Saturday 1 March 2014

Sea of Sand.

Nope nothing to do with a rather good film of the same name. I am afraid it hardly looks impressive but it is the next vital stage .

The first shot shows the board drying and with a thick layer of sand covering it. The sand is attached with paint(water based ready mixed poster and acrylic) PVA (resin W aka white wood glue)  mixed with equal amounts of water. This is the mixture I add to a cheap filler either from pound land when I am luck or from Wilkinson's when Poundland has none in stock. It is 3 times more expensive than poundland, but needs must when the devil drives. So once the mix is the correct viscosity I liberally paint it on the board and then using a sieve sprinkle very generously "builders sand" over the top. Wait a couple of days and then tip the board  on it side and give it a couple of whacks to remove the excess sand and then it is ready to paint.

I am fairly sure you can't see too much difference in the boards. Yes it is the same one, but the second picture shows the board after the excess sand has been removed.

Workspace is limited at the moment so I am only working on 1 board at a time. This is because when I mix the final paint colour I want it to match as much as possible so I will paint them both in one go.

Additionally I have offered to put a game on for the Rejects. (A SCW is already in the planning. but this is another one) I plan to use these boards to run a WW1 Skirmish game. The observant of you will already have noticed the poll  top right. Please take a moment to read on and click the single choice on the poll.

Being WW1 Middle East I have three possible opponents to the Turks. The Rejects I have asked have all been very non committal about what they would prefer. No option will cost me more than any other at this stage and all options have both advantages and disadvatages.

Option 1 Turks Vs Arabs. This allows me to expand my Arab revolt Game. But the Arabs being an irregular force at this time are very limited in equipment and disciple as we understand it in wargames.

Option 2 British Vs Turks. WW1 British army in Palestine tend to be wearing sun hats (very like Pith Helmets) and sometimes in shorts as well. They would also be better disciplined and equipped. Possibly including Lewis Guns)

Option 3 Turks Vs Indians. The Indian army were also as part of the Empire aiding in the middle east to fight the Turks. (Hindu Regiments only as Muslins were regiments were fighting in East Africa). These Are well equipped comparied with the Arabs and very disciplined. But for game purposes they would not be as well equipped or as disciplined as the British, Although better then the Arabs.

So those are the three options. If the Rejects get back to me and say they want a particular option I will of course go with that. So just for fun which option would you prefer.

Have a good weekend and I should post again on Monday.

All the best Clint

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Burke and Hare?

 No story today. But another two figures from the painting challenge. These were originally planned to be finished before Christmas for the "villains" bonus round. Unfortunately I missed the date. So I did think to get them done for the "Casualty" round but as I had the dead spaceman for that they did not make that round either. Therefore they were just finished for the sake of being finished.

So now I have two random grave diggers dressed in Victorian clothing. I call them grave diggers as they are from west wind productions Empire of the Dead range and named after the infamous Burke and Hare who were a pair of Victorian Grave robbers and murderers. As I said I call them grave robbers, but they could equally be treasure hunters, archaeologists or run of the mill grave diggers or anything else I can imagine. I won't say Tomb Raiders though as let us be honest they in no way resemble Lara Croft!

Don't get too excited and think I am heading into EotD! I am not! But they are done and will go into my wild west/weird west figure box.

That's it for today. Thanks for looking. All the best Clint.

POST SCRIPT: My email address has changed the first part up to the @ symbol is the same, but after the @ symbol it is now

I no longer have the address book for the previous address but will make an effort to contact you in the next few weeks if I can find your email address. If not Please contact me so I can add you back into my address book.

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Nom Nom Nom

In space No one can hear you Nom Nom Nom.

"Barbara to Beagle One can you hear me."

"Beagle One receiving Barbara go ahead you are loud and clear"

"We see movement Beagle base, Moving closer"

"Roger that Barbara We have no energy readings in that sector Probably just some space junk!"

"It's a man in an atmosphere suit Beagle Base, seems to be holding something, moving closer Beagle Base"

"Keep us informed Barbara. Still no energy readings are you sure it's a space suit? Confirm it's not a trick of the light and be prepared to see Doc when you get back inside. I say again no energy sources in your sector"

"Listen Yusef It's definitely a man. He's turning round I can make out the maple leaf patch on his left arm. Check the instruments again there must be an energy source it's a man I tell you."

"Sorry Barbara no readings at all."

"Are you sure it's turned on Yusef!"

"Of course it's bloody well turned on. I am tracking you and I am telling you there is nothing else out there.!"

"HE's turning round, I can see the visor is up and he's carrying the old type 17 issue laser rifle!"

"Stop pulling my leg Barbara now I know you are taking the piss those are antiques. You had me going there, nice one I was just about to call a tech to check the systems again!"

"Beagle Base seriously I am not kidding.  I can just about see his face now..... Oh my God..."

"Barbara, come in Barbara! Talk to me Barbara, Beagle Base to lieutenant Kopaks come in Barbara!"

"Dave, Barbara is not responding .... Barbara.... lieutenant Kopaks ... come in Barbara....."

Monday 24 February 2014

Cavalier 14

 AS many of you will know yesterday as the First show of the year for me in the South East of England. Cavalier. Run by the Tonbridge Wells wargames Society (LINK) usually the last weekend in February each year.

I have already done a LOOT post when I got home yesterday. Normally I would do a smattering of everything but this time out I decided to just take photos of 2 games. Having looked at the games listed prior to going I had narrowed it down to a couple I was interested in.

First up I thought to check out "Maidstone Wargames Society Somewhere in Belgium 1914". Normally Maidstone club (many of whom I know) put on a very good looking game. I was not disappointed and I hope you are not either.

They were using "Through the Mud and the Blood" rules by Too Fat Lardies and obviously set in the early part of WW1 before the trench stalemate came to be.

They played consistently through the day and this was clearly a trial game for them and they will get faster and more slick with each show they take this to. They were referring to the rules at a few occasions but with another show under their belt this will not in any way be noticeable.

Overall I think this was the most visually impressive game at the show. Unlike many games it being set in a town had some height which makes a great background. Most other games had more figures some painted to a higher standard, but this 28mm game for me stood out.

The second game I was interested in was by North London Wargames Group, Kohima 1944 (10mm). This game caught my eye for completely different reasons. As a 10mm game it was always going to be flat. The terrain was not custom built for the show circuit and as such one might imagine the game being played at a club.

 As of late I have been painting 10mm figures it was great to see a 10mm game. It is a scale I have come to appreciate and enjoy. It has the same advantages over 15mm that 15mm figures have over 28mm figures. Such that you can fight bigger battles, the troops are cheaper and easier to both store and transport. They are also more robust and easier to paint. While I think 28mm makes great skirmish games I prefer 10mm for larger battle games.
 This pacific war battle was fought using the flames of war rules and would have given a fast game if the players had chosen. They were happy to chat a bit with the public as well as each other. Again I like this approach it shows them as a sociable group more interested in having fun than concluding a game in a show environment.
 One of the criteria by which I judge a show game is would I like to play it. And while that would go to the Maidstone group another criteria is would I like to own it. And that would come down to this game. The scenery is not restrictive and allows for multiple set ups.

That's it for today. I am not sure that just selecting 2 games to look at is the correct thing to do. maybe if there had been a zombie game or something a little more unusual it would have done. So I would advise you check other blogs about the show to get a much greater appreciation of the show in general.
So while 2 games is not the right approach neither is my normal "scattergun" approach. So I will have to adapt my show reports for the next show I go to.
Thanks for popping by I plan to post again on Tuesday. so with luck I will see you tomorrow. All the best Clint

Sunday 23 February 2014

Cavalier '14 Loot

I got back from Cavalier wargames show a little over an hour ago. I will give an update for the show and report in a day or two. As always I did not realise exactly what I spent while at show. Only a couple of things were planned purchases But I am happy with them all.

  • Patrols in the Sudan. Peter Pig colonial wargames rules I have an earlier addition but it has been revised since then.
  • 2 Crooked Dice St Searles Girls. I plan to paint these up for Curt Analogue painting challenge this week. More details of that next week.

Impulse buys.

  • Crooked dice spare head dolly bird sprue. Total impulse buy but I do have a figure without a head so that will take another useless figure to the useable figure pile. At minimal cost.
  • 1 can of spray primer.... desert yellow in colour and a mere £3 so we all know it will get used. Maybe I should have got 2..... I think a Green would be useful.
  • 6 pots of paint. All browns and creams as I will always use those colours.
  • 5 second hand Lord of the Rings figures. At 20p each a little treat for my nephew who has started playing that now.
  • An Early War miniatures 20mm Turkish machine gun. well regulars will know that this is for the Arab revolt game.
  • Also not shown. I'll have to look through my bag and find it. A Resin 10mm type 26 Pill box.

 So not an amazing loot haul, but at least one with no guilt attached. I can use everything and most things will squeeze into collections that already exist. There were more things I could have bought, and maybe in the months to come I will wish I had, but for now that is sufficient.

Hope you have had a great day. All the best Clint.