Revolt! Yes I knew they were revolting but had not realised that they had actually Revolted. (Shows how little I know)
 Tonbridge Wargames club (I think) 1200th scale Napoleonic naval action.
 Maidstone Wargames Club. 28mm WW1 Somewhere in Belgium.

 15mm Vietnam Game by Deal Wargames society.

Newbury and Reading Wargames Society.

 Southend Wargames Club. 15mm Malburian game set in Spain.
For me one of the best looking games in the show.
the Figures are lovely sculps by "Eureka" so I was told.
 20mm WW1 Crush the Kiaser. Always do good looking games.
Paul and Ian also nice chaps.

 Crawley Wargames Club. A Chariot Race Participation Game. (Yes they had hats as well)
 Gravesend Wargames Club. 28mm Colonial Shindig.

 Loughton Strike Force 15mm Flames of war. WW2

 Simon Miller A very nice and VERY large 28mm Ancient game.

 Staines Club WW2 Participation game
 where the players took the role of Luftwaffe
to try to shoot down US bombers.
For me one of the joys of shows (other than the buying of Shinnies) is seeing the diversity of games and periods. I think that was the best thing about this show. Most if not all of the games were of a very high standard and along with the standard type of games there was sufficient variation to make it a joy to tour the boards.
 Thanks for looking and thanks for the games clubs who actually displayed their names. And to all the Gamers for their hard work within this hobby without whom shows would be a much duller place to visit.
I shall post again on Thursday. So until then thanks for looking and take care and I hope to see you all soon.
All the best Clint