Saturday 17 February 2018

Can I "Burro" these!

yeah sorry forgive the title.

Just 2 20mm pack mules for Back of Beyond. Could be any force at all, as everyone needs pack mules.

Figures by "Frontline Wargames (LINK) Look under IT Miniatures if you want to find them.

That's todays quick update, now to go back to day dreaming about writing my own set of rules. A Pipe dream nothing more

And Relaxing over the weekend.

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Swimming Japanese tanks (15mm)

Firstly the tanks swam in real life, not the models. I feel If I don't say that then there will be a comment from someone trying (and failing) to be clever.

The Ka-Mi Tanks were real ww2 Japanese tanks. And rather than being developed by the army were developed by the navy. Here is a link (LINK). Being developed by the navy they were mostly used on pacific islands. As such I am not sure they were ever encountered by the British army.

Yes that is a real life pic of one swimming. I knew if I did not include one I would be doing the tank a dis-service.

You will note the model tank has a taller turret. Clearly it is a bolted on section to stop high water from waves getting in. As is the funnel over the engine. When they had landed several part and flotation areas could be detached and a more normal tank would bee seen.  If you look at the model the front two and rear 2 sections (where the diagonal groves are) dismount as they are flotation devices and offer minimal protection but do make the vehicle harder to steer around tree/building.

 The models did not offer the choice of swimming and land based vehicles. The turrets all came in the larger format and the hulls all came with flotation devices. The funnels did come separate but seriously what would be the point of leaving these off.

 As you can see, the picture on the box shows 3 tanks on the front and back however when opening it turns out there were indeed 5 tanks included. When you buy things online you can't always tell until they turn up, and to be honest for the price I paid I would have been happy with 3 tanks. Let us be honest with each other the models are great but in real life the tanks were not. Do not expect them to win battles on their own. They simply will not. But to round out my Japanese ww2 forces I am more than happy.

Thanks for looking and more (but no idea what) in a few days. All the best Clint

Remember to paint if you can and play when you get the opportunity.

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Last ECW Cavalryman finished.

yes all finished for now. Yes I still have foot to buy and paint, but a show in 2 and1/2 weeks (Cavalier) so maybe I will spend some money then. But for now my least ECW Cavalryman.

Yes I know I am "light" on guns and holsters and that he should have some to be truly authentic. They are still on the sprue and the sprue has wandered off at present so for now no horse pistols. Sorry if that disappoints anyone but I have to go with what I have and not an ideal.

I decided to fit a different weapon. This one is holding a warhammer. Given he has a sword by his side already I decided a different weapon was most appropriate. That being the case I simply cut the sword off and added a warhammer. The hammer was on the sprue so I believe it to be contemporary and as it made a pleasant change from swords or pistol was the only real option. IF I still had the pistol holsters then I would have selected pistols. But as I am not at this precise time sure where they are that was not really an option.  Shame but what else could I really do without spending more money.

The 3rd pic shows them all together and quite a splendid bunch they are too. As mentioned in the first post they are not destined for an ECW army but for a few skirmish games in this period. Maybe Donnybrook (probably not) or witchfinder general or en garde.. I like the rules to each of them and I want to like the period. But I was put off at a young age by some "Friends" in the sealed knot. My hang up no one elses. I take full responsibility for my hang ups! 30 years war no problem but ECW leaves me cold. I know stoop[id but that's just my hang up!

Just for Roy who wanted a top down view is the last pic. In awnser to your un-asked questions. I first superglue the figure to a base. Then add filler (£! land does one I use most). The filler stops the "Step" between figure and base. I then add sand (usually only attached with paint.) When dry I give a coat of paint. (Black for Urban bases). Add a brown area (usually quite small). Dry brush with 2 different greys (on the Black and 2 different browns on the brown). Then static grass is added (again with supereglue). Then when all is dry (which does not take long) varnish with a spray varnish. Finally Photograph them and put them on the blog.

Well that is my bases procedure. It really is a case of finding what suits you.

That's it for the day. Weather is horrid here, Hope yours is better. next time some ODD WW2 tanks.

Until then, take care have fun and paint if you can. Best wishes Clint

Sunday 11 February 2018

Victorian Nere-do-wells_ 28mm

A selection of figures again for Matt of Victorian low life. They are all 28mm figures and either Artizan or Foundry. And from various ranges. No group shot, I tried to take one but it came out too dark and no details could be seen at all.

Some characters (like Bill Sykes) are from Dickens or the "Mad Hatter" (2nd pic 2nd figure) are much more Lewis Carol. Some of them are purely game pieces and do not relate to fiction al all. But however you look at it not people you want to get stuck in a lift with if they are in a bad mood.

next time around my last (at least for a few weeks) ECW figure. After that probably some 15mm WW2. But at this stage I do not know as It really could e anything.

Thanks for looking. have a good weekend and if the mood takes you watch some Olympics!