Friday 21 October 2016

Calm before the storm

Well the title says it all. Tomorrow I will start to process turn 2 of the Klintanistan game. So I wanted something quick and easy and to be honest something I did not really care too much about to paint. So here is a Battletech Zeus model.

It is cast in a really unfriendly plastic to cut and paint and is not even one of my favourite Battletech mechs. But despite my dislike it is not a bad battletech mech. It does have a variety of weapon systems long Range Missiles, and Autocannon (5) for long distance shooting Large and 2 medium lasers for short ranges and medium ranges  and sufficient armour to withstand many if not all return fire. I think my main criticism is that for an assault mech it just does not have a knockout punch in any weapon system which does give it a rather ambiguous role in a mech lance. At 80 tons it has average speed and manouver nothing too slow and nothing to fast. To me it seems like a mech that has no firm purpose but tries to do several roles. As such it does all the roles in a half hearted manner.

Just my opinion of the mech and I do know when played well it can be effective, But if you are going to have an assault mech you want a brawling mech and not a multi role mech. Well that is how it has always played in my games.

Not a very exciting post today. But I am trying to clear the work bench as I have several things started and nothing much near compleation.

Currently on the table is a piece of terrain that I hope will come out good enough to cast in resin and that is taking it's time. 10 Burpa Cavalry, Some 20mm Russian civil war figures, and a few 15mm Sci Fi figures that I bought at the Selwg show and a single Sikh in 28mm  . So lots of things started and nothing finished except this mech for now. But with luck next week there should be a few interesting things finished.

Before I go Roy has been publicising the Klintanistan game. Click this link to find out just a little more. LINK ... This was put on By Stu at Col Bills I am told and that is not actually the Klintanistan flag officially. But I am happy for it to be labelled as such and you are welcome to make your own flags up for Klintanistan given it's fractured state.

That is it for today. Thanks for looking. All the best Clint

Wednesday 19 October 2016

A Few More Burpas.

Yes I know even more Burpas. Again these are for Matt. Mostly a gun and crew and a few extras. As usual they do come from a variety of sources mostly Foundry and Empress I am told. But I did not buy them so I cannot verify this at all without a lot of internet searching.

This little lot was actually finished before the Selwg show but have taken a while to surface on the blog due to other commitments.

 If you Know Matt you will Know he likes his artillery. This just gives the Burpas a single gun, but one can imagine they will like it as it does give them some "Heavy" support.  As long as I am not expected to carry the gun across the mountains I am happy to paint it for him. But Carrying it across mountains does just seem like hard work to me so I will pass.

So one gun and 6 crew, which should be enough for a serious rate of fire, assuming they know what they are doing. But you can easily take the commander and spotter away and use them for something else.


Just a quick apology I seem to have made a mistake on the Klintanistan Game and there should be some more money in the countries accounts. Not all countries. The Problem vcame as my hand written notes were absent during the turn process and I was having to look for them and write turns at the same time. Thay have now turned up and I Promise to adjust your treasuries (where accounts were wrong) this turn. It is important to say that no one is getting less money.

Teething problems and I will rectify as fast as I am able.

Monday 17 October 2016

A Thank you and a Thank you.

I forgot my Camera at the club yesterday so no AAR, which is a shame.  So no The men who would be Kings pictures although I was wiped out to a man in the first game but was still in fighting shape by the end of the second which was counted as a draw.

But that is not the reason for todays Post. Firstly it was not my Birthday (that is still to come this year). I did however receive 2 very welcome presents.

Here is the first.

A gift from Roy over at which is the Colonel Bills blog run by Roy.

This is a Beltfed miniature and for me will fit right into the Very British Civil War Troops I have. very nicely painted I do not think anything needs changing at all she will fit right in.

So many thanks to you Roy very much appreciate.

My other gift was from Matt the guy I do a lot of painting for. Having seen my blog  and the Judge Dredd figures a couple of weeks ago he donated another Ape gang. Unpainted of course but this does give me enough Apes to put together a proper Large Ape gang. And we all like ape gangs don't we... Oh yes we do! This could be a subtle way of him saying that he wants some JD games in the near future and I shall try to make that happen now.

The picture shows my UNOPENED ape gang boxed at the top and then Mats opened and very welcome gift underneath.  This should give me more than enough apes to cause a couple of Judges trouble.

So while no AAR there is at least a pile of lead and a well painted figure. All of which is good as far as I am concerned.

Thanks for looking today and with luck more goodies to show come Wednesday.

All the best Clint