Saturday 5 August 2017

20mm Type 98. (15mm scale Japanese WW2). Anti Aircraft guns

Now I must admit I have had a bit of a splurge in the last few weeks. Picked these up on eBay for £3.30 instead of the shop price of £8.10. So I think a bargain. But only a bargain if it is something you want. Luckily I do but I now many wargames do not.

In the game it has no HE capability but the Anti Tank rating of 5. (Which is the one lower than the 70mm Infantry gun. and 1 higher than the Japanese Anti-tank Rifle). And with more chance to rapid fire and effect infantry.

To the right is what it actually looks like in real life. I will not go into technical details but it is light enough to go anywhere the 70mm Infantry gun can go in the jungle. So it was quite versatile and while mostly used to defend islands and airports could easily be transported and used almost anywhere.

Bloody flash did not go off!!
Not the most dangerous of support weapons perfectly good enough for me and my WW2 Japanese 15mm forces. For the money I received enough crew and additional troops who would accompany the AA gun in order to bring up ammunition. This has meant an additional Rifle armed Infantry stand added to the 3rd Platoon (seen a few posts ago). Where with most companies I would either pay more or not get the crew so doubly a bargain I say.

The last picture (from the front) the flash did not go off so colour wise go from the top picture.

Just my jungle game picture
As a small target and no gun shield I am not expecting these to survive overly long in any game but they are cheap points wise (14 points with an average crew) so will not make a huge dent in any force size.

Anyway, thanks for looking today. And with a little luck more again on Monday.
All the best from Kent.

Wednesday 2 August 2017

8 More Cavalry

Yes Matt has 8 more cavalry. Yes the pic shows 9, one was one I had painted previously and Matt wanted these all to fit in with duller colours and more muted hues. I think I have achieved that.

There is a flag to add, but Matt will be adding the flags from now on as he KNOWS it is a task I detest. I am sure I could do it with practice but to be honest I do not enjoy that part of painting in the least so he can do it from now on.

Additionally Matt has yet to see these figures, I normally give him a sneak peek prior to posting on the blog. But as Matt is out of the office and on holiday (I hope somewhere nice.. let us be honest if it was not nice why did he choose to go there!!?)

I have placed the older figure among the group and I for one cannot tell it apart so don't ask me. The figures are all 28mm EITHER Perry or Foundry miniatures. (I think Perry as the horses seem more refined but I could easily be wrong)>

 Another post on Saturday. The figures are already painted and ready to photograph but no time today. (As well as being in a different scale and part of the world so they would not fit in with this post)>

Thanks for looking and more in 2 days.
All the best Clint

Monday 31 July 2017

3rd Platoon

These are 15mm Battlefront ww2 Japanese. Painted and based or 3omm squares for PBI the ww2 company level game by Peter Pig. ( ). It was cheaper to buy a Battlefront company pack than to try to buy individual packs from any other source. Trust me It is something I looked at! So getting a deal at a show (Cavalier) in February I have slowly completed the company.

The wounded markers are Peter Pig and while no one wants dead/wounded markers for their own troops they are vital for the game.

leaders have a 10mm strip at the rear of the stand to clearly Identify them (and name them if you choose). As yet I have not named them and am not sure I will.

The reeds are bristles from a Wilkinson's Wall paper brush. which I bought a few years back for the pricely sum of 99p and as it has just about been used up I fear I will need to buy another and I suspect the price will have changed.

I have shown the WHOLE company as I know several of you like to see complete "armies" all in one place. Ahh but is it complete? That answer is NO of course not, there are still things to add to round out all the options.

Lurking in the background are a few more additions. But for today I am only looking at the 3rd Platoon. It is comprised as follows.

  • Platoon Commander
  • 2 "Knee" Mortars
  • 2 LMG stands
  • 6 Rifle Stands
Much like previous platoons. This was the most efficient use of the figures and I was able to get the Whole Company out of one box with no extras. I cannot guarantee that every one will be able to, but it did work for me in this instance. And Yes I did manage a few more stands than those shown... just one or three and they are currently in Paint!

I still have a few things waiting in the wings to get painted but I have at least reached a critical mass with which to face my US troops at a Pacific Island  from now on.

Still waiting to be completed.

That is it for today. Have fun and get busy with the painting. All the best Clint