Thursday 28 September 2017

March or dice!

yep although I am sure it will be more "Carry on Follow that camel!" I am using the working title of "March or Dice!" (Maybe with the "C" in brackets, maybe not.

I am of course thinking of the French Foreign legion game that I have been planning.

For those not following this project it is an early 20th century "Beau Getste" skirmish game of the Arabs (Riff) versus the French Foreign Legion (And the Spanish, don't forget they were involved!)

I already have enough mounted Riffs (about 45 on camels) so here are 10 on foot. % armed tith swords and 5 with rifles. All the figures are by IT Miniatures (Here is a LINK) they are all metal WW1 20mm castings. The 3 Mules (or Donkeys) are also WW1 IT miniatures but in the British lists and not the Arab lists..

I will be looking at the "Songs of blades and heroes" engine but using the very nearly identical "Fist full of Kung Fu" Osprey rules. There will of course be a few amendments to represent the setting, but these should be very minor.

With luck I will have enough done for a club game on Sunday.

Cheers Clint

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Sci Fi trees?

Ok lets us start by saying NO ONE KNOWS what trees will be like on another planet. I really do not, not got the foggiest idea. NOT A CLUE. I don't even know if we will recognise them as being plant life> I have no idea.

However wargamers being human will always tend towards what they know and as we know what a tree is like on this planet, and as all wargames rules want some soft cover/concealment, these will do for now!

Now many of you might remember Joe (AKA Zabadak (Link to blog) purchased a plastic "flower" ball from the 99p store. I followed suit. I will turn it into Jungle in short order.

Now as you can see in the top picture there are a few purple "Fronds". I had initially no use for the purple "fronds" but waste no want not. I have turned them into sci fi trees.

Taking it apart (there were only 3 purple, the rest are green). So using a glue gun, I stuck them to 2mm MDF bases.

An easy job, and done quite quickly. You could stick them to plastic counters as well, but you would need to "Key" the surface or the glue will have almost nothing to cling on to.  I would choose not to use the glue gun on coins as they really do need to key to the surface. But you are welcome to try it if you like, BUT I would not recommend it.

The Glue guns are quite safe as long as you don't try anything silly, like squirting hot glue in you eyes or onto your tongue. And if you get any on you quicker to wipe it of than run to the sink and pour cold water on it. Look it is common sense.

Also cover everything with news paper as it makes tiding up easier and you will get nagged less.

Once dry. Trust me it is quick. I waited 30 mins (go and make a cuppa for the better half). It was simply a matter of painting with dark brown on the base and sprinkling sand in place. No need to be precious, every thing is already covered and no one really cares about the bushes. So be quite liberal in the sprinkling.

Once sprinkled I repainted again with dark brown and then hi-lighted in a desert sand/yellow.  That way job's a good un and only the tidy up to be done. leave over night to dry and in the morning put them away, or don't put them away and get nagged at, the choic e is yours>

Quick and easy sci fi terrain. I just wish I had a few more to bulk out the terrain.

Being Sci Fi they can of course be any scale and being purple they have an otherworldly look to them.

Sunday 24 September 2017

2 things

My Sister on Khan (the horse)
at Hickstead this year.
Firstly a big congrats to my sister. She came 9th out of a field of 29 at Hicktead Horse Trials. She was competing in Dressage.  While 9th is not Olympic standard it is still pretty good. (FAR better than I could have even attempted to do!)

I do not mention my sister often as she has NO interest in my hobby.

And the Rosette for coming 9th
Can I ride a horse?.... I have learnt to cling on but I am in no way proficient.

Ok back to wargaming...... here is the start of Matt's Aeronef British fleet!

At this stage he has Far to many small aeronef and they have been a right paint to paint. But they are done now so I can put them out of my mind and get something else done.

below are a series of close ups of various class vessels. With the brown ones at the end being airships. I had to paint 3 times before I was happy with them.

That's it for today. Take care have fun and paint if the mood takes you.

best wishes Clint