Wednesday 3 May 2017

A mixed bag

yes a real mix of projects today. Yet one thing they do have in common is the photography is terrible. Not making excuses it is just one of those things where nothing has worked!  Oh well.

So starting with some air support for my Japanese in 15mm. This is an Academy 1/144th scale Japanese Zero. The model was just a couple of pounds on eBay. It was easy to put together. But not all that easy to paint. The actual colours went on OK no problem there. The problem comes when trying to get the right colour green. Let me explain. Aircraft modellers will tell you tat the correct Japanese green for Aircraft is a bit of a mystery. Because the colour faded so fast when applied there is no definite answer to what the "Proper colour" should be. Indeed white may be as authentic as green as the colour faded and bleached in the tropical heat. Yes you do see some Navy planes painted white, but army planes as far as I am aware should be green. So this may well be the wrong colour green. But I will not be getting a Munsel diagram out to find out. It is close enough for me in a game where it only appears occasionally

Then we have some 10mm Spanish Civil war regular army light machine guns. I will be also doing some militia LMGs as well but this gets them finished for the regular ARMY. So that is one side finished for Bayonet and Ideology. Although you can hardly see them the figures are Pendraken and in army uniforms. Green clothing but with grey helmets.

Finally here is a single Pic of my first figure from "the Walking Dead"  game finished. A single walker.  the figures are very nice and I will be doing more as soon as time permits. The figures are hard plastic and paint very well. Each of the Walkers is different so the first thing you need to do is work out how long they have been dead and paint the skin appropriately. Therefore I will be painting a variety of skin tones to represent those killed very recently and those killed during the out break.

Well that#s it for today. with luck my get up and go will return soon and I will be able to carry on with gusto!

All the best Clint

Monday 1 May 2017

White Russian Cossacks (15mm)

Yes more painted figures for Matt as part of his ever growing Russian Civil war collection.  The figures are all 15mm and from Peter Pig. One was slightly damaged on arrival to me, so a very slight repair was carried out. And now it is hardly noticeable and not noticeable at all unless you are actually looking for it!

16 figures in all and while they should have grey and even black lambs wool on the head gear IN ADDITION to the white shown only a true rivet counter would really care about such a thing and having checked with Matt he is happy with the all white sheepskin hats. Again If we were really being picky they should also have white crosses inside the red of their hats but at this scale they would not actually bee seen. So I have left them out.  it would be like adding eyes to 15mm figures. I am sure some painters do but in all honesty I do not!

I am back on 28mm figures for a while, both historical and walkers. Starting them all today. So with luck they should be seen by the end of the week.

If you Live in the UK enjoy the Bank Holiday. With luck see you soon.

Best wishes Clint