Tuesday 6 February 2018

More ECW Cavalry < well just 1 more.

Yes I only have 1 to go. Which considering there were only four is not a lot of cavalry. I started to get together a small force for "En Garde" and as 3 other club players already had ECW forces It made sense to get something that would fit in so I could swim with the tide and not against it. Hence I started an ECW force. First I knew I needed a leader so started with a Mounted plastic sprue. I only wanted 1 mounted figure so as this was still one of the cheapest ways I took the plunge. And having got them they wee quite nice so I decided to paint another figure..... and now I am on 3. You see how this goes. I will do some foot troops soon I promise, and you can count on that.

here is all three painted and together. Not an impressive force but a fun one and easy to get done. I am still looking for the sprue as I have finished assembling the last one (with a different weapon!) but need to add some pistol holsters to it just to round out the corners.

Lastlty. 10 d20 all the way from China. Cheaper to get them from China than to travel to my local shop and get just 1. Sad but true. But why am I buying any D20 dice?  The short answer is that I wanted some dedicated "Dieselpunk" dice. You see these little things go on behind the scenes without notice and I will very soon start painting for the project. A couple of things to clear from the table first, but things are starting to take shape. Price wise 10 D20 cost £2.71 including postage from China and I got to select the colours (as long as they were all the same..... in this case Grey and Coffee) so naturally I selected colpurs of diesel and petrol and rust and well I say no more.

Have a good day and thanks for popping by for a quick look.

All the best  Clint