Thursday 14 November 2013

Painted for a friend (1)

I was asked to paint this figure for a friend to be an officer of a British naval landing party. I am the very first of no doubt a long cue to admit I do not know what I am doing. As I peer over my shoulder I can see a line of people agreeing that the person typing this is deffo no expert on colonial era uniforms. Still I have done my best and that's all you can do at the end of the day.

Not much to show I grant you but it is another figure down with many more to go. I have many more of this British Naval landing party to do By many I do of course mean about 13-14. So not too many really. I was meant to  do them about a year ago but everything started getting in the way. Such is life here at "Anything But! Something's you want to get done and can finish quickly others take much longer. So Matt if you are reading this it all does get finished eventually.

Thanks for popping by, more 28mm colonial British in two days time.. All the best Clint

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Update:6 TAR7AN Board.

It has been a couple of months since I last worked on the TAR7AN board. The reasons for the delay were two fold. Firstly as I originally wanted it for a show and that deadline passed I was not inclined get it done after the show. The second reason was that I was not happy with the position of the waterfall and was not sure how to rectify it.

But let me come to the waterfall in a while. As you can see I have now finished the water. It was all done with different layers of yacht varnish from Wilkinson's. I deliberately put it on thick and used a disposable brush to encourage it into the cracks, gullies and edges. You can get about 12 "Artist" brushes in the 99p store which are ideal for this. Small enough and cheap enough so you don't have to worry about them. I am happy with the result. The water is finished, but I will add some reeds (tufts) later, when I add the foliage to all the board.

OK the waterfall. To me and I am sure some of you it did not look right. It cascaded far to far from the cliff face. I therefore took it off and re shaped it. I also lost about 12mm from the bottom. This 12mm has made a lot of difference it has moved plummeting water closer to the cliff face my about 55mm. It did leave a "scar" on the board. This scar was both in colour under the varnish but also a ridge of varnish which had formed as I dripped the waterfall each day to build up a texture. The simple solution was to sit a large rock (Slate from the garden) over the top of the scar. Again more varnish was applied to build up the water level, but also to "glue" the rock into position. The bottom of the waterfall was painted white and light blue to represent the splash of water falling into water. Again more varnish was dripped on.  And with that I have settled on the final look of the waterfall. You know me by now when I say final look I don't mean it! like the still water foliage needs to be added and pebbles added to the top to seat the waterfall into the landscape better. At present it just sits on the top and a better solution will be found.

This rock that I mentioned above has a nice flat top and is very suitable for perching a figure on top. We both know that someone will and I like the idea of a more dangerous entry point onto the board. So by keeping the ideas open and fluid it has helped. If I had planned it from the start there is very little chance it would have come out this way. So I have created a better solution from what was a set back. Big thumbs up to me, I'm very happy with how that part has evolved.

The remaining pictures show slightly different views of the waterfall and water around the stepping stone rocks. Nothing is perfect but this board is now coming together. As mentioned above Foliage is the next step and that could either make or break the board so I will be proceeding with caution. For now though I will put the board into storage wrapped in cling-film to keep the dust of as I start gathering materials for the Broadside game 2014. The idea for that is now set and I hope to start painting a couple of sample figures between now and the weekend as it would be nice to take a sample to the club on Sunday.

Anyway that is a future project and I will be starting it very soon, both the figures and the terrain. But that is another blog post on another day. So until next time, thanks for looking and I should have some painted figures (maybe not the samples) ready in two days time.

All the best Clint

Sunday 10 November 2013

Rochester Games Models and Railways!

With a name like "Rochester Games models and Railways" You enter the store with an expectation of what is inside. Firstly I must say "it does what it says on the tin!"

Quite a large store contains a variety of wargames model kit and rail model items and paraphilia. While I cannot in all honesty say it has everything for any of these hobbies it is a fine place to start looking for things.

One of my friends asked me "How hard would it be for you to spend £50 in there?" Obviously this is completely subjective as we all have different needs at different times. However I must say I would find it very easy to find thing I would want coming to that price range in no time at all.  Not that £50 is a huge sum in wargames terms but there is a variety of things that would float my boat very buoyantly. Indeed on this recconisance trip I spent £12 without having to look for things to buy at all. In fact I had to limit myself as I was about to go food shopping directly afterwards.

In the first week of opening some local thieves stripped lead flashings from the roof, so if you see buckets on the floor in the pictures you'll know the reason. 

The shop splits itself in half, as you come through the door model kits are to the right and railway stuff to the left. in the centre is the checkout and sales staff. Once you proceed past this sales pagoda wargames items are mostly on the left. 

The sales are is so large that the shelves look a little sparsely stocked. I urge you not to take this at face value there are many hidden gems which at first glance you may miss. For example there are some Foundry Blisters for street violence and Argonounts. It would of course be an amazing capital outlay to even attempt to stock half the foundry range. This small selection does go to show that they may well be willing to order things for you though. Additionally this is the only shop I have ever seen which stocks "Frontline" in blister packs on shelves. As well as another company I have never heard of making 28mm dungeon scenery totally suitable for Dungeons and Dragons. (in the yellow packs at the bottom of the picture.)

In addition to the wargames companies including West Wind, Wargames Factory, Forged in Battle, Victrix, Plastic Soldier Company and Warlord Games, the shop stocks 3 different paint ranges ( Humbrol, Tamiya and Games Workshop!) as well as brushes and dice.

The construction kits are by the usual suspects (Revel etc.) as you can see to the right and cover a wide range of topics from cars and planes boats and toy soldiers. Add to this variety all the Railway items (of which I know nothing about) and all the peripherals both plain and embossed Plasticard, brass fixtures and fittings and glue. And you have while not quite yet a one stop shop for hobby needs but a shop that I hope will grow into one in the time to come.

The shop is run and owned by Tori and Jim (or James and Tori if you prefer.) A married couple with many years of retail experience in these fields. Indeed they are both very knowledgeable on their stock as well as wargaming in general. Do not be fooled by Thinking Tori is a girl (she is) and therefore knows nothing about wargames, she really does despite the fact that she (I hope) has nothing dangling between her legs! They both have a good sense of humour and are very helpful. Tori will email me, for example, next week when the next West wind order arrives, as she knows I might be looking for a thing or two for Xmas (so I will say no more about it now.

As well as carrying stock they have several 6'x4' games tables and for the modest fee of £1/hour will supply not only the table but also the terrain. At present the terrain is geared up for Warhammer 40K as that is the most popular game for non club members in the area to play.

These tables can be booked from their face book page. .

Overall I would say if you are in the Medway area you could do a lot worse than to pop in and see this shop for yourself. I know I will be going back.

Lastly. I should let everyone know that the Broadside Webb Site has been reconstructed. It is still being populated but Click Here to wing your way there.

That's it for today. I hope to see you all again on Tuesday. Until then, take care have fun and if possible check out a local games shop. They welcome your custom and if we don't use them they will all go under eventually! All the best Clint.