Saturday 25 July 2015


Well here they are the latest batch of figures for Matt and his VBCW Collection. A variety of manufacturers these latest 6 together with previously shown troops should form another squad. They are all 28mm figures and all painted in acrylics by me and all rifle armed.

The last picture shows the squad all together including Jeeves, Wooster, the Verger and Private Widdle. And while the majority are rifle armed a Lewis Gun 2 revolvers and a Thompson submachine gun are also present. making the squad very well armed and dangerous in a 1937-39 setting.

Thanks for looking. next post on Monday and hopefully an AAR.

Cheers guys all the best!

Friday 24 July 2015

A Very British Carry on. (Charles Hawtrey)

Treat this as a bonus post as I will post again tomorrow with the latest batch of Miscreants. For today though in homage to the great British Actor Charles Hawtrey who is unfortunately no longer with us.

One of the regular cast in the carry on films and as a kid probably the one I most identified with! So when I found this model among the ones waiting to be painted for Matt I just had to acknowledge the fact! Needless to say the painting and photography are not top notch but it should be enough to put a smile of your face and remember the man. For me it was pure joy when I realised who the sculptor had taken inspiration from.  I also think a VERY fitting character for a Very British Civil War!

I do wonder if Matt has anymore of this range and if there may be anymore Carry on Figures as I am sure we all have our favourites!

Like I said another post tomorrow just to show the rest of the figures in this militia squad.

So until then take care, have fun and enjoy yourself.

Wednesday 22 July 2015

God Squad

Yes more VBCW figures for Matt and his Anglican league. Posted a day early as they were to be finished tomorrow, but it is either post this or watch naff TV!!! So we have to secular  clergy, one in a brown suit and one in grey as well as a Verger. Yes the Verger does have a lot of similarities with a character from Dads Army. However he is carrying a Flag of the city of Rochester. The last time I claimed it was a flag of Rochester the figure was carrying I was wrong, This one I am more confident of though as it does have a white "Invicta" horse in the top left.
 There have been some slight amendments to these figures post photography as I remembered to put a cross on each helmet and a armband on the brown suit! That's all done but batteries for the camera are low so I will not re-take the pictures, but will do a group shot when they are all done this week. (Hopefully Saturday).
I am unsure of the make of the figures but the flag I believe comes from Solway. A head swap had been carried out on at least one of the figures prior to paint being slung at it so very possible that the figures are from more than one manufacturer. Matt will most likely email me the truth tomorrow when he reads this. But 28mm VBCW figures based and painted by me (aka Paint Monkey).

Thanks for looking today. Take car and have fun Clint

Monday 20 July 2015

Last ones for now!

Yesterday I was back finishing my 20mm SHQ Local Force Viet Minh. And these last 8 finish of all that I have available at this time. Which is not to say I will not buy some more in the future, I know I will as I want at least 1 Viet Minh Mortar, which I will pick up at a show later this year. I will also need to buy Helicopters for the US troops.

So anyway just to reinforce the point these are the last 8. Only 1 armed with an AK, 6 with bolt action Rifles and 1 with a light machinegun.

Thanks for looking today and now back to VBCW for the next few posts. Who knows after that!

All the best from Clint