Thursday 27 October 2016

Secret Santa Hints

Firstly I hope my secret Santa brings me something nice.

Secondly her are a few hints of things I would like. But Most importantly I am sure I will like anything I receive so feel free to get me something unlisted if you like.

Starting with 6mm figures. I have decided to carry on with a project from about 20 years in my past. As such I would be interested in 6mm ACW stuff. Blues or Grey and any make. Most of the stuff I already have is Irregular, but any make is fine by me as at that scale it is more about the base than the actual figure. What is more everything is useable by me so by buying 6mm ACW stuff (Figures and or resin buildings) You just cannot get it wrong. But I realise not so very exciting to see someone else paint and play with.

15mm. In this scale I would like either Western European Dark age figures. (Normans, Vikings, Anglo Saxons, Scots, Welch, Frankish etc) You know the type of things. I do not need hundreds of figures as it will be for the "Longships" rules by Peter Pig.  So a whole force could be as few as 100 figures so variety is preferred over quantity. I do like most 15mm manufacturers so again select what suits you best. And I have no objection to Infantry or Cavalry. So that is also quite broad.

Additionally in 15mm I am slowly collecting a late war 15mm WW2 German force for PBI. I have enough infantry. But am lacking in Artillery, Transport, Anti Tank and so forth. The only thing I would ask is no Panther tanks (I already have a few and more would be redundant as in the PBI rules you only need 1 or 2 as it is mostly an infantry game. But again anything would be interesting for this.

20mm (can you tell the scales are getting bigger) Sorry folks I am still stuck on WW2.I am thinking
Western Desert either Italian or British circa 1940-41. Absolutely anything is brilliant. Talking to family I would be very likely to get something out of scale and out of period, but to a wargamer I know I can be quite specific so do not need to worry at all. I do like almost all metal castings so manufacturer is not an issue. Just remember the date and the 2 sides and know that this is for 20mm Chain of Command and we are all golden.

And in 28mm I am still looking to play some 1920's Lovecraft wargaming. Last year I dot a fantastic monster and I do want to expand the possibilities. I will possibly be using the 7TV rules (with some tweaks) . So anything from the 1920's period or the Horror period would be vey welcome. I do have some gangsters (but can always use more) but Police, investigators and citizens would also be nice. Cultists and villains are also welcome should that float your boat.

Most importantly you cannot get it wrong. Anything I receive will be welcome and appreciated.
The above are just some hints about what I am currently thinking.  feel free to select something else as we all like a nice surprise. There is no pressure and no expectations just have fun and enjoy the giving. Yes I know the pictures are all sexist.... but only once a year so I hope you will forgive me.

5 Burpa Cavalry

 Yes the Burpa force continues. This time with 5 Burpa cavalry

While they are brightly dressed they should be quite fearsome in the charge. They all have melee weapons and some have rifles as well. How they will function in whatever set of rules we will have to wait and see. I believe they are all Wargames foundry figures and are of course destined for Matts collection.

There are more on the way as I am painting another 5 as well. yes I will do a group shot when finished.

Just a quick note to say I will be doing a secret Santa this year and will try to get a list on this blog tomorrow.

Until then take care have fun and if possible paint something.

Also whileI think I have a busy weekend so Game turns may be late and only get finished on Monday. To try to pervert this I will start a few either tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. see you soon.

All the best from Clint

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Paint seems to be taking ages to dry this week. So painting is slow. Put a wash on one night come back the next. So the Burpas are getting done, but SLOWLY. So slow you would hardly believe.

But here are some NAC (New Anglian Confederation) Power armour. yes just a single pack but to me Power armour should be pretty rare. 

Just 6 figures from GZG in 15mm. And they bulk out my NAC force. I bought these at the Selwg show this year. And while Not a massive amount of figures are strong on the table top.

Thanks for looking tday and with luck another post in 2 days time. (If drying time improves)

All the best Clint

Sunday 23 October 2016

Klintanistan turn 2

All the turns should be sent out. I dread sending the wrong turns to the wrong players but feel it will happen at some times. Anyway here are a few lies and a few truths and a few romours about what is Going on.

here goes....remember not all you read is true or even by other players....but some are.

The Order is a religious movement that has taken over one of the countries. No possible good can come from this.

One country has discovered a precious metal deposit, but I am not saying who.

The dodos were fake it was all a scam to dupe game hunters.

Rayolia has collapsed and no longer functions as a state GreedyKlint has swooped in and seiezed control.

Russia has withdrawn its support from Centralandesh.

This winter will be very harsh and many of the poor are not expected to survive.

 One country has 2 armoured trains.

harvest festivals are currently being held because of a bumper crop.

Germany does not now nor ever has done have designs on foreign powers.

Mills1stan has the largest army. So large that every man woman and child is now bearing arms.

Secret police are everywhere, you may think it was a cat you heard last night but you are wrong.

Docistan has the most content workers.

There is bandit trouble in Franonia travellers are advised to stay clear.

Someone is building a deep water port.

Japan is only willing to trade with countries that have copper or Iron deposits.

Docistan has a viable air force and has even allowed normal people to fly their planes.

Go to Goboland they welcome heath tourists!

Goboland do not welcome health visitors except from their own people.

Scottlandia has the highest levels of literacy among the ladies on the continent.

Spies have been seen in several countries you are advised not to wear trench coats even in the winter.

Franonia has now paid the army and with a healthy bonus as well.

One country is building a deep water port.

The national flag of Klintanistan used to be 3 vertical stripes (Blue white blue) with a gold crown.

Gimp is a real thing!

It is impossible to knit with camel wool.

Zyder tastes very refreshing but who is Zyder and why would I drink them.