Friday 28 November 2014

Turn 18 Results.

Well as said last week I have had to post this a day early as I am busy all weekend. So here's what happened.

Well the turn sequence meant British repairs were carried out before anything else. Which meant they did not get ant worse due to enemy shooting before the end of the turn. If (or more likely When) I do this again I will have a more regular turn sequence this way works great on face to face tabletop games but is a little clumsy in a Play By Blog game or so I have found.

Anyway, this turn nothing really went the Spanish way. Indeed it is fair to say that not a single Spanish gun fired this turn while 2 British ships did. (Yes only 2 due to arch of fire !)

Starting back left and moving anticlockwise to end at the far right of the overhead picture.

 Meccedes suffered two broadsides at LONG range. but due to accurate firing from HMS Cutlass and somewhat less accurate firing from HMS Agamemnon she lost a whole mast in a single salvo. but has now taken refuge behind HMS Badger, Unicornico the Other Spanish frigate has turned and moved out of range and is now heading for HMS Pachyderm.
 HMS Agamemnon and HMS Cutlass, are not crashing or trying to board each other and due to sail settings will pass without incident next turn. Unless they want to try to board each other, but that just would not be cricket. If they were enemies I feel that it would. They do need to give each other some more sea room though!
 San Francis has turned around and looks like she might be coming back for seconds. As El interceptor and SS Guano head for the open seas. Or are they both chasing HMS Challenge?
 HMS Challenge and SS Pina colada will probably exit the board next turn. There to await the outcome of the battle and determine in SS Pina Colada becomes an English prise or a free Spanish ship. Capitano Millsy may start to engage and be engaged with HMS Pachyderm if they continue in this fashion!

 La Venganza de Serria failed to take HMS Pachyderm in the boarding action and has now been boarded its self and been taken as an English prize. Whether Captain Lucky Lee decides he wants to keep it is of course up to him. The morale of this action is that you should not try to board a bigger ship as they tend to have more crew and more marines. Hard Luck Loki!

Well I am out all day Saturday and all day Sunday so the next post is most likely on Monday. needless to say those captains still in the game I will need their turns BY 8am Saturday the 7th December.

But just before I go. My 2 anti-heroes for Curt's Analogue painting challenge have now arrived.  And that picture is just to tease you as I am aware that Bombshell Miniatures are not commonly known. So don't all go looking to see what anti-hero I have selected to do. But I will give you a clue it is the nickname of a well known blogger! (Saying no more!)

Thanks for looking again today. All the best Clint!

Thursday 27 November 2014

Paint Monkey WW1 German Uhlans.

 These are dismounted and not lance wielding WW1 German cavalry. Postie and Ray painted up the mounted versions and they therefore have different bases. Matt wanted my style bases so it game me great pleasure to do those bases for him. I did ask if he wanted some flowers on the bases and we agreed that a FEW with Poppy's would be most fitting hence the flash of Red on the bases.

As you can clearly see 6 figures in 3 different poses. There will be 12 in total and I will need them done by Sunday morning BEFORE I go to the club so with a busy weekend I should get them done. (fingers crossed)

Right then, no more chatter, time to get some paint slung on figures now.

Thanks for looking today and depending on when I get the next 6 finished may or MAY not be a group shot of the lot. Time constraints Blah blah blah!

 "Happy Thanks Giving" if that is part of your tradition across the pond. And Happy Thanks giving anyway anyway if not part of your tradition or if you are not even across the pond.

And A big thanks to the American Family who have invited my cousin to spend the day with them, She has had a hard year this year and it's nice to know strangers in another continent can be as kind and generous as to allow a Brit to spend a special day with them. So I for one am thankful for that.

Take care and will post again soon.

All the best Clint

Wednesday 26 November 2014

More 6mm Cold war stuff


Well I am clearing the paint table and having shown the 2 Gepard last week here is another anti-aircraft vehicle. This time a Marder Mechanised Infantry Combat Vehicle used by the front line German infantry at this time but converted to carry "Roland" Ground to air missiles. This should make helicopter operations a little tricky for the opposition. Well maybe.

Additionally I have finished a battery of 6mm 1/300th scale Abbot 105mm self propelled artillery. A very versatile platform that is still in use today. Able to bring long range indirect fire on the enemy in a variety of forms but with high explosive and even smoke being the most common choices.

There may well be another update tomorrow as I get things done and the table cleared for the painting challenge. Paint Monkey should finish 6 28mm models today (I do so plan) as I want 12 of them finished before Sunday morning and I am out on Saturday.

Right that's enough talking the paint should be dry by now and I can get back to it.

All the best, take care Clint.

Tuesday 25 November 2014


Tamsin AKA Wargames Girl ( LINK) has challenged me as part of the Analogue Painting Challenge to paint space ships as we both have Ground Zero Games ships to paint. I bought a NSL (New Swabian League) from a friend a couple of years ago and they were something I was looking to get finished. This is therefore due to be painted as it now has the required level of dust on it. So I think I have about 20 ships in all from very small frigates all the way up to Capital ships.

One of the things that concerns me is the colour to paint them. So many people paint NSL ships Grey that I am not inclined too, and while I realise they can be any colour getting it right seems to be a challenge for me. So I am open to ideas, but I think I have settled on a colour in my mind.

The actual rules of the challenge will be sorted out on the weekend when we meet face to face for Fran's last English game. I will keep you posted when they are settled.

Anyway changing the subject here are 5 more 20mm zombies. They were on the painting table and had been for a while so it is good to add a few more to the horde. They are all the same pose, in soft plastic. Nothing special about them at all but at least they are finished now.

Trying to clear the painting table ready for the challenge in general and Tamsin's Challenge in particular. Paint monkey needs to get going!!

Thanks for looking all the best from Clint