Saturday 9 December 2017

LotR Orc Dol Guldur banner

Yes I know I really do the banner should be red and black according to the books. Trust me I Know. But I am sure you will all forgive me, black and red just looked wrong on the model.  And I do not believe Orcs would really care too much at all so the banner has turned out Pink and Brown! Purists will no doubt be going up the wall. But who cares, not I!

After all if you are trying to accurately portray Fantasy there is something wrong somewhere.

So Just another orc probably for Dol Guldur. Which as we all know is the lair of the Necromancer (Sauron) in the second age. Yep the nasty bit in the Nan anduin Valley close to Mirkwood which even in the later part of the third age was shunned!

Like all Tolkien Orcs he is "black skinned" as all Orcs should be. This Green skin rubbish is GW through and through! Likewise all clothing and armour is dirty, rusty and shabby. This is not to say that Orcs cannot be fine craftsmen only that they don't care about aesthetics very much! And there is much to be said for that outlook if you believe that Form follows function.

Other than this orc I have been busy in real life. All Crimbo pressies are now bought and wrapped. Even those that I have had to get for myself. Not that I am getting much for myself and let's be honest I dare not let my sister pick anything for me. Heaven only knows what she would get! As she always buys everything on Christmas eve! yeah and you try finding a decent pressie then with no for planning. She is getting better though and being fair I suspect those days are now long past.

So this week I treated myself to the Mad max Computer game. It arrived yesterday and I am still loading it as I type this. In addition I bought a toy car from Wilko's for the princely sum of £1. While I have started my last BoB figures (when I say last I mean Last for now, already planning more).

So everything is pretty much back on course! Unless of course you know differently!

Have a good weekend, all the best Clint


Thursday 7 December 2017

Punjabi BoB so far.

Yes still cranking figures out for Back of Beyond, although not as fast! Here is another unit of Punjabi Indians for the Back of Beyond. The last 2 pics do show the 16 completed figures in the force I know some of you will already have skipped ahead!

 I Apologise for the picture quality it is just to dark here at present to take good pics. (Not that I usually can anyway).

So this is "Theoretically" my second unit of Punjabi Indians for the Back of Beyond. I still have 8 to paint. As yet I am not fixed on unit size so while there could be 3 units of 8 there could equally be 2 units of 12! Only time and playing the rules will tell.

The last 2 pics show all done for this force SO FAR! There will be more. As with previous BoB figures these are 20mm IT Miniatures (LINK) made and supplied by Tim at the Wargames club.

 Meanwhile back on the ranch! I have STARTED working on the next 20mm gaslands vehicle. Expect to see it next week IF it turns out OK. If it does not I have a handy bin in my hobby room and it will never see the light of day!

That's all folks have a good few days and I will try to as well. Try to be productive in hobby terms either playing or painting or reading or well you get the idea!

Tuesday 5 December 2017

gaslands (1)

Well trying to post regularly here is my first vehicle for "Gaslands" . Some of you may have already bought the rules while others have yet to hear of them. Now for me I needed cheering up so I ordered them and will get them at Christmas. My Mother will give them to me then, she cannot get out and about at the moment and even if she could wargames rules are not something you can buy in many high-streets!

I did watch a few vids on Youtube and did decide they were my cup of tea. As such they were purchased. After all which very boring wargamer does not like Mad Max.  There must be one but I have not met them.

As such I thought to start building some (OK 1) car(s). I still have not decided is I will stick at 20mm (1/72nd Scale) or leap up to 28mm. We will both have to see how it plays and if I like the game and if the upscale is worth the effort as the rules are meant for Diecast cars of a certain size.

However here is my first car. Nothing very special at all. Just a reinforced front bumper and  some spikes and possibly 2 gun ports facing forward. Al in all a very quick and easy conversion, but better than just a bought car from a supermarket, at least in my opinion!

I was going to put more spikes on, but I am glad I showed restraint. There are enough to make it look aggressive but not to many to stop it being undriveable. But even if there were too many it would not be a problem as it is for a game and not real life!

The Grill on the front and rear windows was also hand made and just some spare "Plasticard" so nothing very exciting. Having said that it did need something to make it look more survival than road use. That and a tarpaulin on the back (tin foil painted ) and some dents and scratches on the roof and the beast is ready to go.

For a base it is on an old credit card! Fear not I have about 20 more that were used as door opening devices at work and were thrown away when new doors were fitted.  So I recycled them and they are no use at all for anything other than scrap.... or anything a wargamer can model out of them. They have NEVER had any money on them and they can no longer open any secure doors!

That's it for today. With a little luck I am now back to posting normally. next time will most likely be more BoB unless I get carried away and make another car! (I bet somewhere a child is weeping that I have done this.....  I also imagine several jumping up and down and loving the idea!)

Always worth showing the intention!

Sunday 3 December 2017

Still BoBing along... but only just

Sorry for the delay. My Mother has been ill since last Sunday night. The knock on effect is I do not get a whole lot of hobby stuff done. There is still an AAR (actually 2) to be done. But I am not here to talk about that today. Firstly before anyone asks my Mother is recovering 3-4 more days and she will be back to normal.... well normal for this family!

While I have not done much , here are some more BoB figures. My alternative Back of Beyond force. All the figures are IT miniatures and cast by Tim (a mate/club member) and available here ( CLICK to link). As an alternative force I thought a British intervention might be in order. Thus I went for Indian troops, to be more precise Punjabi Indian Troops.

In the Back of Beyond you can get away with a huge variety of troops and as Britain at the time had Indian as well as European headquarters they did not always talk to each other, let alone cooperate. This did lead to some interesting situations including the British army uniform in India being dyed Purple for a few weeks, don't ask you are seriously better off not knowing. But this is what the uniform should be! Look at the pic on the right!

And that is how I hope you will see I have painted them. If it looks vastly different to this please adjust your computer screen! Again their is a difference in the Sikh and the Punjabi Uniforms Mostly based about the Turban at least for us poor wargamers.  So my second force will be Indian troops serving under the British.  This is as much because I like the figures as any other reason, but it still fits the background so I am alright with that. Maybe if my interest holds I will do another Russian (Cossack or sailors) force or Chinese or Tibetan who can tell. But for now this is my start of an opposing BoB Indian (Punjabi) force.

Thanks for looking more (I hope) again soon. Have a good weekend and paint like crazy IF you have the opportunity.

All the best Clint