Thursday 10 September 2015

BUF (Part 1)

Getting back on my painting schedule after the Dettol Fiasco! Long story don't ask but I will confirm the Wilko's BROWN antibacterial solution does also work and is cheaper than Dettol!

Anyway back to the figures. Today we have the first British Union of Fascists (BUF) painted and finished. For those few who do not know the Very British Civil War. The BUF control London and a lot of the South East of England and are currently fighting the Anglican League who hold the rest of Kent (Along with many other places) and waging battles either side of the river Medway.  I personally live about 3/4 of a mile from the river so needles to say it is part of a VBCW that has sparked my interest.

The figures are "Musketeer Miniatures" Sold in the UK by Footsore Miniatures. They are 28mm tall and are very nicely sculpted. The faces all look very young and that is my only criticism. The Flag was sold by Solway and painted by Pete Barfield, who does so many of the flags.

They are of course for Mat and his ever growing collection and I will have 2 more batches to finish. So that should tell you what the next few blog posts will be. And YES I will do a group shot at the end!

Thanks for looking today and with luck and a fair wind more again on Saturday!
Have fun, enjoy your life and I hop to see you back here soon.
Cheers Clint

Monday 7 September 2015

Eldrich Horror. (and Machi Koro)

Yesterday at the wargames club I played a couple of board games instead of putting any figures on the table.

The main game was of Eldritch horror. It did last most of the day and playing co-operatively we tried to thwart the plans of Shubb-Niggurath and to be honest we did come pretty close, but the "Mother of a thousand young" or the "Black Goat of the woods" or any of her other names was not beaten. Instead a world wide apocalypse ensured and all of human kind was destroyed.

Ah well good job it is only a game. Mind you perhaps it would serve the population right if it were left to a few chubby middle aged wargamers on a Sunday to save the world.  It is a very good game though and one worth playing again and (if time allows) again. The chubby wargamers did manage to beat YIG the only time I have played before but that did involve getting my investigator eaten on turn 3.... opps!

After we had allowed the world to be destroyed! Careless of us I know! we had a "quick" game of "Machi Koro!" Which is very different from the dark brooding horrors of the mythos. It is a game about building a town. First time I have played it and I did like it. Nice to build something after destroying the world I think.

I got lucky and did win the game through the use of flower shops and French restaurants! Ok that is maybe an over simplification but the tactics behind the win were sound in that I always went for a spread of numbers between 1 and 13 on 2d6. So that whatever I rolled something would come up rather than just concentrating on the 6-8 number range. So a good easy fun game and a lot of fun for me as I won and my town had an airport before the other two more experienced players got a radio station! They did explain the game and give me a few hints along the way but somehow I know Ian will start to use my very negative French restaurants tactics to leech money from other players next time.

Sorry no Painting this time, maybe in a couple of days!