Saturday 11 November 2017

BoB (ing)

Yes some more Back of Beyond figures. Well that is to say my first actual troops. I woke up this morning feeling as if the Back of beyond needed an armoured car. I am sure I will bet tanks eventually but for now this is my heavy armour.  So having woken up in the mood to do an armoured car for the back of beyond I grabbed my old (and trusty) Rolls Royce armoured car and gave it a new paint job. Which is why you are seeing this vehicle again, but this time with a BoB camo scheme. It has already been painted twice so let's hope this is the last time.

Personally if you are going to have an armoured car what could be better than a Rolls Royce.

Additionally here are the first actual troops. More will be along soon I am sure. In the back of Beyond these can either be Red Russians or White Russians as the uniforms were so similar that it really did just come down to insignia in the Russian Civil War.

Al the figures and the Armoured car are IT Miniatures ( LINK) or Frontline Wargaming (both are the same company in reality as about 2 years ago Tim bought all the IT miniatures molds). As I only need 1 platoon per person (MAX) more than 1 armoured car might seem a little unbalancing, so I shall stop at this for now. IT Miniatures sell these in packs of 24 so for me that is enough to get started. These are listed as White Russians, however in the BoB they can easily be either. And if you choose to paint the uniforms grey instead of green they make passing Chinese warlord troops. Anyway I have (due to pack size) settled on 8 men to a squad and 3 squads to a platoon. Thus 1 pack and a few extras will get me a force. Which means this is the 1st squad all finished and ready to go.

When the force is complete I will detail points etc. and then ask what the second force should be. All in all I am excited by this project so expect some more SOON>

Monday is next post and It will very likely be LotR.

Thanks for looking have a good weekend all the best Clint

Thursday 9 November 2017

Whatever next?

2 more figures done for Matt. No I do not know what they are or by whom they were produced. I am sure I could do an internet search and find they. But I am in a Lack-sid-asicle mood so I have not done so. Sorr just some days you just cannot be bothered. And Today is that day!

Again I think they are west wind 28mm figures but further details I have no idea. Maybe "Empire of the Dead" and then again maybe not.  Gee that was insightful.

Fun to paint for a change, but I will say no more about them.

Several things have been undercoated now.  As I ran out of spray undercoat yesterday and had to buy some first thing today. It has put me a little behind my own schedule but not drastically so.

No Idea what I will finish next. BUT if you have a strong preference I may work on that project a little swifter. here are the options:

  • Lord of the rings (1 figure started)
  • Aeronef (9 vessels now undercoated)
  • Giant worm. (1 of emerging from the ground)
  • BoB unit. A Squad of Russian Soldiers for the Back of Beyond game. * figures and started in haste last night as they had been undercoated in grey already.

Happy to listen to what you want next, but it will still be my choice as to what is finished first. Just depends on my mood and how much I am enjoying painting them.

Bye for now more again (assuming I have a speedy brush) on Saturday.

All the best Clint

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Edawrd th Dancing Chimp. (28mm)

Ok the title is wrong. His name is not Edward, Nor is he dancing and more so he is not a chimp! But the "Scale is correct!" But as we all know 28mm is not a scale either. maybe I should start again!

The miniature s by West Wind (I know as It had that cast on the tab!) it is also part of the 28mm range.  More than this I cannot tell. Except to say that it is painted for Matt and he got it on eBay along with two others.

The figure is about twice as large as a normal 28mm figure and stands about 40mm. But being hunched if he were ever to stand up straight he would be twice the size. he is definitely more than 2 times the weight.

 Overall the figure was a pleasure to paint but I have no idea what Matts purpose is in getting him. Seriously no idea, but I am sure all will be revealed in weeks to come.

That's it for today. Hope you are well and happy. all the best Clint

Sunday 5 November 2017

Stargrunt 15mm (Again) GZG

I know it has been a while. But sometimes the mood just takes you. The figures are of course Ground Zero Games in 15mm and yes they are even part of their 15mm Stragrunt range.

 Yes it is my fault! I bought the wrong pack of figures at a show LAST YEAR. So having no use for the figure I was eager to do something else. So I have for a year. Then the idea came to me. While I cannot fit them into my existing Stargrunt forces I can still use them. So the infantry are now vehicle crews IF/when they have to dismount. Maybe the vehicle blows up and they need to get out, or maybe the vehicle starts the scenario un manned. Either way works for me.

The vehicle is also freshly painted as well. I had a spare vehicle so in my head it was not a massive leap to do it at the same time as I did the crew.

So we have a vehicle and enough crew for several vehicles all added to the Stargrunt collection.

That is it for today. Thanks for looking and more again soon. Although I am not sure what exactly. It will have to be a surprise.

Have a good weekend, all the best Clint.

Post script: I need to be more active on the Stargrunt front! get some more games in.