Saturday 27 June 2015

Zulus in headdress.

Well it has been 6 months since I touched this project simply because having bought all the stuff and started and gotten started I just found very little joy in doing it. But you know me eventually I do return to old projects and get them moved on.

The figures are all Newline Design in 10mm. I selected 10mm for my Zulu army for two reasons. 1 you do need a lot of Zulus to make it
look good which for ease of storage and ease of Transportation means small figures. And 2 as my Mahdists and British are in 10mm it just made sense to keep them the same scale so I can use things in both cases.

So here we have 27 figures of Zulus in headdresses and Black and white cow hide shields. They come in packs of 30 figures but I dropped one figure while undercoating it out of doors so I just cut them back to the next unit size (27) until I found him and started the next lot. He is now found and ready to spray with primer and that will be started this afternoon. They will not be done in a hurry though as I do not get a sense of achievement from doing them but hope to by seeing a mass of them when finished.

There are only 3 poses in each pack and at 10mm tall little need to convert any or change them, Just a simple change of shield pattern and they are good to go. At the rate I am painting these I might get them finished in the next 5 years. But I suspect it will be quicker as the more you do the faster you get AND the more you want to paint them as the mass grows. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

That's it for today, Have fun enjoy the sun and I should post again on Monday and I hope an AAR.

All the best Clint

Monday 22 June 2015

A Very British Civil War (part 2)

I know my blog posting schedule is way of target. There should not be a blog post today, but as I have just finished this I thought to share it with everyone. Firstly let us talk about chocolate, yes I am an addict! I have to say that at all the meetings I go to of "Chocoholics Anonymous!" I am not making light of anyone if they do have a problem I do feel for them, truly I do. At Salute this year I picked up a couple of dice and a model for Mathyoo (LINK) that well known Slovenian Blogger. When he asked how to repay me I simply asked for some local Slovenian chocolate. And I was delighted on Saturday when this turned up. And jolly tasty it is to! And NO! I am not going to share it with you nor give it back, instead I shall just smile and rub my tummy and think nice thoughts. So anyway a BIG thank you Mathyoo for sending it to me it is very much appreciated!

But you do not want to know about the contentment in my belly you want to know about figures. So today I have a Very British Civil War set from Musketeer Miniatures, which are now sold by footsore miniatures. These are part of the platoon with one Boys Antitank Rifle in each platoon.  Here is a wiki link in case you have not come across them before. (LINK) but I suspect you already know all that and may even own several models of it as well and realise that they are not all that good at stopping tanks after 1941. But they would make a mess of an armoured cars or truck engine . For the setting of A Very British Civil War they should be perfectly adequate though, especially as neither Matt nor myself will ever dream of putting a "Matilda" on the games table for this conflict, Some things are just not Cricket!

Each Platoon should also have a 50mm Mortar as well, but more about that when I get round to painting mine.(I have yet to buy one!)

As you can see 2 figures as a crew both dressed in civilian clothes and both ready to help defend the River Medway as part  of the Anglican league. They may be the only antitank weapons we will ever need for the game. But I did notice that Warlord games do make a 25mm BEF Antitank gun so that may well be an upcoming purchase. But don't hold your breath.

That's it for today these figures will be in Matts collection on Sunday and I may use the next few days to  sort out my collection for the battle of the Medway as I have nothing on the painting table this instant. Or I might go back to Necrons or finish some fantasy dwarfs or heaven only knows what,

Thanks for Looking today. All the best from Clint